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[Story] Queen Aroma's Festive Party

Chapter 1:
The Invitation

"Oh look at that, we got an invite to Queen Aroma's annual festive party!"
My gorgeous brunette queen Hannah tells me with a grin.
She's standing in the kitchen, going through her mail as I'm knelt behind her, my head tucked away out of sight under her pink fluffy dressing gown, sniffing her delightful bare ass.

It's early in the morning, a week before Christmas, and she's still not fully awake just yet, yawning as she sips her coffee, and places her invitation carefully onto the table.

"Sounds fun."
My voice sounding slightly muffled against her... Continue»
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Ode à la Femelle Derriere

This is just a fun silly poem I wrote, dedicated to not just my girlfriend's wonderful bottom,
but to all the glorious bottoms of women everywhere!

Please take it for the cheeky (pun intended)
playful tongue in cheek (pun very much intended! hehe) intentions that it was written in,
and enjoy :) x


O' what a wonderful thing thou is,
upon which a young lady sits,
the ampleness knows no bounds,
from yours emit exquisite sounds,
that truly gives fair maiden fits!

O' what a wonder... Continue»
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[Story] Festive First-Time

"Oh hi!"
I was greeted by a cheery voice in the street I was walking down, early in the Boxing Day evening.
I looked up to see a familiar gorgeous chubby face.

I beamed instantly recognising the large plump red-headed beauty.

"It's Danni, I was wondering if I'd ever see you again!"
She chirped, her beautiful chubby cheeks glowing a pinkish hue in the cold weather.

"Me too, I'm glad to have bumped into you."
I smiled, really happy to see her again. She was wearing a lovely wintry fur-trimmed coat,
black leggings which looked like her big thick luscious thighs was about ... Continue»
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[Story] The Tale of an Amazonian Buttsniffer

Stepping out of her invisible jet, Wonder Woman's iconic red boots touch the tropical Grecian paradise of home on Themyscira. Her mother, Queen Hippolyta, had been killed by the god Mars in the brutal war between his army and the Amazons, the latter of which had barely won.
Being heir to the throne, Princess Diana became Queen Diana of Themyscira, and she has returned to build up the depleted f***es of her warrior s****rs. Only thing she didn't count on, was a young orphaned girl had snuck onto her plane back in the human world, and followed her onto the island.

The young slim blonde gi... Continue»
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[Story] A Fairy's Tale

Once upon a time, in a magical forest untouched by man, lived a special young fairy called Aria.

She was the youngest of her 2 s****rs, so young infact that she had yet to grow her fairy wings.
In human terms, she could be compared to that of a 16 year old. Like all fairies, she was tiny, no less than a few inches tall in height, but despite her size, she was vast beginning to look like a beautiful young woman. She had bright golden hair, with big beautiful blue eyes, and very cute face with cute button nose, and naturally glossy pink lips.

She was a kind soul, often caring for her be... Continue»
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[Story] Gassed in an Elevator

This is just a short story inspired by an excellent tale I read on here, but please know that this is entirely fictional, and is my own creation, please enjoy :)


"Ok, I'll see you sometime soon, thank you for the nice tea, speak soon!"
I chirped to my friend, having just kissed her goodbye on the cheek.
I only visited her for a couple hours to have a good ol' girlie natter over a cup of tea at her single-bedroom apartment. She said one last "bye" before closing her door as I headed to... Continue»
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My Evil Ex

Hey guys,

sorry it's been a while, I thought I'd enthral you all with a tale of my ex, Britney.

I first met Britney in a gay bar in London when I was 16. I found that with a little make up, and my s****r's I.D, I was able to get into night clubs and get drinks at that young tender age.

Anyway, I had been having a good time with a guy mate who was gay, when I caught the eye of this beautiful bleach-blonde haired gal. She had her hair cropped short but with a long sideways fringe. She looked to be in her early twenties, and was somewhat overweight, but I've always had a fancy for a fu... Continue»
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My Favourite Game

Hey guys,
I want to tell you about my new favourite game I play with my awesome sexy girlfriend.

Now, I should start by saying Hannah is a little bit of a gamer chick.

She's not as obsessed with videogames as some people are, but she does enjoy unwinding after work with an hour or 2 of playing her favourite game, Halo.

Don't ask me which one, they all seem the same to me! Tee-hee

Anyway, I decided one evening to try put her off. She had just had a cool shower and was sitting naked on the sofa, Xbox controller in hand, and loaded up her game.

I was feeling so playful too, wan... Continue»
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[Story] Christmas with My Mother-in-Law

This story, although fictitious, is based heavily on true events and true people, just the names have been changed and it's mostly my own fantasies that are touched upon in the actions.


It was a brisk chilly Christmas eve, the 24th of December.

I was staying with my gorgeous girlfriend at her mum's house. My parents were away on holiday and my girlfriend always spends Christmas with her mother, and not wanting me to spend it alone, she eagerly offered me the chance to stay at her mum'... Continue»
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Masturbation Survey

All credit for this survey goes to the user, juicyas, :D

Are you male or female? female
Age? 23
At what age did you start masturbating? 11
How many times a week do you masturbate? Roughly 21 times per week
How many times do you orgasm each time you play with yourself? 6

Where do you masturbate:

In bed? yes
In the shower? sometimes
In the bath? sometimes
Outdoors? sometimes ( in public toilets!)
At work? Pretty much all the time!
Every room in the house? Only bedroom and bathroom
In a car while traveling along the interstate? no

What do you fantasize about whe... Continue»
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An Update on My Cousin Kylie

As some of you may have read in my earlier blog post talking about my wonderful cousin, Kylie,
I touched a little upon the fact that she's now pregnant.
I just wanted to get it off my chest about how incredible her pregnancy is to someone like me...

