More Torture For My Step-b*****r

I was sitting in the black and white coloured living room of my new house with my best friend and roommate, Rayne. Holding a sort of small, very informal house warming party. Rayne was wearing her typical goth-styled clothes. A small black t-shirt with a darkly comic skull and crossbones on the front, and wearing tight black jeans with plenty of holes and rips in them along with her white sparkly belt. She was barefoot and had her hair shaved short at the back but with a cool looking long black fringe d****d over her very pretty face with wavy red dyed colours at the ends of it, and of course, she had big thick black eyeliner around her striking blue eyes and shiny black lipstick on her small rounded lips.

She has always been such a cool chick, and unlike the usual stereotypes of a goth, she was always smiling and full of playful fun. Despite the fact I'm not a goth myself, we just instantly clicked when I first met her at college and we've been best friends ever since.

But anyway, I digress...

My step-b*****r, Charlie, was also hanging out with us and he'd brought his mate, Adam, along with him aswell. We were all having a drink, laughing the evening away with silly dancing and singing games on my Wii, and eating some veggie burritos Rayne had made. I've always been respectful of her vegetarianism and occasional eat the healthy meat-free meals she makes.
Her food is very nice, although it does tend to make me rather gassy...

Adam and Charlie didn't eat any though, and just snacked on some M&Ms and Skittles they'd bought from the cornershop on the way over.

"Hey, what's this?" Charlie asked cheerfully, pulling out a thick white cardboard box from out the small hallway closet.

"Huh?" I turned to look, "Oh that, it's my old Twister game."

"We've so got to play it!" Rayne enthused, grabbing it from his hands and looking at the box.

"I'm game if everyone else is!" I grinned.

"Sure, whatever." Adam chipped in.

Rayne quickly set the colourful game mat out onto the black carpet of the living room floor, and put the spinner down by the side of it.

"Great, who's first?" She asks pleasingly.

We all played around on it, knotting all our limbs up together and falling about laughing.
Adam got annoyed when he fell and sat on the couch, deciding to just watch as Me, Charlie, and Rayne continued to play our silly game.

"Spoilsport." Rayne teased Adam, as he sipped on a beer he took from the fridge.

"Right hand, to Red." I instructed having just spun the spinner.
Charlie moved his right hand onto the only red circle on the mat that he could, and ended up in a rather unfortunate position of having both mine and Rayne's bottom very close to either side of his face. Rayne glanced at me as she felt him so close to her bum that she could feel his warm breath on her cheeks. Then she smiled a real cheeky smile she gets when she's about to do something naughty.


She suddenly farted right into poor Charlie's face!
It was such a strong burst of gas out of her that it made his short blond quiff blow to the side of his forehead! I gasped then tumbled to the floor laughing heartily, knocking over Rayne and Charlie in the process. Adam just stared wide-eyed from the couch, while Charlie groaned.

"That's rank!" He finally spluttered out, squinting his eyes and nose.

"Aww did that smell?" I teased him, when I suddenly stopped giggling as I found out for myself, the smell of her fart having finally reached my nose. It was very strong, her veggie diet sure gives her farts some potency.

"Pardon me...!" Rayne belatedly excused herself, grinning a big cheeky smile.

"Damn, she got you good there, mate!" Adam chuckled.

"Fuck you!" Charlie moaned waving his hand infront of his face.

"I think he wants to smell more, see?" I mocked as I waved my hand pushing the air towards him.

"Oh you bitch!" He groaned, trying to sound upset but unable to stop himself from giggling.

"Aww yeah, I think he does," Rayne stopped laughing and looked at him with a serious expression on her pretty face, "you're welcome to come and smell some more."
She got up onto her knees and held her bum out to the side, and let rip another, slightly quieter, fart, much to all our amusement.

"Eww no thanks..." Charlie replied staring at her bum, looking a little green around the gills.

I suddenly got up and pounced on top of him, knocking him down onto his front and sat with my full weight on his back so he's stuck.

"'No' means 'Yes'!" I laughed, as Rayne got the same idea as me and quickly scuttled over to me and Charlie.

"Oh my god, get off me!" He pleaded trying to rock me off him but to no avail.

"Hold him still!" Rayne instructed excitedly as she squatted down with her bum hovering a mere millimetre away from the side of Charlie's head and face.

"No! Oh no! Please! No!" Charlie begged.

"Uh oh, I feel a good'un coming...!" Rayne announced with sadistic glee.

"Oh my god! No! Adam, help! Get them off! Help!" Charlie desperately pleaded.

"No way!" Adam quickly shot him down with a laugh, sitting forward on the couch.

