Hear No Evil - Part 2

Rinko decides to follow Mr Kobaiyoshi off the train and back to his office. Along the way she revealed to him that she was deaf and was delighted that unlike everybody else, he wasn't put off in the slightest. Once they get there Mr Kobaiyoshi locked the door, Rinko was drawn to the window, observing the outside world and contemplating her decision to follow a complete stranger who had just m*****ed her on a train.

Suddenly Mr Kobaiyoshi is behind Rinko, awakening her from trance like state, he lifted the hem of her skirt and slowly, tantalisingly slowly, exposed her panty covered bottom, his hands moving to feel the firmness of her buttocks before moving to the waistband of her panties and sliding them down. Rinko sighed and felt her legs almost collapse with the pleasure.

"No, no ... don't," she groaned.

With that his hands went around her waist and he started to undo her skirt and the buttons on her blouse, his erection pushing against her bottom. The blouse along with her bra was pulled from Rinko’s shoulders and she was standing naked, other than for her shoes and hearing aids. Rinko didn't have the energy to fight and, in truth, she didn't want to.

He told her to turn round and face him, and she did so. Mr Kobaiyoshi had dropped his trousers and underwear and his penis was standing to attention, red and raw looking. It wasn't extra big, just normal size, but it looked angry and throbbing.

He moved towards her while taking off his shirt and was also now naked, his body firm and youthful. A thing of beauty. Rinko reached out her trembling hand to touch his cock. She needed to feel the hardness. As she lightly made contact his penis shook and a fountain of spunk hit her arm and stomach as he ejaculated again and again. The amount of fluid took Rinko by surprise and she just stood still watching as the cream trickled over her tummy.

"Don't worry," he said with a big grin, "I can soon cum again."

Mr Kobaiyoshi started to suck on her right nipple and she shivered with pleasure. He sucked harder and harder, until Rinko felt she would cum, but he allowed her tit to flop out of his mouth, wet with his saliva. He was now completely erect again, his cock very big and thick.

"Suck it slut," he ordered.

All inhibitions now gone Rinko dropped to her knees, opened her mouth willingly and licked his cock. It was definitely extra big and so were his balls. She cupped them in both hands as she tried to f***e the bulbous head of his cock into her mouth. Rinko sucked and nibbled as best as she could and tasted his pre-cum. She licked the smooth head as more transparent liquid oozed from his slit.

"Stand up and bend over."

Rinko did as instructed and bent over, with her legs spread. She wanted some attention to her cunt, her inner thighs were running with her juices. She felt a cock, a hard cock against her bottom. Rinko hoped he wasn't going to stick it in her arse. She wanted him deep in her cunt. She needn't have worried, she felt a nudging at her pussy entrance and moved one hand to guide him into her.

He pushed on his cock and was fully inside Rinko, her over lubricated cunt offering no resistance. She came quickly and noisily, as spasms racked her cunt. The penis in her pussy stayed still until she had recovered a little and then commenced pummelling into her once more. Rinko was taking the full length inside her with each lunge. Her bottom was trying to meet him each time to get him deeper and deeper.

"Harder, fuck me harder."

Her pussy started to convulse and tighten on the invading penis. Mr Kobaiyoshi moaned as she came for a second time and then he lost control. Rinko felt his rod expand and then shudder and she felt spurts of hot, sticky liquid pump inside of her.

Rinko was pushed roughly to the floor. She lay on her back, her knees bent, legs apart. Her vagina was open but was soon filled. She screamed out as the large cock was pushed hard into her once again. It would have hurt if she hadn't have been so wet. The thick girth of his penis was stretching her but it felt so good - painful in a way, but pleasurable in another.

She wrapped her legs around the waist of her invader but he wasn't satisfied with this. He withdrew and pushed her legs back over her chest. Being supple her feet were touching the floor either side of her head. Rinko’s cunt was flowing with juices. She could feel them running down her bottom and onto the floor, a veritable flood.

The cock was back in her and, because of the angle, was now getting much deeper inside, a real womb banger. She was so sexually aroused she could have taken anything. Rinko was a sexual a****l, screaming for him to fill her up. She came again, her tits tingling as she did so, her tummy rippling with pleasure.

Mr Kobaiyoshi grunted and exploded in her streaming pussy, then pulled out and propelled his sperm all over her aching nipples. He was pushing so hard on her legs that it was now painful. He rolled off her and she was able to return her legs to their rightful position.

Rinko was still hot. She wanted more and started to touch her cunt. Her fingers settled on her swollen clit and she virtually wanked it's length until she shuddered to a further orgasm. She opened her eyes and there she was, covered in spunk and her pussy gaping open, she was shaking with emotion.

“You’re going to come and live with me now, get dressed and we’ll get going.”

Rinko stood up, feeling wobbly and uncertain and put on her clothes. She didn't bother with her bra or panties. She used the panties to try and clean her thighs and stomach and fixed her make-up and hair as best as possible.

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