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A new experience: Threesome!

So, it was already a couple of months after my first meeting with my fuckdaddy. I visited him regularly, only to find great brutal sex! I loved it when my clothes were ripped off my body and f***ed by him to suck his dick hard and deep while having up to 3 fingers in my ass. He fucked me so compassionate that I still felt his dick 3 days after the deed, figuratively speaking. But one day I got a text message from him: "Can you be here tomorrow at 11 am? I've got something special arranged for you...", so I sent a SMS back: "Yeah of course, but what's the surprise?", "Sorry, I can't tell you ye... Continue»
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How I met my fuckbuddy

It was a while back when I had my first gay experience with a friend of mine. I loved it already and wanted consistently more. However, the inevitable had happened: my friend broke up the relationship. So, there I was, constantly horny and searching for a new boyfriend. But where I come from, gay guys are hard to come by. One day I was alone at home chillin' out and searching on the internet when I found a dutch chatsite. By my curiosity I entered the chat. Hundreds of guys chatting... Old, young or something else. In an instant, dozen of people were chatting with me, asking me if I could turn... Continue»
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My first time with a friend (part 2)

Two weeks were passed since my first gay experience. I often saw him at school but I never got the chance to talk to him. Then, someday we had lunch break at the same time. He came to me and asked if I could hang out again. He had a new videogame and his mother had to work, so she was not at home. So, there I stood in front of the door. He opened the door and let me in. To show that he had not forgotten last time, he kissed me. A few seconds became minutes and our tongues went deeper into our mouths. Suddenly he stopped and asked: “shall we try out the new game?”. So we went upstairs and chill... Continue»
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My first time with a friend (part 1)

I was 15 years old when it happened. I was hanging out with a friend at his place. He was 2 years older than I was. He knew him from c***dhood ever since. His room was on the first floor but often we sat on the attic watching TV and playing games. That day we were a little bored and began exploring an adjacent room. Junk and old stuff were s**ttered all over the place. So we checked out all that stuff lying on the ground and in the drawers from the cabinet that stood there. And in one particular drawer we found an vibrator. "Ruud, is this from your mom?", "yeah it is". And suddenly he said to ... Continue»
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