The Wonder of Wonder Woman

Before I start this story, you should know that I'm not really up on my comics.
Infact I'd only knew of Wonder Woman from that campy 70s TV series staring the lovely Lynda Carter, but other than that I've never taken much notice/interest in the character...
That was until my gorgeous girlfriend showed me there's plenty to admire about her!

It all happened on one pleasant spring day when I was helping my girl move in with me, carrying her boxes of things up to my room. Lucky she didn't have too much stuff to bring to our home or I'd have ended up with real sore arms!

One box caught my eye though, it was rather heavy and simply had written on it, "WW (FRAGILE)".
I set it down onto the bed and, feeling intrigued, I broke the parcel tape and opened it and to my surprise, it was a big pile of stacked Wonder Woman comics. I never knew my girl read comics, I mean she's just never mentioned it before.

"Wow, my girl's a geek!" I thought to myself and quietly chuckled.

Anyway, I carried on setting the other boxes of her things into the room, when she walked in holding the last couple of boxes. She noticed the opened box on the bed.

"Hey, you been snooping?" She asked in a playful voice.

"Yeah, sorry, couldn't wait to see what's inside that box!" I grinned a little sheepishly.

She set her boxes down onto the floor by the wardrobe.

"You never told me you're into comics." I stated.

"Well, I'm not really." She replied.

"What about all those Wonder Woman comics then?" I enquired.

"Oh them, well it's just - it's rather silly - I, er, have a little thing about Wonder Woman..."
She blushed.

"Oh." I responded, a little shocked to hear such a candid reply.
she looks so cute when she blushes!

"Awww you got the hots for Wonder Woman?(!)" I teased her playfully.

"Shut up...!" She grinned nervously with her cheeks glowing a little redder,
"Maybe, a little..."

"Only a little? Be honest, she gets your motor running, hey?" I continued to tease her.
She looked to the floor, a big nervous grin on her pretty face.

"Oh ok, yeah she does!" She revealed, picking up a pink feathery scarf off the door of the wardrobe and chucking it at me playfully. I ducked and laughed, as did she.

I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her curvey hips.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, babes, bless." I reassured her, she looked up at me, putting on an adorable look on her face like a little girl who just got caught stealing some sweets.
I leaned in, pressing my lips to hers and kissed her. She kissed me back.

"Truth is, I'm actually a big fan of Wonder Woman." She suddenly confessed.

"Is that so, what made you get into her?" I intrigued.

We walked over to the bed together and sat down on the edge of it.

"I was given a comic of hers when I was about 7 from my dad, he's a real comic book nerd and so wanted to get me into comics as well, I didn't think much of it," She explained,
"that was 'til I sat down a few days later and read through it. I was taken aback by just how awesome she is! Honestly babe, she kicks ass! And she doesn't take no crap from guys, she's strong and powerful yet still remains feminine. Well I'd never known another woman to be like that and I was just completely in awe of her, and wanted to be just like her when I grew up!"
She chuckled.

"Oh wow, really? She sounds amazing!" I giggled.

"I was hooked, and so my dad got me more and more of her comics over the years, he also got me other comics with female-led characters in them but nothing compares to Wonder Woman!"
She enthused.

"Aww that was sweet of him then." I smiled.

"Yeah, thanks dad!" She chuckled.

"But what is it about her that turns you on?" I asked, feeling a little horny myself hearing
my girl gushing over her.

"Oh, well..." She seemed a little hesitant, "It's just, when I was 13 and getting into -
well you know," Her voice softening to a whisper, "the joys of masturbation!"

My heart began to skip!

"I was reading through one of her comics and there was this particular scene in it where she was helping to train one of her Amazons and they was wrestling eachother but Wonder Woman had quickly managed to pin this young girl down and hogtied her with her lasso." She revealed,
I glanced down briefly to her pert tits and noticed her nipples getting a little hard under her green top as she was telling me this.

