little pussy

I was sl**ping when he came in. His hands were warm as he pulled back the covers and looked at my young body. I knew he was there and what would happen. Slowly the cover disappeared and his hands grazed by legs, calves first then thighs. I felt the bed sink as he sat on it and continued up my legs finally reaching up under my little nightie feeling my panties.
I heard his moan as my nightie went up and felt his breath on my covered pussy, hot and wet and I waited. He spread my legs and settled in between my legs. His finger edging the line of my panties slowly pulling them to the side. The first touch of his finger on my tight snatch made me twitch but I controlled it. I knew what he wanted and I wanted it too.
In the next moment his mouth settled on my cunt. So warm and wet his hot tongue snaking in and sliding on my tiny clit. His slurping causing me to fight not to moan as he tongued my pussy hard. His hands pulling my leg up over his shoulder so he could delve deeper, his other hand reaching up to pinch my ripening nipples. I love it in the bed. We could do this for hours him coming up to suck my tits and rub his big fat cock on my young twat. Telling me that he was going to stick it inside me and fuck me one of these days, when my aunt was out of the house he was going to make me his little whore.
He ate my pussy every night and had even tongued my tight little asshole. He would catch me in the hall after I had a shower and my aunt would be in the kitchen cooking and pull off my towel and suck my pussy right there. I would have to stuff the towel in my mouth to keep from moaning as I came in his mouth.
My uncle wanted to put his big dick in my tight little 17 year old pussy. He'd been eating it up since I was 13 and soon he would have his way. As he finished sucking my cunt making me cum in his mouth he told me how he was going to fuck me and then pass me around to his friends and watch them suck and fuck my little cunt. He said he couldnt wait and as he left my dark room with my cum on his mouth and tongue, I thought I couldn't wait either.

The rest of the story next time....:)
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3 years ago
Naughty fabulous!
3 years ago
good start looks prommising!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
very good :)
3 years ago
Very hot...need to hear more!
3 years ago
o my god, such a good start.....thanks
3 years ago
very nicely written looking forward to part 2
3 years ago
very good start