part 2

Certain days she goes back to sl**p, others she gets up and sees her husband off to work. She will get a very relaxing body, and take care of her used pussy; she needs to keep it always clean and new, since he licks her a lot. And she will use some oils to have this very pleasing smell, always with a flavor she knows that gets him up. She will wear a sexy nightgown and open the curtains; she likes the feeling of someone watching her as she walks around the apartment.
She will rest and have something to eat, always thinking about the fuck in the morning. She asks herself how it can be that it is always better, and even after all those years she can still feel so horny for the same man, over and over.
She will spend the rest of the day choosing something to wear for him when he arrives, change the color of her nails, getting her hair to look the best. And whenever she sees herself and feels like touching her own pussy, or using a vibrator she will message him telling him what she is doing, she really like the feeling of control she has over him, to think of him with his dick stiff hard while he is at work. Maybe she will send him a picture or two. Sometimes she will call him when she is about to cum with her dildo, so he can hear it, and have to answer to it as if it is just another call.
As the time of his return approaches she will get another shower, wear something sexy and put her make-up on, at this point she has to close the curtains, because her husband does not like the idea of anyone setting eyes on his woman. She is only his, or so he thinks.
When he gets home he always finds her ready to receive him, in many different ways, it depends of how she is feeling and wearing. Some clothes make her want to suck, other make her want to be on fours for him, other get her so horny and nasty she only thinks about giving him all his very tight ass…
Tonight she wants to be fucked on the dining room table, she has a corset, fishnet stockings and red high heels. She is sitting on the table when he sees her. He comes close to the table and she opens his pants zipper, just enough to put his already hard cock out, he is just dying horny of the sight he encountered home tonight. She will be lying on her back, with her legs wide open and her wet pussy hammered by her so beloved cock. That gets her screaming hard, and she rubs her tits and sucks her own finger imagining it is another one. He pounds her hard, and asks her to turn his butt to him, he loves the sight of it in this leather corset of hers, it is big, and he feels powerful with his dick having to pry open all that butt of hers. She is tight, and screams a lot as he puts it inside her, soon she cums, she likes that pain and feels the slut she truly is. He cums inside her ass, it is just too tight for him to hold it for too long as he leaves all his sperm inside his hot wife. He goes to the shower and she follows him.

After some hours of normal couple activity at home, it is getting near the time to go to bed again, after all he has to wake up early tomorrow as any other day. She is browsing the web, she only thinks of sex all day, so she will also look at a thing or two, and maybe talk to someone to get her ideas. When she is tired and wants to sl**p, she will get near her husband, maybe he is watching TV or using the computer and she will start touching him, kissing his whole body, to get his attention.
He always ignores her to see what she will do next, so maybe she will start sucking him and put his whole dick inside her mouth and feel it grow very fast, he is still using the computer, and she likes the dirty sensation of begging for attention, like a whore kneeling down in front of an ignoring man. After some time he will no longer hold it, and will start to f***e her head to swallow his dick to the end, as she gags with all that much cock inside her mouth. She is used to it, but he is big, and is a very obedient wife and will do anything he demands her to.
And then he can handle no longer, he will get her to the bedroom, throw her in bed, open her legs and f***e himself inside her pussy, as he feels her so wet he knows how much she likes playing the slut game. She touches herself and screams, he is violent tonight, just the way she wants it, he slaps her, pounds her hard with his hard swollen dick, she cums for him, he grabs her waist and continues to fuck her as she is trying to breathe from her great orgasm, and he tells her that she is a fool if she thinks that is going to be her only orgasm that night.
He continues, he is like a wild b**st, that is how her pussy gets him, she is always so tight, he thinks, and gets to the conclusion that she is taking really good care of herself and getting some pussy exercise during the day, after fucking so much all those years she should be wasted by now, but she continues as delicious as always. That is the thing the looks up to during his day at work, that long exhausting fuck at night. She has done all the work before, now it is his time to show her what kind of man he is. He continues to fuck her, grabs her tits, bites her, scratches her soft skin, slaps her hard on the face, he knows she loves it, she is just so much of a lady to anybody else, he knows what kind of slut she really is.
She starts to rub her clit again, that is what he was waiting for, he wants to cum at the time she cums, because her pussy gets even tighter and he loses his senses. He pounds her over and over, his legs are already tired, and his bl**d is all in his dick, it is hurting of so much sperm waiting come out. She will cum soon and starts to scream, rubbing herself harder and harder, as she lets her orgasm screams out, he can no longer hold it, he is about to cum too, he gets his hard dick and lets his taste all over her body, it feels to him he is marking her, to keep any other man away, as he does that, and sees her all dirty in his sperm he feels he is her owner and she lives only for him. She cleans herself, kisses him, says goodnight, and turns to the other side to sl**p. He grabs hold of her waist and gets her body next to his, he likes to fall asl**p tired, feeling all that butt of hers near his body. He has to rest; after all tomorrow it will start all over again.
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4 years ago
Good story, are there more?? Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
love this one to
4 years ago
excellent getting better