Serving The Bitch pt. 1

I was working late one evening, and my boss Alisha was being a real bitch.
She's always working us girls harder than the boys in our small office, a lot of which she only hired 'cos she finds them attractive. I had to stay for overtime for Brandon had fucked up an important account, yet he just batted his puppy dog eyes at her and she let him off the hook and made me stay behind to clean up his mess instead.

"Hurry up and sort out those papers!" She ordered from behind her big desk, she was just sat on her ass filing her fingernails as I laboured away on the papers.

I slyly glanced up at her from my hard uncomfortable plastic seat, for a 32 year old woman she looks years younger than that. I watched her deep red hair gently sway in the breeze of her slightly opened window. She wasn't a natural red-head, she just liked dying it a real dark red colour. I looked at her black eye-shadowed eyes, and down to her angelic features. She could easily be a model but instead she stays working as the boss of her own small penpushing company.

"What have you stopped for?" She asked sternly looking up from her nails to me,
"You only get a break when I say so, understand?" God what a bitch she is, it's like she gets a sadistic delight from ordering her females employees around.
As I said, she only works us girls hard.

"Yes Ma'am, Sorry..." I sheepishly bleat as I get back to working away.

A long mind-numbing hour passed by, the only other employee left and now it was just me and Super-Bitch staying alone in the office.

"You, come over here now." She beckoned me with her finger.

"Yes Ma'am." I got up from my chair obeying her order. My bumcheeks felt numb from that hard seat.

"You always are good at taking orders, aren't you?" she asked eyeing me up.

"Well I respect the chain of command." I replied.

"Shh! I didn't say you could speak." She hissed, I bowed my head down.

"Let's see how good you are, pick up my pen from the floor." She ordered.

"Where on the floor, Ma'am?" I asked searching the clean carpeted floor.

"Shush! Wait you silly little girl," She condescended, "pick up this pen."
She flicked her pen from off her desk and onto the floor, it bounced and rolled behind me. I looked over my shoulder at it and then looked back at her, awaiting the order.

"Good," she praised, "ok, now pick it up."

I turned around and bent over, I could feel my rather tight black work dress rise up my thighs. I suddenly felt exposed, I quickly grabbed the pen and stood back up to face her. For a brief second I cuaght her eyes checking out my bottom and my face glowed a shade of crimson.

"Yeah, you'll do just fine..." She muttered under her breath, "Ok, good."

I smiled nervously.

"Are you any good with nails?" She inquired.

"I think so, I do my own." I responded, glancing quickly at my polished and neatly trimmed fingertips.

"It's just my toenails could do with a little trim and file..."
She heavily hinted.

"Would you like me to help with that?" I perked up.

"Perhaps there is a brain in that silly head of yours!" She s**thed.
"Yes, come and do my feet for me."

I walked around her desk as she swiveled her chair to the side.

"Get down on your knees." She ordered and I obediently complied.

She kicked her heels off and lifted her foot up close to my face.

"Erm... What about your tights, Ma'am?" I puzzled seeing her dark tinted tights.

"What about them?" She questioned.

"Well it's hard to do nails if your feet are covered up..." I bravely stated.

"God you really are a stupid little girl, aren't you? Take them off you dumb blonde!" She barked.

My hands shook as I nervously placed one hand under her calf to hold her leg, and with my other hand I slowly slid it up her grey skirt over her thigh. My hand trembled as I uncomfortably felt for the rim of her tights.

"Oh for god's sake, I'll help you out." She sighed as she lifted her butt up a few inches from her plush comfy leather chair and pulled down her tights down to her thighs. I took over from her and pulled them down her long yet somewhat plumpish legs.

To my surprise, her legs looked gorgeously smooth and tanned, she really could have been a model!

I rolled the nylon tights off her feet and placed them beside her. As I held her foot I couldn't help but notice they felt a little slimey with sweat, and smelt like it too. The faint cheesey kind of smell found its way to my nose as she pushed her foot against the top of my chest, just resting on the upper half of my breasts. She then handed me her nailclippers.

"Here, trim them nails up." She commanded.

I went to work on her, starting from her little toe just trimming her nails up.
The red polish that was on them looked like they were fading a bit with lots of clear patches. When I did her right foot, she switched her feet around on me so now her left foot was pushed against my chest. This time though, when I got to clipping her big toenail, I couldn't quite get a clean cut.

"You bl**dy imbecile!" She snapped as I failed to trim it.

"I'm so sorry!" I blurted out.

"You know what, try using your teeth instead!" She sadistically smiled.

I looked puzzled by that suggestion.

"Go on, do it..." She ordered making it clear how serious she was.

I nervously gulped and agreed to her demand. She lifted her foot up and placed it so that her big toe was on my lips. I could feel the moistness of her sweat cover my lips, I pulled her foot away slightly and opened my mouth. The tip of my tongue brushed against my lips and I could taste the bitter-sweetness of her on me, like honey sprinkled with salt. I got her nail between my teeth and gently bit down, being ever so careful not to cause her any discomfort.

I managed to bite it off.

"Have a chew on that, you'll enjoy the taste more!" She cruelly joked.

"Tastes nice..." I sarcastically remarked as I took the nail out from between my lips and discarded it into her small deskside bin.

"Good, now file them down." She told and I obeyed. It took a little while but I eventually filed every one of her nails for her to a neat trim. Then she wanted me to apply a new coat of red nailpolish on them, which I obediently did. After wiping off the old polish with varnish remover of course.

Finally, I was all done... Or so I thought...
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2 years ago
excellent start, looking forward to part 2
2 years ago
mm nice