Serving The Bitch pt. 2

"You're really good at following orders, aren't you?" My bitch of a boss, Alisha praised.

"Th-thanks..." I blushed.

"Shh! I didn't say you can speak." She snapped.

"Sorry-" I blurted out not thinking.

"What did I just say?! Don't fucking speak 'til I say so!" She angrily barked.
"Stand up!"

I got up off my knees and stood infront of her, my head bowed down like a dog that's just done something it shouldn't have.

"I'll have to punish you for that." She threatened.

"No please don't take it out of my pay, I need the money bad!" I begged.

"Shut up! Stop talking at once, you stupid bitch!" She ordered.

I could only bow my head feeling helpless.

"No, I won't do that. I got a better form of punishment that'll be much more beneficiary to the both of us..." She chuckled.

I was now very scared at what she may have in mind.

"I want you to get back down on your knees, right where you belong, filthy dog!"
She snapped.

I did as I was told, I kneeled down onto the soft white floor and watched as she stood up from her comfy leather chair infront of me. She then lifted her bare foot up and held it to my face.

"Kiss it, bitch!" She ordered.

I was shocked and the strong smell of her sweaty sole knocked my senses, but my lips just instinctively puckered up and began kissing her hot moist foot. I was just kissing yet I could taste the sweet saltiness of her sweat.

"Hmm that's it, kiss it good..." She groaned closing her eyes and smiling.

I kept kissing her while looking up to her beautiful face, accepting my place as beneath her, quite literally!

She suddenly put her foot down and turned around.

"Now keep kissing up my leg." She demanded.

I did as I was told once more, kissing my way slowly up her calf, behind her knee, and up the back of her thigh. I was expecting her to tell me to stop but as my face inched closer up towards her butt, the order to stop never came.

I real nervously kissed my way up the back of her thigh, my head going up under her grey skirt. To my shock, I found she wasn't wearing any knickers!

"That's it, keep going..." She moaned.

I kept going, my lips went up and onto the curve of her beautiful smooth ass.

"Hmmm there we go, kiss that arse it's all your good for...!" She groaned.

I was being real conservative with my kissing, giving her crack a wide berth.
Everytime my lips came dangerously close to kissing it, I quickly moved back onto the centre of her supple cheek.

"Oh don't be such a silly shy bitch, kiss that butt-crack!"
She chuckled with sadistic delight.

I almost gasped in horror, but she made it clear not to utter a noise from my mouth, so I just puckered my lips once more and pushed them between her cheeks.
She bent over a bit, allowing me complete access to her hot tight hole. My lips pressed against it and gave it a kiss.

"Oooh yeah right there hmmm... You dirty bitch..." She groaned in delight.

I stopped for a second to ponder the sour taste I now have on my lips, I brushed the tip of my tongue onto my lips and tasted it more. I found I liked the taste though and without even thinking of what I was doing, my tongue pressed itself against her and licked her tight little asshole.

"Oh my!" She gasped, "Wasn't expecting that!"

I carried on licking, realising she didn't tell me to stop. My heartbeat fluttered like a butterfly's wings as my mind and body got overrun with pleasure and excitement from what I was doing. Wow I can't believe I'm actually licking my boss's ass! My nipples popped up fully erect under my bra as I continued to lick at her, tasting her sweetly sour ass. I felt her tight litle smelly hole pulse in and out against the tip of my tongue.

"I'm in for a bonus if I keep this up!" I thought to myself as I enjoyed the most taboo part of her amazing body.

Suddenly and completely to my surprise, I heard a loud rasping sound and felt her hole virbrate violently against my tongue. Hot foul air singed my tastebuds as I flung my head backwards from her ass.

"That's what you get for doing something without my permissing first!" She barked and then cruelly laughed. That's right, she farted on me!

She grabbed the back of my head, clinching her fingers around my hair and pushed my face back to her ass. She farted once more as my face was mere inches from her.

"Phew-eee!" She gasped, "Bet you smell my dinner I had earlier on that one!"
I couldn't smell any trace of a dinner, just the heavy musky stench of her fart.
It overpowered my senses, I struggled to breathe through the thick smelly gas yet my face was f***ed back into her beautiful bottom. Her firm smooth butt cheeks pressing against the cheeks of my face.

"You can go ahead and lick my crack now." She sternly demanded.

I stuck my obedient tongue back out and pushed it against her dark
pinkish-brown hole and lapped on it. The sweetly-sour taste of it had turned into a very musky sour taste from her fart, yet I still found it very enjoyable nonetheless. I licked her ass loads.

"Hmmm god your as filthy as you are stupid..." She groaned, obviosuly enjoying her power over me.

Finally, after what felt like hours, she moved her butt away from my face and turned to face me.

"I hope you know I'm going to have you staying all night here!" She told leanind down over me with a big sadistic smile etched on her gorgeous face.

"B-but my shift ends soon..." I bravely responded.

"Shh, don't speak." She caressed my chin with her fingers, "You're staying here wether you like it or not."

I just nodded my head, completely subdued by her powerful presence.

"Come, sit down on my chair." She patted the soft comfy leathery cushion.

I got up and sat down on it, rather nervously. My thong felt incredibly damp as the soaked fabric pushed against my pink shavened slits. She rummaged through a drawer of her big wooden desk before pulling something out.

"Are you nice and comfy?" She asked, almost tearing down her usual bitchy harsh tone of voice to sound caring.

"Yes thank you, Ma'am." I replied.

"Shhh.. Just nod your head." She told me.

I nodded my head and smiled a more at ease smile.

"Good..." I suddenly felt cold steel against the back of my wrist and heard a clicking sound. I looked down and saw she had just cuffed my arm to the armrest of her chair. "'Cos you're not going no where now!" She chuckled.

"Thank god, I don't want to go anywhere!" I thought to myself and smiled at her.

"Me, on the other hand, is going home though." She grinned a big smile.

"Oh.." I groaned, my smile being wiped off my face.

"I'll see you when I come back into work." She chirped pulling up her tights and putting her heels back on.

"But wait it's saturday, work doesn't start again 'til Monday!" I panicked.

"Oh aren't you a clever girl!" She condescended. "Duh, dummy, I'll see on Monday..." She crowed.

"What am I going to do with myself 'til then?!" I trembled.

"I don't really care about your situation, silly little girls like you deserve this kind of treatment." She smirked, "All I know is when I get home, I'm going to have a real good time with my fingers and dirty thoughts, and then I'm going to spend all day tomorrow just relaxing in my nice comfortable home. Enjoy sitting here all day waiting!" She laughed.

She picked up her bag, and went to head for the door.

"Wait please don't go!" I called out, she stopped and turned round to face me.

I breathed a sigh of relief as she walked back over to me, was she going to release me?

"Don't worry little girl," She stroked my cheek with her thumb, "I'm going to leave you with a part of me to keep you company."

I paused to think what she meant by that when she suddenly turned round, stuck her butt out towards my face, and let rip a puff of rasping hot air!
The powerful smell of her fart filling up in my nose.

"There you go, just smell that and think of me!" She laughed mockingly at me as she walked towards the door.

"See you on Monday, fart-face." She smiled and closed the door behind her...
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2 years ago
part 3????...go on you know you want too! lol