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It was hot in the house, upstairs the main and seoond floor were unbearable so I took my pillow an blanket and headed down into the basement to cool off. The three rooms in the basement were always cooler in the summer than the rest of the house so I pick the one with the twin bed and my eyes start to close almost as soon as I lay down.
I knew someone had come into the basement and the sound of their voices woke me up even though they were whispering. I was still with my aunt and uncles since my parents hadn't come back from their vacation without me.
I heard a womans voice and it didnt belong to my aunt, I heard a male voice and it was my uncle so I slipped out of bed and quietly padded to the door turning the knob and easing it open as soundlessly as I could.
There I could see the back of a womans head as she sat in front of my uncle her face buried in his crotch, working it up and down making loud sucking sounds as she devoured his cock. My uncle stood stiff, with his head thrown back and his mouth open wide breathing hard as his bitch sucked him. I watched as she drained him of his cum until I heard him call my name.
"come out here and meet Melissa". I come out of the room and find a short brunette now lying back on the couch with her skirt hiked up around her waist, her dark haired pussy gleeming with wetness while her pert puffy tipped nipples sat pointing straight up at the ceiling. She was pretty, her red lipstick coated mouth smiling at me as she licked my uncles cum from her fingers.
"Melissa this is NeNe, she's got some sweet pussy. I thought maybe you and the girls could use her". Melissa nodded and smiled standing up and coming over where I now stood beside my uncle. My loose short shorts cutting up and rubbing along the middle of my pussy and my nipples throbbing and aching to be touched.
She told my uncle she wanted to taste me and gently pushed me down onto the couch and pulled off my small gray shorts exposing my slick cunt.
"hmmm this is nice" Melissa said in a low appreciative voice. She was on her knees in front of me, her dark eyes taking in every inch before she put her hands in between my legs and spread my pussy lips. She swooped down and slurped loudly, her lesbian tongue and lips pulling and flicking my clit making me moan and squirm on the rough basement couch.
She sucked me and wrapped her arms around my hips to pull me closer. Fastening her mouth to me and laving my pussy until I wanted to scream. My uncle watched slowly stroking his previously softened cock to diamond hard status.
Melissa's little skirt barely hid her soft plump ass while my uncle went to his knees and began to eat her ass from the back. She started to squirm and suck my pussy harder, driving her tongue into my cunt hole fucking me hard. "you taste so good" her voice muffled inside my pussy.
I came in her mouth shuddering and shaking from her expert cunt sucking and kissed her hard when she came up and rubbed her stiff nipples rubbing me. We kissed while my uncle slid into her and began to fuck her strongly. She cried out as she took my tit into her mouth through my tee shirt, nipping and biting.
My uncle pulled out of her pussy and rolled her over onto the floor motioning me to come over and get in between her now open legs. I went down and met my first cunt. Tentatively slid my tongue up the slit of her pussy, beginning to lap and lick, doing what she'd done to me. Flicking the hard nub of her clit pulling it between my teeth and sucking hard.
She held her mouth open while my uncle pumped his cock in his hands and exploded down into her open mouth and face.
We fucked and sucked late into the night. 69ing and getting fucked by my uncle. Both of us sucking his big cock and laving his balls until he stood and shared his cum between the two of us. As we lay there spent on that hard couch, Melissa tells my uncle that she would love to pass me around to the ladies in her club and that she would be there to pick me up tomorrow.
Melissa left and once again my uncle took me up to my room in their house and turned me over to lick my ass then slid into me. Fucking me hard and wild while he told me how hot it was to watch me suck Melissa's pussy. He left me that night as spent as I was but all I could think about was Melissa and her friends and how much pussy I would eat tomorrow.
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3 years ago
verry hot & sexy hope that there is more
3 years ago
Wow ... great story!