Pretty Little Slave

Almost a month has passed since Alana has been under my instruction. She is a good little slave and I have enjoyed her perfect pussy in every way possible. She knew to have that cunt ready when I called her and told her I was on my way. Shaven, wet and ready so I could dive in and eat her til she came or fuck her and abuse her until I was finished.
Upstairs in her room I finished dipping into her ass with a vibrator while I shoved one head of the double dong into her snatch. She came like the whore she is and collapsed on the bed before receiving a smack and watching me turn over so she could eat my asshole. I loved the feel of her hot tongue in my ass, her small hands parting my ass cheeks drilling my hole and fingering my pussy until I came all over her face. I was making her lick my thighs when I noticed it was past two in the morning and her slut mother was just coming in the door.
I spent the night there often since I lived right across the street. Her mother the whore was fucking my uncle who before this gave me all his attention. I got my young pussy ate almost every night and dicked hard too but now Alana slut mother was getting my fun. Someone was going to pay.
So I made her daughter service me whenever I felt like it. Making her do the nastiest, dirtiest things I could think of, hoping for her mother to find out and be crushed I didn't count on the fact that the little whore loved what I did to her. No matter how nasty or depraved. A slut just like her mother!
I got up out of bed and told my whore to lay there I was going to get a cucumber
and that we would see how far that little cunt stretched. I saw her shudder and smiled as I left the room. I was sure the other whore was crawling into bed by now so I walked to the kitchen naked.
My lush ass and breast tingling from sweet lips that had just worked it. It was all I could think about as I opened the fridge and searched for the largest cucumber I could find.
"What are you doing naked in my kitchen".
I turned slowly at the sound of the whore's voice. Cucumber in hand we stared at each other for a long moment.
Finally I told her that I was taking this big ass cucumber upstairs to ruin her daughters tight cunt. The look on the womans face was classic but the shaking in her voice when she asked how long I'd been fucking her daughter was better. I told her since she'd been sucking my uncles cock. She got up into my face then and started yelling but I was having none of that. I grabbed her by her hair and twisted it in my fist until the whore was on her knees in front of me.
We stayed that way for a moment until I saw her glance at my tits. Something in her eyes reminded me of a look her daughter got when I pulled her face into my cunt and instinctively I bent forward and rubbed my nipple across her lips.
Like her slut daughter she didn't even pretend not to want it, taking my rock hard tip into her mouth and sucking like a babe. I moaned as her tongue flicked the nub and her teeth nibbled lightly.
"oh yes bitch, suck my titties good. Yeah".
she sucked me, moving from one tit to the other like a pro. I took my other hand and put it in her hair and pulled her closer. Finally she tried to slide down and stick her face in my center but I wouldn't let the whore do what she wanted. This was all about me.
I pushed the slut to the floor and smacked her hard across the face. I could smell the liquor wafting off her as I reached down and pinched her nipples until she screamed. The cucumber that had fell out of my hands lay just inches away but I will use that on her later. Right now I planned to have my whores mother eat my snatch until I came.
"Shut up you fucking bitch. Your yelling is making my pussy wet". I told her.
"I am going to ride your face and replace the taste of my uncles cum with my own". I slid up her chest and covered her face with my pussy. Instantly the whore began to lick and suck me. She ate me until I was quivering and drank all I gave her.
"you are just like your daughter, such a good pussy eater. She likes to be fucked to did you know that? We are going to your room, I'm going to fuck you just like I do her".
I spent the rest of the morning fucking Alana's mother in her room. I heard the door when my slut found out where I was and came to watch. By then the strap on I collect from her room was around my hips and the whore was mewling like a kitten as I pushed the whole of it in and out of her repeatedly.
I told her daughter to come in and get on the bed. She didn't want to but she knew better than to disobey me. Coming into the room, naked. Her sweet tits swaying a bit as she climbed onto the bed. "Now you two whores will pleasure me".
I lay down on the bed and spread my legs eagle style and waited. Only a moment though until my little slut fit her way between my legs and began to devour my pussy. Her whore mother sucked my tits until I rose on my knees, having Alana under me so I could continue to ride her face while her mother tongue fucked my ass. I came hard...wondering how mother and daughter would look in a sixty nine?
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2 years ago
Great story! It's been awile since I had a slave...
3 years ago
Fucking hottest one yet!
3 years ago
outstanding & part 3, 4...???
3 years ago
Not bad. Not bad at all. ;)
3 years ago
there has to be a part 2 cant leave us just like that 6/10