"Here it comes...!" Rayne told as she clearly began to push.

"Nooooo!!" Charlie moaned aloud but his voice got quickly drowned out by the sound of a long rumbly fart.

"I'll just let that soak in..." Rayne chuckled, not moving her butt away from his face at all.
We all sat there laughing at Charlie as he coughed and gagged on the smell.
It was bad enough for me and Adam that we had to pinch our noses, god only knows what it must have been like for Charlie being right at ground zero!

In my laughter, I accidently let a little fart rattle out onto his back, which caused us all the laugh more, well everyone except Charlie was laughing.

"Oh great, even you're farting on me now!" Charlie moaned, trying so hard to get his hand to his face, under Rayne's bottom, to pinch his nose shut. I quickly stopped him though by grabbing both his arms and holding them up behind his back. He was trapped and had little choice but to suffer Rayne's smelly gas.

"Hey, I got an idea," I chirped, "give me your belt, Rayne."
She finally sat up off his face, giving Charlie some much needed fresh air, and unbuckled her belt, sliding it off her jeans and passing it to me.

"You going to tie his hands behind his back?" She asked with glee.

"I sure am!" I replied, an evil smirk on my face as I began doing just that. I wrapped, twisted, and knotted the white sparkly belt around his wrists, he desperately tried to struggle his arms away but Rayne knelt down on his upper arms, pinning them onto his back, and with a quick clip of the skull-shaped buckle, his hands were now tied up.

"Good, now come sit on him Rayne, I'm not done yet!" I instructed and I got up off him as she quickly sat down hard onto his back where I had just been sitting. I took off my belt, and with a little help from Rayne, I had managed to tie my black leather studded belt around his ankles and attached it to the belt around his hands. He was hogtied and completely helpless.

He kept pleading for his mate to help him, but Adam just sat there watching on with a grin.
Both me and Rayne then stood up, and watched as he squirmed around helplessly on the floor, like a little worm trying desperately to crawl away from a bird.

"Ok you've had your fun, now please, let me go!" He ordered from the floor.

"Oh no, you haven't smelt my fart yet!" I laughed as I rubbed my tummy. It was making small gurgling sounds as that veggie burrito I ate earlier was working its way through my system. I took a mouthful of Coca-Cola from my can on the side, and let out a little burp. My stomach gurgled some more, I could feel a fart coming.

I triumphantly strolled over to my helpless step-b*****r, he had crawled his way on his side to the coffee-table. Rayne followed me over to him, and with a big grin, she knelt down and dragged him by his arms into the middle of the room. She then turned him onto his back with his arms trapped underneath his body and his legs arched up together real tight with his wrists tied to his ankles. I knew he always had such a big crush on her so he must have felt mixed emotions when she sat down onto his stomach. I'm sure I could see a bulge appear in the crotch of his black tracksuit bottoms. She leaned her hands down onto his shoulders, making sure he doesn't move.

I stood over his head, turned around, and pulled my light blue jean skirt up, exposing my shapely bum as I was only wearing a little black lace thong underneath. I then squatted down, and stopped when I felt his nose beginning to ride up my crack.

"You're going to love this one!" I teased as I pushed.

"Oh no..." Charlie whimpered.

"Ahhhh...!" I sighed in great relief as a long soft puff of airy warm wind blew from me. I felt him shudder as he took it all into his nostrils.

"Ooh yeah, inhale that...!" Rayne softly mocked, studying my bum and his face.

"I feel ill..." Charlie sighed, his eyes watering.

"Those soft ones always smell the worst, don't they?" I asked with a giggle.

"Hmm-hmm-" Charlie nodded, desperately trying to free his hands to no avail.

"Oh, wait, there's more..." I smiled, still keeping my smooth bumcheeks on his face.
Rayne and Adam paused their laughter, waiting anxiously for my next fart.

The tension in the air built, as a couple moments passed, when suddenly-


I let loose a much louder, stronger burst of gas!

I stayed on his face for a minute or 2 as everyone but Charlie continued laughing.
Well I wanted him to enjoy the flavour of my smelly fart 'til it finally filtered out of the room.

I stood up, and turned round to look down at him. Rayne also stood up and walked away from him.
He rolled onto his side, and coughed.

"You ok?" I asked, not really that concerned.

"No..." He answered, his face still grimacing.

"Don't know why, I have cute girly farts that smell of perfume!" I stated in a small cutesy voice.

"Yeah right," He grumbled, "you should really stop feeding her your veggie meals." He told Rayne.