"That was hot enough on its own really," She continued, "but what made it even hotter was how Wonder Woman, who just stayed sat on her student, then began to lecture this now tied up and helpless girl over what she did wrong and how easy it was for her to be overpowered, humiliating her further like that infront of all the other Amazonians. Oh God, baby, that just really turned me on loads that I just had to put the book down and finger myself.
That was the first time I experienced multiple orgasms and also squirting with cum as I did!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was practically drooling at the thought!
My thong was beginning to get soaked in my pussy juice, and I could tell how turned on my sexy girl was reliving that moment in her mind.

"She actually helped me to come to terms with my own sexuality, and from that moment on I've always fantasised about being overpowered like that, being f***efully tied up and helpless as she has her way with me!" She eagerly enthused.

"Mmmmm that's so hot baby!" I gushed, before snogging my sexy girl.

"Sorry, I'm not making you jealous, am I?" She stopped kissing me to ask.

"No, not at all, babes," I quickly reassured with a smile, "infact you should have told me all this before, I would have been your Wonder Woman!" I winked at her with a cheeky smile.
She smiled back at me and we both clinched again for more steamy kisses and snogs.

Before we knew it, we was laying naked in eachother's arms with our legs interlocked so that our thighs were pushing up against our wet pussies, grinding on eachother so good as we snogged. Making magnificent love for hours on end.

The next day, we was sitting together at the breakfast table, having some cereal and talking.

"Hey babe, I been wondering, about your Wonder Woman..." I began to state.

"Yeah, hon?" She replied.

"Sorry it's just - I'm just so fascinated, please tell me more about her." I smiled sweetly.
Her gorgeous face lit up, she was more than eager to tell me everything about her.
She was really passionate in her words as she told me every and anything she could about
the character, her origins, her life, her romances, her powers, her friends, her adventures.
It was clear to see she was a huge fan of hers.

" - oh and also, despite the comics never actually really showing it, she is definitely a lez!"
She grinned.

"What makes you think that?" I intrigued.

"Well, think about it babe, she grew up on an island that's full of gorgeous women with no men around, she spent her whole life training every day with them in the warm sun getting all hot and sweaty with eachother. They all no doubt bathed and showered together. You can't tell me all that wrestling and bondage training they did together was just about honing their skills!"
She enthused.

"Oooh sounds like my kind of place!" I teased, cupping my breast playfully.

"Exactly!" She giggled, "See what I mean."

"Even a strait girl could spend a week on Themyscira and come back from there as gay as anything!"
She stated.

"Yeah, especially with that hot piece of ass, Wonder Woman, around!" I continued to tease her.

"Would you knock it off!" She laughed and flicked a bit of milk from her spoon at me.
"Honestly, what will I do about you?" She exasperated.

"I know what I'll do about you and Wonder Woman." I grinned knowingly.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" She asked.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out!" I chuckled.

"You bitch!" She laughed knowing that I know how she doesn't like being teased like that.

"Come on, don't be like that, please tell me." She pleaded.

"Let me think... No!" I teased further.

"Oh fine!" She groaned, "I'm not begging."
She turned her attention back onto her nearly empty bowl of Branflakes.

"You will be begging later!" I continued, not letting up.
She looked up at me scornfully but then poked her tongue out at me, blew a raspberry and giggled.

"I'm naughty, aren't I?" I giggled aswell before leaning in to kiss her.

"You sure are." She smiled after our kiss. I leaned back in to snog her for a minute or 2.

"Hm - I'm going - to be - late - for work." She said between the sound of our lips and tongue smacking together in our snog.

We stopped and she got up and headed upstairs to change into her work clothes.
Fortunately for me, I had the day off.

A short while later, we said our goodbyes and I kissed her off to work.
I looked around and noticed she had left her bowl on the table, for me to wash up.

"I'm so going to get her good!" I thought to myself.

Later that early evening, she came home from work and sat down on the sofa, kicking her black work shoes off and put her warm sweaty feet up onto my lap as I was sitting there watching TV.

"Had a nice day?" I asked.

"Yeah was ok thanks." She answered. "Make us a nice cup of tea, please, I'm parched."

"Yes, Your Majesty(!)" I playfully responded, before lifting her feet up, standing up and placing her feet back down onto the seat and headed off to the kitchen to make her a nice tea.

I sat down onto her lap as I gave her the hot drink and just grinned at her.

"What?" She asked, realising I'm up to something.

