Will you..?

Kathy had just gotten into an argument with her parents about her job now that she’d gotten one. Unlike most other teens struggling in college however, her parents had just thrown her out of their house when they found out she’d been erotic dancing to pay for all of her luxuries rather than the desk job they believed her to have. They didn’t even let her keep her car, not letting her have the keys they’d taken because, “It’s in our name, we’re not letting some little SLUT take our car! Get out!” She was reluctant but she did indeed leave the house once she packed what she could. Her first night was spent in a cheap motel that honestly didn’t let her sl**p very well; Kathy was all of 5’3” with the body of a dancer she’d worked so hard for, naturally crimson locks of hair that rolled down to the small of her back in waves and hung in short bangs above those pale green eyes. Her lightly toned pale skin that covered that curvy hourglass figure was topped with an ample chest squeezed into her D-cupped bra. The man sitting behind that desk had given her looks she knew all too well from the club and made her shudder at the worrying thoughts of what he could do while she slept…and so, she spent the night watching the door and testing the lock until she’d passed out.

She caught the hotel owner slipping from in her room the next day after she made it back from trying to have a normal friday at college and when she got inside, her suit case’s things were disorganized, a pair of her panties missing, and with that, she knew she wasn’t staying a day longer. She was on her way to crash with a friend until she could get her own apartment when a car pulled to the side of the road and the jerk driving his nice shiny new sports car offered her a “deal”. Cursing him out until she earned the title of “Bitch” she began walking only for another car to come to a stop not too far away once more. As the door opened and a voice called out to her, her eyes widened and she whipped about to stare at the familiar face before her. It took the tone of his voice calling to her again to f***e her to whip away from him.. “Kathy?” Came the curious tone of Professor Weil –a professor at her college – once more as he looked at her for a moment. She was silent and didn’t look at him for more than a glimpse but also didn’t continue walking. Stepping out of his car he walked toward her before bringing a hand to turn her head to face his own. “It is you; what are you doing on the side of the road?” He questioned as he looked down at her suit cases for a moment, he had to repeat himself but it took offering to take her home before he could get an answer from her. She began blurting what happened after he said he’d take her back to her house, explaining what she’d done while tears streaked her face. She told him about being found out and the thrown out, the hotel and then the road.

“You can drop me off at Tim’s apartment down town; I’ll stay there for a while.” She stated while looking out the window.

“And Tim would be..? Never mind; I have a few spare bedrooms so you can use one for tonight. I had dinner plans but take out sounds good right about now.” He said with a soft smile on his lips while he turned and walked behind his car to draw open the trunk for her.

She blinked and didn’t argue about the offer to stay in the house of a professor that she – as well as several other girls – happened to have a crush on. He was nearly six-feet tall, he had a slightly low toned voice giving it an entrancing appeal to it, eyes of a light hazel tone with copper and bark tones marking those hues, short-cut and wooly hair topped his head..Match that with his being an African-American of a tanned skin-tone and a well as his toned figure from working out on a regular basis and his laid-back demeanor made him one of the more popular instructors of the college. ” And I’m going to be in his house!”She inwardly shouted to herself, her head lowering as to hide the broad smile forming on her lips at the idea of being able to see what no other girl on campus had seen.. They picked up food on the way back to the house to keep from taking a second trip and ate in the dining room before he pointed toward a hall leading toward a flight of stairs.

“The bedroom’s up the stairs and down the hall. It’s the second door on the right, The bathroom’s down the hall from there” He described and being the curious little vixen she was, she of course couldn’t help poking around in the other rooms for a few minutes once her things were settled in the room she was allowed to use. Soon enough Kathy found herself in the “Master’s Bedroom” as the plaque on the door read and was able to witness the rust toned Dore Alley bed settled against a wall in the middle of the room, to the far corner near a window was a simple reclining chair in the corner of the room with a small end-table, a book entitled Screw the Roses Send me the Thorns resting atop it. She was just picking up the book and beginning to flick through it with interest when the hypnotic tone of the home owner sounded not far behind her. “I take it you’re lost?” He teased and earned a jump and squeak from her for his efforts. She was quick to whip around, the book clutched to her chest as a shield while she stared into his eyes with those rosy red cheeks of hers lighting her face.“I-I’m sorry…I jus—I was wondering what the rest of your house looked like…” She stammered out as she attempted to set the book back on the table. With a smile the instructor leaned toward her and took the book from her hands, raising it to the nearby book shelf and sliding it into place amongst other books of a similar taste. “The bathroom’s a little down the hall, feel free to use it at your leisure. I doubt that hotel felt “clean” enough for a shower.” And he was right; she was too worried about the owner watching her or sneaking in to even get changed in that place. Soon after he stepped out she followed behind and moved to slip into the bathroom.

She took a shower hot enough to put fog on the sliding glass doors and a mist of steam into the air of the closed off bathroom. She was slowly working the lather of shampoo to the roots of her hair when the sound of door to the bathroom opening caught her attention and she began rinsing her hair so she could see.

