Tampa slut years

My wife had many lovers in her past. But many of them were in here teen years and she was quite a slut. I asked her to write it in story format as I get off on it and it's easier for her to write than tell it to me in person as she is shy about them. I'd like to share it with you as I have her blessing. It's kind of short and sweet but I was thrilled she wrote it.

Tampa in the late eighties was quite a place for sex. It still is but then it was pretty wild. I lost my virginity at a young age. By twenty I had about fifteen lovers. d**gs were plentiful and my friends and I took our liberties with them often to alleviate our boredom. The only problem was coming up with the cash. However, we found our way around that little problem. Guys were ready and willing to share their stash with us for favors. My closest girlfriend Sandra and I ran together. We were inseparable and met many guys while working together in a restaurant as waitresses. Once she met this guy at work. She had me go over and say hello. We made small talk until he said that he had given his number to Sandra and that if we ever wanted to party to give him a call and that he was always ready. He looked about 30 to 35 and he was handsome and funny. after work we rang him up. It was about 1130 on a weekday. It had been a slow night. I'll call him Sam since his name escapes me. So Sam says to Sandra sure come on over. He gave us the address. Some apartment complex on the north side. Off we go to Sam's place. We stopped and changed at Sandra's place to change but got over to Sam's a little after midnight. It was a small place but had a large living room with very nice furnishings. Sam had music playing and wasted no time in fixing us some drinks. We talked and laughed. Eventually Sam brought out some "CANDY" for us to try. We each partook and were well into the feeling of it when Sam started rubbing Sandra's leg. They started to kiss and rub each other. Sam motioned me over and I joined in rubbing his body. Sam started in on me as Sandra undressed. As he was kissing me his hands went under my shirt and he fondled my nipples. Sandra fished out his growing cock and took him into her mouth. He layed back on his couch and placed both hands on her head as she deep throated his cock. He was pretty well hung for my taste but the candy felt good and I didn't care. I stripped down to nothing at Sam's insistence and got down on the floor to get my tongue on his balls. Sandra took a break from sucking as she had tears in her eyes from gagging on him. His cock was coated with her saliva and his precum but I didn't care. I dove my mouth on his cock and took him as deep as I could. It wasn't far, maybe three inches. This didn't do for him so he pushed my head farther down. I gagged as I took most of him in. Eventually I got the hang of it and he started furiously fucking my mouth. Unfortunately I hadn't noticed but Sandra had went to the bathroom to get sick and I found out later she crashed on Sam's bed leaving me all alone. So, as Sam's cock was at the back of my throat his right hand went to work on my sopping wet pussy. Once he had three fingers inside of me he grabbed me f***efully by my face and threw me on top of his cock. Quickly he thrust upward into my pussy. I was very wet but it still took my breath away due to his size and hurt like hell. Once inside he just lasted a minute or two before he grunted loudly and filled me with cum (Luckily I was on the pill). He then quickly pushed me up by the waist and positioned my pussy over his face and chest as his cum leaked out of me. He then pushed my face into the mess on his body and and told me to lick it off which I did like a good little girl. This would have normally scared the shit out of me but the candy had a way of numbing certain emotions. Sam said I could get cleaned up so I did and that's when I found Sandra. I checked on her and as she was good I went back to Sam. He was still naked as I was as he came out of the kitchen with more drinks. After drinking and talking for awhile he began to eat me out where I quickly came. I then sucked his cock while he stood over me. He was more gentle this time for some reason. He shot his load in my mouth from about an inch away and watched me as I swallowed it. He picked up some that had dripped down my chin and had me suck it off his fingers and swallow it as well. Sam became a regular for us for about a year. He enjoyed Sandra many times as well. He never had a regular girlfriend from what we could tell and I think he did this regularly with other willing girls.
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Great story!