Where I've Been...

Hey guys and gals,

sorry it's been a while since I was last on, you won't believe
what's happened to me!

To cut a long story short, my s****r found out about me on here and saw my story of what she did to me when we was younger, needless to say,
she was very pissed off with me.

She confronted me about it and as I apologised to her she told me to get down on my knees and kiss her feet for forgiveness. Naturally, I did as I was told and when I got down on my knees, she kicked the shoe off her foot and lifted her foot up so her sole was right infront of my face. Now, she had been working long and hard that day so her foot was a little slimey with sweat, and smelled like it too! I almost didn't want to kiss it but she ordered me to and I always do as I'm told, I'm a good girl like that, so I braved the musty cheesy smell and kissed her foot. She ordered me to kiss it again, and I did.
Then she ordered me to lick it, I did. The salty taste of sweat on her foot was delicious, before she could order me to do it, I kept on licking her foot clean.
When I licked it completely clean, she took off her other shoe and made me do the exact same to that foot of hers. Oh how I loved it!

Eventually, she told me to stop and was still very upset with me, and I made the "mistake" of saying I'll do anything to make it up to her. She looked at me with a cheeky glint in her eye and said, "Anything...?" then chuckled as she thought of how she was going to make me pay!

Soon after, I found myself stripped naked and handcuffed to my bed,
spread-eagled with cuffs on my both my hands and my feet. She left me there for a good 3 hours, I was panicking thinking she'll leave me there to rot but thankfully she returned to me with a bowl of beans.

"What are you doing, where have you been?" I questioned her.

"Oh, well seeing as how you 'love' my farts, as you said in your story, I thought I'd give you more than you could handle," She chuckled devilishly.
"and if you thought my farts were fragrant before wait 'til you smell the batch I'm brewing up for you now!" She laughed again before gorging on
a spponful of beans. She then sat over me making me watch her eat it up.

"While you've been laying here," She explained with her mouth full, "I've been gorging on food, from your own fridge by the way, that are known for giving me such bad vile gas, and now I'm just topping up on this bowl of beans for added punishment..."

She stopped halfway through and looked down at her tummy, she was tensing it up and rubbing it before she told me, "Oh boy, it's building up, I can feel it!"
She smiled in sadistic delight knowing she was soon to release
all that gas inside of her right on me!

Before she did though, she put the beans down, guzzled down a glass of coca-cola, then asked me did I want a taste of those beans. Before I could even answer she leant down and burped loudly in my face. She laughed at me, then said, "Awh I'm sorry, here I'll give you a proper taste!"
And with that, she quickly jumped up, turned around, pulled her pants and thong down, lowered her beautiful ass an inch away from my face, and let rip a real loud smelly fart! It sounded like a motorbike
engine revving as it rumbled out for a full 5 seconds, god it was delicious!

I thoroughly enjoyed the smell, and even told her so, and she carried on for the rest of the evening, farting in my face and tormenting/humiliating me with her words and her farts 'til she was all out.

She went to uncuff my hands but then she looked at me and said, "Actually, I got a great idea! I'm going to keep you here, as my very own fart slave, anytime I got to fart you're going to get the full f***e of it right in your smelly face... What else are little s****rs for!" She told me laughing. I was well up for being her own fart slave so I instantly agreed to it (not that I had any choice in the matter!) and thus began months and months of fun for me.

She had to let me go eventually when she found herself a boyfriend and couldn't juggle being a loving girlfriend for him and a mean fart-bullying s****r to me

Still, every now and then when she visits, she lets rip in my face whenever she feels the need to, and she even allowed me to carry on sharing my stories of her on here. So everyone reading this, I'm back!
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