Sneaky Bitches

"I knew it!" I said to myself as I watched my uncle bone the skinny bitch next door. He was pounding her tight ass hard and she was whipping her head back and forth while she struggled to stay still for all of his nine inch cock.
The bitch was panting and clutching the crisp sheets that my aunt had washed before she'd gone into the hospital for her operation. Her pussy dripping wet and making smacking sounds as it suctioned around my uncles thick hardness. I knew than I was going to get that bitch. I was going to make her beg.
Two weeks later, I got my chance although it came in a round about way. Her daughter was a year younger than me. Her name was Alana and we went to the same school, she was and had always been a bit of a geek. Mousy brown hair and eyes but under all the too big hanging clothes you could see she had a slim lithe body. I would soon find out. Her mother was draining the cock I had been enjoying for most of the summer. My cunt throbbed as I remember my uncles big dick forcing it's way inside me. Now I was left out but I would be gratified.
Alana was a loner so it only took a few days to get into her good graces. I complimented her and took up for her when people said things about her in school and we started to build a fragile trust. She invited me to her house and I almost giggled at my good fortune. "Sure I can come over. We can do your hair and pick out something else for you to wear besides those ugly baggy clothes" I told her one afternoon when we were walking home. Her face fell almost instantly but I quickly made up and wrapped my arm around her shoulder and told her that we would get her straight. That she would be my little slave and doll. She smiled not knowing I was deadly serious.
We arrived at her home, her mother was not there but then I knew where the slut was. Getting boned at my house. We started with Alana's hair. Making it pretty then moved onto her clothes.
"I want you to strip Alana". I said to her coming up to stand right behind her while we looked in the full length mirror. She was hesitant but after a little coaxing and telling her that she was so cute, she finally started to undress for me. I watched as a pair of full succulent breasts appeared and small thin figure followed. She was hot and I instantly got wet thinking about sucking the puffy nipples hardening in the cool of the air conditioning.
I came up behind her and put my arms around her slipping my hands up to cup her titties. I squeezed them slightly and instead of brushing me off or pretending to be upset, the little bitch settled and leaned back laying her head on my shoulder pushing her tits further into my hands.
"Oh you like that huh"? I ask her, breathing in her ear and sucking in her earlobe. She gasped when I bit it and pinched her nipples at the same time. "YOu want more?" I watched in the mirror as she nodded yes and felt thrilled as I slipped my hand down her flat stomach and grazed her shaved hairless pussy.
Dipping my forefinger in her snatch I felt the wetness and felt my own pussy flood with moisture. "Yeah you like having that cunt stroked don't you?" I slipped another finger over her little rosebud of a clit and stroked it hard. Her knees began to buckle but I held the whore up.
I pushed her off me then and reached up to grab her by her long hair. I pulled her close so I could make her look in my eyes and told her..."I am going to eat that pretty pussy of yours. I'm going to suck it dry and do all kinds of things to little slut. Every time I call you and tell you I'm coming over to visit, I expect my new tasty treat to be ready for me. No panties, clean shaven and wet...Now get on the bed bitch".

I followed her over to the bed and pushed her onto her back. I started by pinching her nipples hard, so she cried out. I told her to put her fingers in her cunt and make it wetter for me while I took off my clothes and prepared to join her on the bed. My purse held a big treat which I pulled out and showed to her. I watched her eyes widen as the twelve inch strap on let her know I meant business. She looked scared and it made my pussy gush.
I climbed on the bed and smacked her lightly in the face and told her to open her legs so I could get a good look at my new pussy. She did as I was told and her small petal cunt opened up and I got down and get a taste. I flattened my tongue and raked it up her pussy from her cunt hole to her clit. Her whole body shuddered under me, I dipped in again and caught her clit with my teeth, I bit down just lightly and pulled it all the way into my mouth, sucking her hard now. She was mewing like a kitten and beginning to move around on the bed. Her cunt slick now and fully open. I ate her making her cum over and over again.
I got up and slid into the strap on. Once it was secure around my hips I stroked it slowly. "Come over here and give it a nice kiss bitch". I told her and she moved to me instantly. She kissed the cock and I commanded her to open her sweet little mouth and take it inside. Slowly I taught the whore how to suck it, licking and sucking on the bulbous head and thick shaft. I was getting excited.
I made her suck faster getting off on watching her lips wrap around the cock and listening to her gag a little as I began to fuck her face. "Looks like your ready for a little bit of this"?
She shook her head and I reached out and grabbed her hair and tilted her head up to look at me from where she was on her knees.
"What bitch? You haven't had any cock in that tight pussy yet"?
"Yes". She said in a whisper
"Then get on that bed so I can fuck you slut. Are you questioning me?"
"No what slut". She stared at me dumbly for a moment...until I said one word...Mistress.
"No what slut". I said again
"No Mistress" she said slowly and that earned her a hard pull from my hands in her hair.
"Yeah bitch get on the bed".
She did as I told her and lay with her arms at her side and her legs closed. With a series of smacks I made her open her legs and got into position to bury the monsterous cock inside her. She was tight but I worked in with the wetness and grabbed her hips to pull her closer. I began banging her, her arms that were at her sides were now spread out and gripping the bed. She was gasping and screaming now so I grabbed a pair of panties that were next to me and stuffed them in her mouth and fucked her even harder.
I turned her over at one point and entered her from the back. Digging my fingers into her hips and slamming the stiff cock into her repeatedly. Smacking her ass and pulling her hair until she came all over the strap on then collapsing face first onto the bed.
I asked her what she thought she was doing...and she lifted her head to look at me. "What are you doing slut...Its time to put that virgin tongue into my hot wet pussy...Get the fuck over here Now"!!

To be continued

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3 years ago
nasty naughty
3 years ago
pritty good story like were it is going 6/10
3 years ago
Loved it
3 years ago
very amazing can't wait to read more
3 years ago
This was amazing, hope to see the rest soon :)
3 years ago