Step-b*****r's Torture

This story is heavily based on true events that's happened in my life.


It all started on a sunny afternoon, I was 18 years old still living at home with my mum, my little step-b*****r was staying over with us for the week. His name's Charlie, 16 years old and he's not related to me by bl**d, just by marriage. I knew he had the hots for me, well who could blame him!
We only knew eachother for a few years, and he really thought I was into him, of course being a lesbian I was certainly NOT interested in him, but that didn't stop me from teasing the life out of him, ha ha!

Anyhoo, on the second day of his stay, he came into my room uninvitedly, god I just hate that when that happens, my mum was at work so it was just us two in the house, and I had just woken up having had a long lie-in. He walked up to me and, trying to get on my good side, offered to fix me up some breakfast in bed. I couldn't say 'no' to that, so I let him, even giving him a cheeky wink and smile to intice him more.

He eventually gave me my food, and sat there watching me eat like a little hungry puppy dog. I finished my food and ordered him to get out my room while I got dressed, he did so. However, as soon as I slipped out of my pink silky pyjamas, I heard the small creak of my door and looked horrorfied to see him peeking at me. How dare he!

I screamed at him in anger and he just looked all sad, saying it was an accident, yeah right!

"Come here you!" I ordered him angrily, he walked up to me and I slapped him across the cheek.
"Don't you dare spy on your step-s****r like that, creep!" He looked even more pathetic as he stared at the ground, a little tear forming in his eyes as his cheeks glowed bright red in embarrassment. I realised I hadn't covered up my naked body, and he was getting a good eyeful of my supple breasts.

"Oi don't look at my boobs!" I slapped him again.

"I'm sorry!" He shouted having had enough of being slapped, he turned to walk away but I grabbed his shoulder.

"Wait!" I commanded, "I'm not done with you yet, I think you need to be taught a lesson here..." His eyes perked up, a sort of confused look appeared on his reddened face, not knowing if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

"Sit down there." I told pointing to the bed, he did so.
"Now lay down." I pushed him down onto his back.

He just layed there, as I grabbed his arms and, taking out a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs from my bedside cabinet, I tied him up to the bed.
God he looked so pathetic, laying there all helpless and scared!

"Now wait here, I need to use the bathroom..." I walked out the room leaving him to think over what I'm going to do to him.

I was thinking about it too as I sat on the loo. The sound of the water splashing with my pee was interupted by the sound I made as I suddenly farted, and that's when inspiration struck me! The sound of my gas eachoing in the bowl made me realise just how fun it would be to give him a good fart to the face!

I came back from the bathroom a minute later, still naked, and walked up to him.

"Do you fancy me, Charlie?" I asked him softly, standing there infront of him.

"W-what?" He replied sheepishly.

"I said, do you fancy me?" I looked at him, seeing fear in his young inexperienced eyes.

"M-maybe I do..." He answered, his lip trembling.

"What do you mean 'maybe'?" I sternly asked, "Do you think I'm attractive or not?" I swished my golden hair with my hand, trying to pose like a model.

"Y-yeah ok, I-I do..." His voice cracked a little and he gulped, he was clearly scared by my beauty, and even more so knowing he's in a very helpless prediciment.

"Oh yeah?" I responded trying to sound shocked at that revelation.
"Do you like seeing my naked body like this?" I started to flaunt myself, touching myself up real teasefully right infront of him.

He nodded, unable to find his voice as his face turned pale. I turned around with my back to him and ran my fingers around on my bare ass cheeks.

"Does my ass look good to you?" I asked in a sexy voice.

"Uhh yeah..." he spluttered out, "Y-you got a gorgeous ass..."

"Would you like a closer look?" I winked at him over my shoulder.

"Mmmmm ok..." He moaned, still hearing the fear in him making his voice tremble.

I got onto the bed, sat over on top of him with my back to him, and backed my curvy naked ass up towards his face. I could see his knees shaking, the adrenalin in his body must have been corsing through him all over. I came to a rest, holding my ass up a mere few inches away from his face.

"Tell you what," I began, " you just close your eyes for me and I'll give you a real nice surprise!" I couldn't help but to giggle as I felt that nice feeling in my tummy of an impending fart.

I looked over my shoulder, seeing him obeying me, and as I quietly posisitioned my stinky asshole to almost touching his nose, I gave a good push...
*Paarrppp!* I farted right into his face!