"Oh, nothing." I replied casually.

"You didn't put anything funny in my tea, did you?" She fretted.

"No, of course not! It's a lovely cup I made." I boasted. She hesitantly took a sip
and realised it's just a fine normal cup of tea.

"I did do something for you, though." I revealed.

"Oh God." She winced, making me laugh.

"No no, don't worry, it's nothing bad. You're going to love it!" I beamed.

"Yeah? What is it?" She smiled excitedly.

"Shhh, you just finish your tea, you'll find out after." I pressed my finger to her pretty pink lips and playfully winked. I then got up off her and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

"I'm gulping it down!" She called out to me and chuckled.

I've never known her to drink her tea so quickly before,
she was obviously eager to find out what I had in store for her.

When I walked back in to the living room, she had finished her tea and just sat there looking at me, barely able to contain her excitement,
like a little girl waiting to open her presents on Christmas.

I walked over to her, took her by the hand.

"Follow me." I instructed and I led her up to our bedroom. I sat her down onto the bed, then I took my black silk scarf and wrapped it around her eyes, blindfolding her.

"No peeking now!" I chirped.

"Ok." She replied, sitting there apprehensively.

I quickly got changed into my outfit I had bought earlier in the day.

"Keep your eyes closed now baby, don't open them 'til I tell you to."
I instructed her as I took her blindfold off.

"Yes, ma'am." She coyly agreed.

I stood back and struck a pose.

"Ok, open." I told her. Her jaw nearly hit the floor as she stared in shock and amazement.

Stood before her was me with my hands on my hips,
wearing the most sluttiest Wonder Woman costume I could find!

I had a tight red vest top on that showed my belly, with my ample breasts almost popping out of it,
and a gold Wonder Woman logo going across just below my tits and just above my belly.
I had a very short blue miniskirt on with a few silver stars on it and silver belt.
It was so short that my plump bottom was hardly covered at all!
On my feet were red knee-high boots with silver trim around them and on my wrists were bold silver bracelets. To complete the look,
I had a black wig on connected to a gold tiara with a red star in the middle of it, with silver star earrings dangling down my ears and on my hip was a long bright yellow lasso.

"Well, do I look good?" I asked, still standing in my strong powerful heroic pose.

"Babe - wah - wow..." Was all she could utter, the look on her gorgeous face was priceless!

"I'll take that as a 'yes' then!" I beamed a big smile.

"Sam, you look incredible!" She finally comprehended.

"Who's Sam?" I asked in serious tone of voice, "I am Diana, Princess of the Amazons!"

She laughed as I tried to keep a strait face, getting into the role.

"Wow, what an honour it is to meet you, ma'am." She pulled herself together to play along.
"I've read so much about you."

"So I heard." I responded. "I also heard you've been a real naughty girl, pleasuring yourself to perverted thoughts about me!"

"Ooh yeah, I've been ever so naughty, what will you do with me?" She asked real coyly.

"I'll have to punish you, evildoer!" I replied, we both tried to stifle our urge to laugh.

"Oh I don't think so..." She stood up off the bed and looked at me with an evil grin.

"You dare to defy me?" I threatened, trying my best to look tough.

"Yeah I do, I can take you!" She put her hands up like a boxer,
trying so hard to stop herself from giggling.

"Just bring it then, bitch!" I taunted putting my hands up too.

She then suddenly lunged at me grabbing my shoulders and squealed with laughter as I grabbed her and we began to play-fight. After a little bit of tussling together and lots of tickling,
I got her in a head lock and she just went all submissive on me,
allowing me to easily overpower her and put her onto the floor.
I grabbed at her clothes, pulling her trousers and top off.

"Oh no not my clothes!" She cried out pretending to be distressed by that.
I then ripped off her white bra and knickers so she was now naked on the floor.
She tried to struggle but ultimately was making no real attempt to stop me.

I then quickly sat down on top of her as she rolled onto her front. She only tried to move a little but didn't really struggle at all as I grabbed her arms and held them up behind her back.

"I got you now, bitch!" I boasted as I took the lasso off my hip, unwound it and threaded her hands into the loop at the end of it. I pulled it tight and tied it around her wrists.

