Friendly Licks

We had been friends just over a month and although I saw her watching me sometimes I didn't think anything of it.
One night we had put the k**s to sl**p and were sitting on the couch together just watching a movie. My husband was out at work and hers was on a business trip for the next two weeks so we decided to keep each other company. She would stay in my spare bedroom one night and we would stay at her house one night also.
Out of the corner of my eye I watched as her hand slipped inside her shirt and began to play with her nipple. I watched as it became hard and extended under her tank top. Her short little skirt barely covered her legs but I tried to keep from noticing. Until I heard her moan accidentally.
I turned to look at her and her eyes met mine. She came up and over to me and kissed me full on my lips. Now my nipples were hard and she noticed slipping her hand up to my breast and began to massage it. I closed my eyes and sighed as she began to kiss my neck and behind my ear. We began to kiss then, our mouths locking together and our tongues battling for supremecy.
I have wanted to taste your pussy since I first met you. She told me and I felt the same way. She slipped off the couch and helped me stand up. Right there in the living room she pulled up my nightgown and made me spread my legs. I felt her hands stroking my thighs and coming around to cup my ass. Her thin fingers digging into the flesh as she kissed her way up from my knees to the outer lips of my pussy.
Her tongue was hard as she probed me. Spearing me over and over again while I began to boil over. She held onto my hips then, her mouth coming into full contact with my cunt. Her tongue delving and swiping at my inner lips and parting them so she could get to my center.
I held onto her head to keep me stable. Her tongue felt so good, so wet and warm and finally I couldnt stand anymore. I fell back on the couch and she came in between my thighs and continued to eat my pussy. Her mouth was all over it, licking and sucking gulping down my slick juices and slurping up all I made.
Her fingers never touched my cunt but her tongue fucked me as she spread my legs wider and devoured my honey. She was moaning and I saw her hand between her own legs moving furiously. I wanted to taste her pussy.
I asked her to give me some of her cunt and she obliged my by laying back on the floor and spreading her thick thighs. I got right to it,sucking her whole pussy into my mouth and flicking my tongue over her slit and clit. She was so hot, her juices molten in my mouth.
She asked that we do it together so I turned around and put my pussy over her face and lowered my wet cunt to her mouth. She began sucking, causing me to stop for a moment and just feel her eat me. We sixty nined both of us coming hard time and time again.
We began to fuck regularly after that. Sneaking away when our hubby's were home and having so much fun when they weren't. Now I come into her home and push her against the wall and eat her snatch till she begs me to stop and she bends me over the back of the couch and pounds my pussy with our very own strap on...its good to have friends!
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3 years ago
naughty girls but hot
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
Great story.
3 years ago
I loved it, I wanna hear more about their dirty adventurs ;)