I heard him groan aloud as I jumped off him, and turned to face him seeing the look of horror on his face at what just happened to him.

"What?" I asked playfully like butter wouldn't melt.

"Oh my god, you dirty bitch!" He moaned.

"Aww didn't you like my fart?" I innocently asked.

"Eww no!" He replied, still pulling a disgusted look on his face,
"Oh man it smells so bad!"

I laughed at his pathetic squirming, could tell he wanted to pinch his nose shut as my rancid gas lingered around his defenceless face.

"Awww my fart just wants to hug your face!" I giggled like a bitch seeing his struggle.

"Well get a good whiff of it, maybe it'll linger around you long enough that you'll remember to never come into my room again without asking and you won't look at me getting dressed again!" I told him sternly.

"Ok ok!" He replied, "I'm sorry, just please let me go." He begged.

"Nuh uh," I shook my head, "I'm going to keep you here for a while." I chuckled.

"If you don't let me go right now, I'm telling your mum when she gets back from work!" He tried to sound threatening to me, but I just laughed it off.

"Oh you won't tell mum about this," I explained, "you won't be telling anyone about this!" I took out my dirty knickers I was wearing yesterday from out of the washing bin and threw them over his face, placing them on him so that you could still see it was him with most of the fabric covering his nose, and then I took my phone out from my bag and took a picture of him.

"Now if you do tell anyone about this, I'm showing them this picture!"
I blackmailed him, then laughed again seeing him not liking the smell of my
not-so-fresh panties.

"Oh fuck ok I won't tell anyone," he crumbled, "I promise!"

"Good," I rejoiced, "oh hold on, got another fart coming!"
I swiftly placed my now real smelly butt to his face and let rip another long fart right onto his poor twitching nose!

"Ahhhh that's better!" I told gleefully, making sure to rub it in.
He groaned again in disgust.
I loved the thought of my unpleasant gas burning his nostrils.

"Oh well, think that's all for now, but I'm going to keep you tied up to my bed 'til mum gets back," I told him, "I got a long day ahead, but I'm sure you'll find something to do to occupy your time spent laying there, afterall you wanted to be in my room so bad, you can stay here all day!"

"Oh no please no!" He begged as I headed for the door.

"Oh by the way before I forget to tell you, mum's working real late tonight!" I laughed mockingly. A tear wept from his eye.

I walked out the door, and just before I closed it, I felt another little fart brewing. So with that, I poked my butt into my bedroom, making sure he's getting a good eyeful, and let out that last fart before swiftly closing the door, trapping my smelly gas in the room with him.
"Have a nice day!" I shouted to him through the door as I went about the rest of my day like nothing had happened.

It wasn't until 10:30pm when my mum got back, and as she did, I quickly went to my room and untied my poor victim. He was so angry with me, but I showed him his incriminating picture just to remind him of the consequences should he tell on me. He had no other choice but to keep quiet.
Not that I was worried if he would tell on me or not, no one would ever believe him that his smoking hot step-s****r would do such a thing!

I know, I'm a real bitch but, meh, fuck him! Hehehe...

The end.
70% (11/5)
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1 year ago
ok cool thanks a lot I can't wait to read it!! If you write it and decide you want a video or two just let me know!
1 year ago
I'm currently in the middle of writing a little mini-series about something else right now, but I think I just might write a new story about my step-brother, I got a few real life incidents to draw inspiration from...! ;)
And well that's very kind of you to offer but I no longer have control of my email, it's a little kinky situation I have with my girlfriend where she controls parts of my life such as my emails and what I can/can't do, I completely insisted she owns me like that I must add! :P lol
1 year ago
hahah That's so funny!! I really hope you post another story about him. I'll tell ya what if you give me your email I'll even send you a screen shot of all the fart fetish and face sitting videos I have I'd be more than willing to send you a couple. I love reading stories like this.
1 year ago
I got him a few times, the best moment was when he had his mate over and I had one of my girl friends over and we got bored so we all started playing twister, needless to say when I found myself in a position with my ass close to his face I let go a big ripper! His cheeks turned so red from embarrassment specially has he had such a massive crush on my friend, she didn't want to go near him after he had his face farted on by me! I'm such a bitch, tee-hee ;)
1 year ago
Did you ever get him again like this?
2 years ago
well he got what he deserved ^^ xD

2 years ago
Your step-brother was very lucky to have had you doing that to him!