"Oh no, please Wonder Woman, I'm sorry!" She pleaded but obviously didn't really want me to stop.
I just laughed derisively and continued to tie her hands together behind her back.

I then quickly changed positions so I was know kneeling my knee down on her back and arms,
keeping her pinned down as I took hold of her feet, held them together and pulled them back so her knees were bent and I wrapped the lasso around her ankles, tying them to her hands.

I then stood up and pressed the heel of my red boot down onto her, posing victoriously.
She feigned struggling to get free but really she was more than happy to be laying there all
hogtied and helpless like that.

Well, it's not like she was going anywhere, anytime soon!

"Oh no please, Wonder Woman, let me go, oh please, oh please!" She begged.

"Told you I'd have you begging!" I gloated and chuckled. She just groaned helplessly.

I pushed her with my foot, making her roll onto her back, she was laying pretty awkwardly what with her hands and feet tied up behind her back, and to make matters worse,
I then stood over and sat down on her.

I was kneeling with her arms between my thighs and her hands tucked behind her back.
So helplessly pinned down and beaten. I felt so powerful, like a real Amazon warrior!

Her gorgeous tits were pushed up together between my thighs and her nipples were so hard and erect.
I pinched them both between my finger and thumb and toyed with her.
Pulling and real softly pricking them with my fingernails, making her moan and tense up.

"Awww does that hurt?" I asked in a soft caring voice.

"A little." She sighed.

"Awwww, so you wont want me doing this then!" I evilly pulled on them again,
she breathlessly squealed but then softly moaned with pleasure as I let go and rubbed them.

"You know what you did wrong, don't you, Ms. Adams?" I asked her,
sounding like a teacher with a naughty student.

"Yeah." She submissively agreed.

"You foolishly let your guard down, and now look at you, you're laying on the ground,
hogtied and helpless, and I have full power and control over you." I lectured her.

"Yes, Ma'am. I know." She sheepishly sighed.

"You must be feeling so embarrassed right about now, being easily overpowered like this,
hey Ms Adams? Bet you feel like a weak little girl,
having a powerful woman like me sitting on you, don't you?"
I continued to taunt and lecture her.

"Yeah Ma'am, I do." She submissively agreed.

Well she wasn't in any position to disagree with me now, was she! Tee hee!

"And now that I'm in complete control of you, I think I best take full advantage of you,
don't you think so too, Ms Adams?" I asked, softly tweaking her nipples.

"Ahhh... Yeah I think so." She moaned in delight.

"Good." I smiled with glee, and moved up a little further on her so I was kneeling over her face.
She didn't realised it before but I wasn't wearing any knickers!

"You can start by eating my pussy." I told her, as I lowered myself down onto her with her face disappearing under my skirt. I heard her moan and felt her warm wet tongue slithering about
on the silky soft slits of my soft moist hairless pussy.

I wanted to seem so dominant, so I just sat there on her, not moaning or moving,
just letting her do all the hard work pleasuring me.
She was doing a real good job too!

"There's a good girl, now suck on my clit." I told her after a minute.

I had to take a deep breath as the pleasure intensified for me with her doing that.

I grabbed her hair with one fist and pressed my other hand onto her shapely pert breast,
squeezing it in my hand. Loving the fact that I have so much power over her like that.

I couldn't help but let out a sigh of pleasure.

"That's it, little girl, you please your Wonder Woman." I softly groaned.

It didn't take long 'til I felt that amazing feeling of an impending orgasm looming.
Once I felt that, there was no holding back.

"Ahhh fuck yeah! Fuck me with your tongue!" I almost screamed at her as I reached my hand down between my thighs and began rubbing my clit furiously with my fingertips as her thick wet slimey tongue darted in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

With a scream and a push, I suddenly squirted right into her face. She must have thought she was about to be drowned as all my hot juice came gushing out over her. She tried desperately to put her hands to her face but of course, being hogtied meant she was at my mercy!
My cum splashed all over her face and on my skirt.
She moaned aloud as she opened her mouth to tried to breath but ended up drinking what I gave her.

"Fuck that felt good!" I panted breathlessly.

