little pussy 2

It was poker night. My uncle would be late in the basement with three of his long time friends tonight. My aunt cooked their snacks and had me carry them downstairs to serve them. Every time they needed something I trudged down the stairs and brought it. Soon she went up to bed and it was up to me to handle the men downstairs.
My uncle called for more beer so I grabbed the last six pack and headed into the basement. There they sat around the small round table, card and poker chips laid out while I passed out the beer. I felt a hand on my ass as I reached over to hand my uncle his beer and I jumped. "Don't move", my uncle told me across the table so I stood there while on of his friends ran his hand up and in between my legs. Another friend on the other side of me reached up and began massaging my tit, rolling and pinching the nipple through my t-shirt.
They were telling my uncle how warm my pussy was through my shorts and how firm my tits were. The third man got up from his chair and cam around the table while my uncle pushed all the chips and cards and beer onto the floor. I felt rough hands grab me and lay me on the table all the while pulling up my shirt to expose my breasts and yanking down my tight little shorts and panties. Soon I lay naked, exposed, each leg gripped by someone while my hot little box spread wide open for everyone to see. Before I could utter a word something was slipped over my eyes and someone tongued kissed my pussy.
They wouldn't let me close my legs while one man ate me hard, tongue fucking my slit and dipping down to swipe at my puckered asshole. I could hear him grunting his pleasure as my pussy oozed out juices into his mouth and the other men voiced how they couldn't wait to taste my young twat.
My mouth was pried open by a thick finger and it was immediately replaced by someone thick cock. I heard my uncle tell me to suck his dick and I wrapped my lips around his thick head while he f***ed his cock in deeper and deeper into my throat.
"I gotta get in this pussy" one of the guys said and I felt the hard probed of one of their cock heads. He was so big, as he slid in stretching my young pussy so much it hurt at first but then my juices flowed around it and he was sliding in and out of my pussy fast and hard. Their were hands and tongues on my tits sucking and pulling while someone filled my hand with an enormous cock. They fucked me every way they could. Turning me over and taking my slick ravaged pussy from the back and sliding hard thick fingers into my ass while they drilled me hard. I was a little whore that night, taking their cum down my throat and in my cunt and ass but my uncle saved the best for last. After the guys left he brought me upstairs to my room and sucked all the cum out of my sore pussy and told me he was ready to bury his hard cock. He fucked me for a long time before pulling out and cumming on my stomach and tits.
"I have a suprise for you next time slut. I have a girlfriend who can't wait to taste that nasty pussy." he gave my tits one more pinch before he left me to a fulfilled and tired sl**p.

Part 3 soon to cum.
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3 years ago
Hot , got me wet!
3 years ago
nasty uncle
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
A little short, but quite arousing. I'm ready for the next chapter.