You see, there is one major side-effect practically every woman in the world goes through, and that's really bad gas!

Now I don't just mean they fart more often, I mean they also produce VERY strong toxic fumes.
I can't actually guarantee that EVERY women produces a real strong bad smell when pregnant, for I haven't actually sniffed ever... Continue»
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My Cousin Kylie

Just thought I'd tell you all about my wonderful cousin, Kylie.
She can be partly attributed to me having the fart fetish that I have today, not as responsible as what my s****r is to that, but she should bare some of the blame!

She's 3 years older than me, has thick strait brunette hair, the most gorgeous brown eyes I've ever seen on a person, with plump pink lips that anyone would give their right arm just to kiss. She's always had an amazing figure since I've known her, she's tall for a woman at 5'10",
and has a real curvy hourglass frame to her body.

Sorry, I should point out, s... Continue»
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[Story] The Wonder of Wonder Woman

Before I start this story, you should know that I'm not really up on my comics.
Infact I'd only knew of Wonder Woman from that campy 70s TV series staring the lovely Lynda Carter, but other than that I've never taken much notice/interest in the character...
That was until my gorgeous girlfriend showed me there's plenty to admire about her!

It all happened on one pleasant spring day when I was helping my girl move in with me, carrying her boxes of things up to my room. Lucky she didn't have too much stuff to bring to our home or I'd have ended up with real sore arms!

One box caught m... Continue»
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My New Occupation

Hi all, sorry it's been a while since my last activity on here,
I've been very busy with securing my new occupation, which I'm very happy to tell you all about :)

I have been training to be a professional masseuse and I am now fully qualified, it's a step up to me from being just a humble secretary, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoy my new work!

When I attended my first lesson, my teacher, Mrs. Adams, was taking me through the basics and showing me different massage techniques, and when she asked me to demonstrate what I had learnt, she told me I was a natural!

She wouldn't let ... Continue»
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My New Hobby

This is my experience with my new hobby, yoga.

Ok, so it doesn't sound like the most exciting thing to reveal or write about!
But wait, there's something about it that has been a real revelation for me...
You see, one thing I learned from doing yoga was that there's an extremely
common side-effect among the participants of it - farting!

Lucky for me, being a lady with a fart fetish, being dragged along to a yoga class has been the best thing to have happened to me, even more so when it's an all-girl class, jackpot! Tee-hee ;D

This is a 99.9% true experience I'm about to describe... Continue»
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[Story] Late Night Service

I was driving home late one warm summer night in my little Red Kia, I had been at my office having a small little drink with my work colleagues celebrating the retirement of the office supervisor.
I only had 2 small glasses of wine so wasn't going to be getting into trouble with any
drink-driving laws!

On a quiet road I noticed a pale ever-so-slightly chubby woman with long strait black hair standing around outside an industrial looking building, approaching any random cars stopped in traffic. I quickly realised from the way she was dressed, in her white high-heels and a brown coat sca... Continue»
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Exploring Fetishes in a New Relationship

Hi there,
as you may or may not know, I have a slightly 'out-there' fetish in that I get turned on by feminine flatulence, or to be more exact, female farts.
Yes, I know it's very unusual for a woman to be into such a thing, infact I used to think I was the only person in the whole world who gets turned on by any kind of farts from a person, male or female, but as I soon discovered when seeking out farts on the net as a young teenager, it came to my attention that hundreds of thousands of people in the world have it too. Mostly though, it appears that more men have it than women, outnumbe... Continue»
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[Story] More Torture For My Step-b*****r

I was sitting in the black and white coloured living room of my new house with my best friend and roommate, Rayne. Holding a sort of small, very informal house warming party. Rayne was wearing her typical goth-styled clothes. A small black t-shirt with a darkly comic skull and crossbones on the front, and wearing tight black jeans with plenty of holes and rips in them along with her white sparkly belt. She was barefoot and had her hair shaved short at the back but with a cool looking long black fringe d****d over her very pretty face with wavy red dyed colours at the ends of it, and of cours... Continue»
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[Story] My Crush Can Be So Cruel pt. 2

Alone in the school girls toilets, I felt my clit throbbing having just licked the beautiful Charlene's pussy. I sat down on the loo seat in the cubicle where she had just been sitting moments before, and pulled my black school skirt and knickers down to my ankles, and pressed my fingertips gently to my moist smooth shaved slits. I sighed gently as I began my naughty play.

I never thought I'd be fingering myself in a public bathroom before, but the sweet divine taste of Charlene lingered heavily on my tastebuds, I just couldn't resist. I rubbed, flicked, and stroked myself loads as I remi... Continue»
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[Story] My Crush Can Be So Cruel

I was 16 years old and eagerly awaiting the end of my school life, I had just a couple months left to go and couldn't wait to be free! Exams were just around the corner...

"You been talking to my boyfriend, bitch?" Charlene angrily asked, pushing me up against a tree in the back of the school yard. It was my favourite place to hang out with my friends as hardly any teacher would be there.

"What?!" I blurt out, stunned.

"I saw you talking to my boyfriend the other day!" She accused. I realised it's Mark she was talking about, he had been chatting me up a lot despite my obvious lack o... Continue»
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