I turned around on her so we was in a 69 position, still sitting on her face.

"Clean me up and I'll give you a reward." I told her, she eagerly did as she was told and
began to run her tongue around my dripping wet pussy.

"Don't forget my little asshole." I reminded her, as I then felt her tongue sliding up between my pussy lips and onto my little wet butt hole.

"Oooh right there." I sighed as she licked it clean. "Good girl."

I then leaned down with my head going between her thighs, as her legs were arched up.
I paused and noticed her pussy was dripping wet, like as if she herself had just came.
It was glistening and shimmering in her juice.

The sweet warm juice was dripping out of her, and licking my lips, I leaned in for a taste.

Before I even tasted it, I could smell it.
There's nothing like the smell of a hot sweet soaking wet pussy!

I licked her and boy, did she taste so good!
I kept licking her, licking her out so nice, and licking that hard throbbing clit.
I sucked on it too, driving her wild.

I knew her so well by then that I know exactly when she's about to cum,
I could tell that that was the case here. She was moments from squirting so I stopped, and sat up, feeling her nose getting buried up my crack between my butt cheeks.

"Shall I let you cum?" I asked.

"YES! YES! FUCK YES!!" She screamed, as the power of an impending orgasm overtook her.

"What's the magic word?" I calmly asked, making her wait.

"Fuck ahhhh fuck!! Plea - PLEEEEAAASSEE!!!" She screamed, her hands twitching loads against the heels of her feet, desperately trying to reach her clit to rub it.

"Please, what?" I retorted, a cheeky playful grin on my face.

"PLEASE WONDER WOMAN!!" She cried out.

"Hmm..." I paused and deliberately waited for a few seconds, "Ok then."

I put my hand onto her primed and ready, drenched pussy and began stroking her clit.

"AHHHHHH - AHHHHHHH - YES - AHHHHHH...!" She moaned loudly in sweet relief.

With just a few seconds before she explodes, I ask her, "What do you say for me letting you cum?"

"THAAAA - THANK YOUUUUUU!!!" She screamed as the cum squirts so powerfully out of her,
like a shower head at full blast!

"You're welcome." I softly chuckled in delight as my hand gets soaked in her pussy juice.

I licked my hand clean before leaning back down to lick the tasty delicious juice off her pussy.

I then stood up and got a towel to dry myself off. She just laid there on the floor,
panting loads and watching me clean myself.

"This is the best thing you've ever done for me baby, thank you." She beamed,
still a little out of breath.

"Well, you've indulged me in my fantasy so I thought it'd only be fair if I do the same for you."
I smiled and walked over to her, bending down to help dry her off.

"Thank you." She repeated, sounding ever so grateful.

"No problem." I grinned before leaning right down to kiss her.

"You going to keep my like this then, or what?" She asked, indicating to her bondage.

"I don't know..." I paused and thought, "What would Wonder Woman do with you?"

"Erm..." She paused and thought to herself for a few moments.
"Well I know what I'd want her to do with me."

"What's that then?" I asked, seeing the playful glint in her eye.

"She'd release me from being hogtied but she'd still keep my hands tied up behind my back, and she'd keep me as her own personal prisoner, where she'd make me pleasure her over and over again 'til she thinks I've learnt my lesson, but who knows how long that'd take...
Could be years before she lets me go!" She beamed excitedly.

"Oh I like the sound of that!" I chuckled.

"Well, I am the closest your ever going to get to Wonder Woman, so think I'll do just that. Only thing is, I'm going to keep you as my prisoner for life!" I grinned.

She looked at me, with a big grin on her beautiful face and replied,
"That sounds like a real good idea..."
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6 months ago
Wonderful!!! Would love a picture of you in the costume!!!
7 months ago
Hahaha yeah I could have! Although she doesn't have a fart fetish like I do so don't think she'd enjoy it as much... :\

If it was the other way round though, I'd be begging her to fart on me! :P
Thanks for reading my story :) x
7 months ago
Wow that was a real hot story! So sexy, when you sat on her face though you should have farted on her! Give her a nice treat =P x
7 months ago
Thank you very much :)
I'm happy to hear you liked it! =D
7 months ago
Great story, as always :)