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[Story] My first girl

True Story

It was a hot summer day, I was being lazy like always. I heard the house phone ring, which doesn’t happen often. It was my friend Nicole. After some chatting I invited her over to hang out. When she arrived she came right in like she always does. “Welcome home” I said in a sarcastic tone. “Ha ha real funny” she replied with a huge smile on her face taking a bottle of water out of my fridge. We sat down on my couch. “Feel like going for a run” She asked. “Yeah fucking right it is WAY to hot outside” I replied. She stood up and went to t... Continue»
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[Story] Sample:The Boy Across The Yard


For years I lived next to a younger boy,He was always attractive to me.His name was Ben.I used to watch as he would mow the grass take out trash and walk his pit bull. He was 5'3 big muscles short brow hair blue eyes.Our rooms were right across from each other normally hs curtains were closed.But today they were wide open,so I watched waiting for him to go in his room.(I'm a creep).Eventually he entered the room,Looking sweaty he took off his shirt, which was normal.But then he slipped out of his shorts,I was ready to see what would happen.He slipped off h... Continue»
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