“Professor Weil?” She called out in an unsure tone.
“We’re not in class, Kathy; Isaac’s fine.” Came the voice of the male as he neared the shower’s doors.

She was startled as he stepped in but with the door opened fully and his hand resting against the frame of those doors her feeble attempt to pull the doors open to escape through the other side was useless at best. She was looking off to the side while trying to cover her breasts but soon enough she turned to look at him while speaking in a shy and wary tone. “I’m all done, I-I can take a shower later...” She explained before noticing the water of the showerhead already running down his form, detailing the contours of his muscled physique with rivers rushing down and following along that well defined pelvic bone to his limp length between his thighs. It was at that point of his body that she blushed furiously at the fact she was staring and turn to hide her face with her hair. She barely had a moment to collect her thoughts however before she felt the wall suddenly striking her back, forcing a slight sound of shock from her lips. The chest of her professor was pinning her in place, a hand stroking along her jaw and trialing to curl around her chin as she simply stared into his eyes; stunned at how close he was but also...at the lustful gaze he was casting on her so suddenly. “You’re such a beauty Kathy…I’ve been watching you too; the way you watch me in the halls and in class…” He whispered to her in a heated tone, a slight smile on his lips as he gazed down into her eyes.

“Wh-what are you talking about Pr-“

“Isaac.” He corrected, cutting her off with a smirk and stunning her with just how calm he was to be naked and pinning her bared form to the tile wall of the shower; she was breathing deeply as she stared back into those eyes, each breath bringing a tingling to her nipples as they stroked and pressed against the solid chest of the man in front of her. “I’ve watched you; undressing you with my eyes and imagining just what I’d do when I finally had you...” He whispered hotly to her, the heat and growing form between his thighs beginning to throb against her as a show of just what it was he was talking about. She gasped at the hot feel of her instructor’s hot arousal as each pulse caused that length to grow against her thighs. If it weren’t for the rushing water flowing down in torrents it would have revealed a dirty secret of hers to him.

“I’ll scream..” She warned in a shuddering tone even as her nipples were quickly growing stiff despite herself. It was his reply, however, that sent a shudder through her and straight down to her core.
“Mmn…I’ll make you scream soon enough, beautiful…” Came those whispering words before his pulsing length hardened fully and met with the hot and throbbing lips of her waiting cunt. “…and I see one of us is looking forward to it…” Her cheeks burned more furiously at those words before she began to struggle against him. She felt humiliated, she was being told he planned to do just what she feared the hotel owner was planning and still she couldn’t help getting wet from it; she had to get away. She struggled more and more furiously, kicking at him and finding that he was between those swinging legs, not just pressing one leg between them but had actually spread them to give himself plenty of room and no danger from those knees.

She gripped hold of him, working to shove him away but was met with him taking hold of her wrist and pinning it to the wall while her other hand struggled to avoid the same fate. “No..No, please don’t do this...” She whispered however her panting was slow and deep with her building excitement while her hands were held in place, his length sliding along her eagerly parted folds before he – ignoring her pleas to stop – began pressing into her. Her first cry as he began entering her was one of pain, a gasp following it as she felt just how large he was. He was bigger than what she’d taken in the past but she didn’t have much time to think as he kept sliding deeper into her until that length was fully buried inside of her hole. It was then that her little whispered pleas fell silent; she was scared but it and his clear power over her was only making her wetter and with him inside, he knew her humiliating secret all too clearly. “You’re loving it already..”

“You’re hurting me..!” Came a voice straining to keep back the pants leaving her as she felt her soaked cavern working to adjust and accept the size that was intruding it. “And you’re soaked in here, do you like that it “hurts” then..?” Was the whisper of the reply from the lips of the man pinning her in place that had her shaking her head vigorously but not daring to open her mouth and let out those betraying words. A short rock of his hips brought a clear gasp from her; slight pain tainted with pleasure telling him what he wanted to know. He was teasing her hole into accepting him fully, his hips guiding that intruding length to massage her most sensitive areas with practiced strokes that were matched with his hips pressing to her own and pinning the hooded clit down against the base of his hot and throbbing length for each stroke to begin grinding along the little pleasure button. She gave a struggle with her arms; tugging weakly in a fight she knew she couldn’t win and it earned her a slow withdrawal of his hips that left her cavern empty. “Nnnm…?” Came a curious whimper of displeasure at the hollow feeling but it barely passed her lips before – with a sudden surge – he slammed inside of her once. She let out a pleasured cry that was muffled when his lips claimed hers as his length struck the deepest part of her. His hips rocked back and forth, each buck rocking her form and causing those large breasts to bounce and drag her nipples against his chest every time. She let out a gasping moan with each thrust, her tone building despite knowing what he was doing to her; he was r****g her….and she was loving every thrust of it…