"Not my fault that healthy is smelly!" Rayne laughed, having a drink of vegetarian-safe soda from out of her cool gothic style glass.

"Hey, Rayne, do you still have that weird trunk in your room?" I asked, turning to look at her.

"Yeah, course I do." She answered with a smile.

"Good, 'cos I got an idea..." I smirked.

I followed Rayne upstairs to her room, where we pulled out a large black leather bound trunk from out of her big wardrobe. It looked almost like a coffin, but with a small dinner-plate sized opening on top. We opened it up, she had been storing some old knick-knacks and comic books and novels inside of it. We took all the stuff out of it 'til it was empty.

"Yeah, this'll be perfect." I grinned eagerly.

"Yeah, let's go get him." Rayne smirked, quickly heading out the room and back downstairs, with me following right behind her.

Charlie was still struggling on the floor, as Adam had gone into the kitchen looking for more beer.

"C'mon girls, enough is enough, just let me go, please..." Charlie pleaded.

"Hmm, shall we let him go?" I inquired looking at Rayne thoughtfully.

"Uhhh..." Rayne puzzled, looking at me in deep thought.

"NAH!!" We both crowed in unison and laughed.

"Pleeease!" Charlie cried out.

"We're not going to let you go, but we are going to help you up." I told him, bending down grabbing his underarm as Rayne reached down for under his other arm. We both hoisted him up so he was on his knees.

"Help us here, Adam." Rayne called as Adam walked back into the living room.

"Ok." He helpfully smiled, putting down his freshly opened beer bottle and walked over to grab Charlie's knees. The three of us managed to carry Charlie up to Rayne's bedroom.
He struggled frantically as we carried him over to the coffin-shaped large trunk and lowered him down into it. We made sure he was on his back inside it looking up at the ceiling, he looked very uncomfortable in the extremely tight space, he couldn't move at all. Then Rayne closed the lid down and sat on it, just to make sure he can't somehow scramble out.

"Oww guys, c'mon, let me out!" He moaned and begged. He would have been in pitch blackness inside if it wasn't for the hole at the top letting in a bit of light into his cramped prison.

"God his voice is annoying," Rayne uttered, "why did you have to get him as a step-b*****r, Sam?"

"I know," I replied, "why don't we just shut him up?" I grabbed some black tape from off Rayne's bedside locker and pulled a strip off. Rayne got off the lid of the trunk and opened it for me.
Charlie's desperately panicked eyes locked onto mine. He didn't say anything but I could so tell his unspoken voice was begging for mercy behind his lips. He didn't put up no struggle at all as I covered his lips with the tape, he couldn't say anything now no matter how badly he wanted to.

I closed the lid back down and took a couple steps back as Rayne had that cheeky look in her eye again. She pulled her tight jeans and black silky knickers down over her beautiful pert rump, with the waistline resting at the middle of her pale thighs, and sat down onto the lid. She shuffled herself backwards a little so that her naked pure white ass was covering up the hole.
Poor Charlie must be bathed in total darkness now inside.

I thought to myself, how badly he must have longed to see Rayne's naked body, her beautiful bum and pussy with the little black strip of hair above it, and now that she is sitting naked literally inches above his face, he can't actually see a damn thing!

I softly chuckled sadistically at that thought...

"Hey Charlie, if you thought my farts smelled bad before, wait 'til you smell them now without the filter of my jeans and knickers!" Rayne chuckled.

"hmmpph..." was the faint sound we heard from inside the thick walls of the trunk, quickly followed by a muffled burst of a rattle sound, the look on Rayne's face indicating that that noise was made by her and her potent butt!

"I really shouldn't have ate those burritos." Rayne sighed, rubbing her belly through her shirt.
We heard another muffled fart being released into the trunk. Poor entombed Charlie suffering the worst of it. Oh well, luckily me and Adam didn't have to smell it!

"God, he's going to kill me when we finally release him!" Rayne giggled.

"No, you'll be fine," I comforted, "he fancies the pants off you, he'll let you off scot-free."

"Oh does he, now?" Rayne smiled, "So he won't mind if I do another one of these..."
We didn't hear anything that time. Rayne looked down at her hips a little disappointed.

"Hm... Silent but so very deadly!" Rayne laughed looking back up at me with a huge grin.

"Oops, can't forget to let him have a little oxygen," She said, shifting her weight forward allowing a bit of space between the hole on the trunk and her exposed bum,
"don't want to kill him!"

Whatever fresh air he was getting certainly can't have been smelling so fresh, what with the air filtering past her now very musky smelling crack and into the smog of the thick gas-filled trunk.

