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Small penis humiliation wanted

Hi my name is Austin and I want someone (female or male) to humilate my small penis. I would love for you to message me comment on my photo or however you want to humiliate me. I will add anyone humiliates me
Posted by LittleAus 8 months ago

[Story] Little Tim EPISODE #1

My name is Tim.
I'm white, 18 about 6' tall brown hair with light stubble. I'm a freshman at Flowood university  in California. It's my first time out of my home state of Arkansas. So far all I can say is that the people here are beautiful. I, on the other Hand, am not as good looking. Not to say that am ugly I'm just very average. I'm staying in a coed dorm on the north side of the school.I can't help but notice that my dorm is girl heavy. Heh I think this is going to be a great year. Room 218. I walk in to find a shirtless guy unpacking. He turns around and says "Oh hey I'm Jones Bakerson."... Continue»
Posted by LittleAus 2 years ago