She stays home alone most of the time, her husband does not want her to work, so she has time to take good care of herself and always look her best. She spends many hours in front of the mirror, and that gives her ideas. She has a very gorgeous body that she knows how to enhance by wearing many different outfits and very high heels.
Her husband wakes up very early every day, and she always gets up earlier so she can give him a delicious breakfast in bed. She gets up, cleans herself from the last night, and goes hungry back to bed. She crawls under the sheets, and rubs gently all her naked body to his, she loves the feeling of her hard nipples on his back, as she puts her hands on his cock, so she slowly wakes him up in a very good fucking mood.
At this point her pussy is all wet, and the first thing her husband does when he fully awakes is to put his fingers in her cunt so he makes sure she is fully prepared to get him in there.
They do it in the morning in many ways, but what he likes best is to have her riding him hard, so she is the one to do all the morning workout. She will suck his dick, because that is how she likes to start it, his dick is delicious, and the feeling of all of it inside her mouth drives her crazy, after she had some fun licking and sucking his balls and getting his whole dick wet with her saliva, she starts to crawl up, to put it inside her, first she sits on his thigh so he can get her horny juice on his skin before, she is already dripping wet.
She goes up to him, put her legs beside his torso and starts to slowly sit in his hard stiff dick, oooh it feels good she says, morning honey, he tells her as he starts to grab her tits and hard nipples. She starts to ride him at her pace, her body moving up and down, and she feels very powerful and sexy with that delicious and huge cock inside her. She starts to ride him harder, and he starts to groan and have a faster breathing. He hold her tits hard, let his hands down to her waist as he guides her to go faster and faster to he can cum inside her, now she rides him very fast, and rubbing her clit she is going to cum and rides him wild, he starts to howl as he is cumming and moves his hips hard so his cock hits her hard, as she cums she screams and he goes crazy and lets all his milk inside her for breakfast. He gets up, goes to the shower and leaves her panting on the bed, with her legs open trying to catch her breath.
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this is getting me so hot.
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Nice - thanks for posting.
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what a fantastic way to start the day
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short but good