"He was so jealous when you were going out with that Mark!" I revealed to her laughing,
"His face turned red with jealousy when he saw you snogging him!"

"Aww really? Doesn't he like me snogging other guys then?" Rayne asked with a cheeky grin.
I nodded.

"Hmmm..." Rayne thought before looking at Adam, and gave him a wink of her eye.
Adam blushed a little.

"Come here, Adam, I never noticed just how fit you looked before!" She cooed. Adam hesitantly walked up to her and when he was close enough she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in closer to her, as well as wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Give us a nice big juicy snog-" She sighed as she pulled his face down closer to hers and locked her shiny black lips around his. They kissed and snogged real passionately, while she moaned loudly in pleasure. Obviously making sure Charlie could hear all that was happening.

"Don't worry, Charlie," I called out to the trunk,
"I'll film what's going on so you can see all this later!"

I cruelly laughed and took out my phone and started filming Rayne and Adam snogging passionately as she sat naked on the trunk. I could just imagine the way Charlie must be feeling, all trapped in that tight cramp little dark box, suffocating on Rayne's hot heavy smelly gas and can't do a thing but listen to his best mate snogging the girl he fancies loads.

She was running her fingers through his long curly brown hair, biting his lower lip before shoving her pierced tongue down his throat again. They were at it like young lovers. Then she finally pushed him a step away from her. She looked him up in the eyes and licking her lips, she grabbed at his belt and unbuckled it.

"I'm so hungry for your cock right now!" She groaned as she unzipped his flies to his jeans and yanked them down.

"Woah...!" I gasped, not expecting to see this, but I carried on filming nonetheless.

She reached into his white boxers, grabbing his thick hard junk and played with it.

"Ooh it's so big!" She pleasantly gasped before pulling it out of his boxers.

We heard another of her little muffled farts into the trunk.

"Excuse me." She calmly said, not that Adam minded at all. His cock remained rock hard as Rayne lowered her head down and began sucking on the tip of his pulsing purple helmet.

"You're such a slut!" I laughed nervously while filming it all.

"You should try some cock sometime, you just may like it!" She stopped sucking for a moment to respond to me like that, before carrying on.

"If it's as tasty as this big bad boy is, you'll love it!" She moaned out in pleasure.

"Awww Charlie," I state aloud so he can hear me in the trunk, "if only your night went a bit differently, that could have been your cock she's sucking on now... Oh well, just having her farts for company is just as nice, hey?" I mock and cruelly giggle.

It didn't take long before Adam was shooting his thick sticky white load into Rayne's mouth, and she swallowed it all down like a cum-hungry slut.

"Mmmmm fuck that tastes so good!" She groaned in pleasure.
I'm sure there was the faint sound of a groan coming from inside the trunk aswell, but I no longer cared about that loser.

Truth is, I was so horny watching Rayne getting pleasure from sucking Adam off.

"Why don't we all go into your bedroom Sam, carry on the naughty fun there?" Rayne asked in an irresistibly seductive voice, licking a drop of sweet salty cum from her lips.

"Mmmm ok..." I sigh, feeling so wet.

Rayne stood up off the trunk, and took Adam by the hand. I walked up to them both and greeted Rayne with a snog, I could taste a bit of the saltiness of Adam's cum on her wet tongue.

"Wait, just before we go..." Rayne began as she reached into a drawer and pulled out a padlock, she then attached onto the trunk so Charlie was now locked inside with no chance of escape. She then pulled down and kicked her jeans off her feet, and picked up her black knickers and d****d them over the hole, so Charlie was getting no light in that trunk at all.

"Come on, lets go." Rayne instructed, leading both me and Adam by the hand out her bedroom turning out the light and on into my bedroom across the hallway. So there we went, and we had ourselves a wild night of hot loud sweaty sex. We made the walls shake with our fucking, loud enough for Charlie to hear every bit of it.

It really hadn't been Charlie's night at all, not only suffering plenty of foul smelling farts from the 2 girls he has a crush on, but to then be hogtied and trapped inside a tightly cramped trunk while we fuck his mate in the other room all night long.

Oh well, at least me, Adam and Rayne had fun!
80% (4/1)
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2 months ago
Thank you :)

I may one day revisit this series to make a 3rd one, thank you x
2 months ago
Really good story, you must do a third one.
1 year ago
I cant wait!!
1 year ago
Why thank you! You're too kind, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it :)
I think we'll be hearing more about poor little Charlie's experiences in the not so distant future... ;)
1 year ago
Thank you so much for posting this, I really enjoyed it!
Hope there's more to come!
1 year ago
Poor Charlie!