Her hands were brought together above her head in the hold of one hand, his freed hand bringing one of her legs up to close around his hip. Breaking from that kiss, his lips moved to her ear slowly to whisper the words, “That’s a good girl; stop trying to; show me that you love getting fucked like this...” The hand on her thigh was pulling her into each thrust; working her hips to rock her gripping hole along that length inside of her. She was giving in and submitting, she could barely struggle at all and the constant attacks of her sensitive zones were beginning to make her give in and start thrusting back into him with that hand guiding her. His hips began thrusting into her with a more urgent pace, working back and forth with long and rough strokes as he whispered words of praise into her ear. “Keep it up girl, just like that..Fuck that little cunt on my cock…” Came his panted words into her ear; the word “girl” making the walls of her folds tighten before he felt her slowly moving on her own rather than with the aid of his hand on her. A deliciously lustful cry of “Aaahhhhn…!” slipped from her followed by a audible gasp as she gave in fully and started thrusting onto his pulsing length within her more needfully. Those walls of her entrance were quivering around his length with ripples of pleasure as each stroke worked her closer and closer to her climax. Without even faltering, he pushed deep inside of her and began rocking his hips to tease every last inch of her he could.

“Oh god…I’m gonna cum…!” She whimpered out as she began squirming but not to get away; her walls tightening and toes curling as her body began to tense were signs while Isaac merely began slamming into her with harder thrusts that began letting loud slaps ring out from their wet bodies with each joining thrust. When she could finally take no more, she tensed and let out a orgasmic scream as she finally came f***efully on his cock and heard the grunting groan matched with the feel of that hot burst within her when her favorite teacher began pouring his cum deep inside of her. After a long moment of heavy panting, the hand holding her wrists finally released them to fall at her teacher’s side. A shudder ran through her as she felt the last of that seed pouring into her before she slumped forward against him, panting heavily and resting her forehead against the crook of his neck. But he wasn’t done with her yet, she wasn’t struggling with him; she seemed too weak to after cumming and only let out a slight moan again as he drew out of her and began moving her around. Making her face the wall he pinned her hands to the wall, walking her backwards to have her bent over before himself. For a long moment he wasn’t doing anything to her and then she could feel the swollen head of his cock pressing against her little pussy again. She turned her head to look at him over her shoulder through those soaked red locks to watch as he began pressing slowly into her.

“That’s a good girl, it looks like you’re done lying..” He teased as his hands went to her hips, gripping hold of them before he slammed into her f***efully. “Ahhgh!” She squealed and rocked forward as he drove himself in her to the hilt. “You love being a little slut for me, don’t you?” He questioned as he began rocking her back and forth, slamming forward into her cunt each time and watching as she pressed away from the wall to push back into his thrusts. “No…I’m not a slut..!” She argued between pants even as she ground her hips back into him. Her breasts were bouncing back and forth under her and very soon he was pressed against her back with his hands gripping and kneading her breasts roughly. Suddenly she let out that delicious scream again; her walls tightened around his cock like a vice as she reached her limit but another thing slipped from her with that scream, “Aa-aahhhhh…Ma-Master..!” she cried out while his hips still slammed into her and rocked her to his rhythm. He lost his focus as he heard that word, the lapse bringing him to his edge too soon and before he could stop himself he blasted off and felt thick ropes his burning seed burst out the tip of his cock to shoot deep into her little pussy with each pulse and throb of his rod buried inside her.

“…Did you forget to scream for help..?” He questioned once he’d caught his breath, letting the blush spreading on her cheeks as she realized he was right; she’d let him fuck her without even screaming for help…and worse, she’d enjoyed it. He allowed her thoughts to distract her a moment before she was suddenly tugged away from the wall and held to his chest. For a minute she held her breath but the slow stroking of his hands on her shoulder and hip told her he wasn’t about to toss her around or start slamming into her again. “Come on..let’s get to bed; you’re sl**ping with me tonight.” He ordered and while it surprised her, she didn’t argue. She was sore and it would be worse tomorrow so she’d need the sl**p of a bed as luxurious and soft as his appeared to be. He stepped out first, drying and drawing her into his robe to help dry her off as well before he walked her to his room. She let him lead her to the bed, her head still spinning at the fact she was a willing part of her **** in the shower by her professor; a fantasy of hers for the past year with the subject of many of her perverted fantasies being much more than she would have expected. ”He’s not holding me against my will; he didn’t hurt me with anything but what made me cum; he showed me I’m not the only pervert like this and he was gentle…He’s hot too…” She thought to herself as she was guided into sitting down on the bed, her bags at her feet to offer her to get dressed if she wanted. Finally after a time of silence she licked at her suddenly dry lips with that little pink tongue of hers before speaking the words. “Professor —Isaac…” She began in a softly whispered tone while shaking her head at the offered clothing and merely laid down in the bed naked as she was.

“Yes, Kathy..?” Came the gentle toned reply of the man she’d looked at as a professor until tonight. He sat down on the bed at her side, leaving his robe to pool on the floor before he laid down and watched her little red head bury into his chest for the embarrassing words that soon left the girl.

“Your books… I mean…What you’re into…I’m…Will you…be my Master…?” She questioned shyly.

– End…? –
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This is absolutely brilliant. I love ITT!!
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amazing :)