The Student Becomes The Master

I remember the day like it was yesterday, sitting in Miss B’s class getting on with my school work, when she wanders over to my desk, leans over in front of me, showing an ample amount of cleavage and says…

“I had a dream about you last night”

I sat there in stunned silence waiting for her to continue her story, trying to hold my gaze to her face and failing miserably, whilst becoming increasingly aware that the whole class had stopped what they were doing and now focused all their attention on our conversation.

“I dreamt that you were a dodgy car salesman, trying to sell me an old rust bucket”

The entire class erupted into laughter and I was left humiliated and obviously disappointed that her dream had not ended how I had hoped.

Skip 15 years to the present and Miss Annie B was sitting in the office of my car showroom, leaning over my desk, flashing her cleavage, trying to persuade me to give her a discount on a new car. The memory of that day suddenly caused all the assertive management training I’d received over the years to kick into gear

"Stand up!"

Trembling and afraid she obeys.

"Open your blouse completely, the bra too".

I point to the space in front of my chair, between my legs.

"Come over here."

She walks to where I am sitting.

"Lift up your skirt."

She raises her skirt very slowly revealing that she wasn't wearing any panties

"Don't keep me waiting, All the way up, right now! Tuck it into your waistband."

I stand up, towering over her, reaching around behind her and sweep the papers off my desktop and onto the carpeted floor. With my hands around her hips, I lift her up to be seated on the edge of the desk in front of my chair. She tries to keep her legs together but as I lower myself to sit down again I run my hands over her upper thighs down to her knees, spreading her legs slightly, forming a small v before me.

"Open them wider now."

Her thighs fall open trembling as I put my finger into her mouth and she begins to suck it as if she were dying of thirst. After a few minutes I slid my finger out of her mouth and ran it down between her breasts, to her belly button and just to where the fine hairs of her pussy begin.

"Wider again."

Her thighs open wider yet. I ran my left hand down her knee to her ankle and grasp her right foot. I lift her right heel and place it over my left shoulder. This motion causes her to slide slightly further off the edge of the desk before I place the other heel over my right shoulder and scoot forward in my chair. She is f***ed to lay back on the desk, with my hands under her ass the only things keeping her from falling off the edge and onto my lap.

My tongue moves slowly up and down her slit, refusing to move up far enough to reach her clit and I feel her trying to raise her body closer to my mouth, heels pushing against my back desperate for a way to bring me into contact with the hottest part of her anatomy. I stop altogether and she whimpers looking me right in the eyes with a smile playing around my mouth.

"Put a thumb and finger on each nipple and roll them for me. Now! Don't stop until I tell you!"

My tongue returns to its narrow pathway and as her hands torment her own nipples, everything begins to throb and spasm as the first of several orgasms takes over her body. My mouth never leaves her pussy; I suck her clit hard between my lips and begin flicking my tongue against it mercilessly. The tremors just run across her body endlessly, she bites her lower lip so that she won't scream out in pleasure and then I felt my tongue being bathed in her sweet pussy juices. I tried to lick and swallow as much of her sweet nectar as I could.

When I felt her orgasm subside, I stood up and removed my pants, freeing my hard cock from its confinement. With one hand I guided my cock to her dripping cunt. Miss B placed her hands down on my desk to brace her body for my initial thrust. I rubbed the bulbous head of my hard cock up and down her glistening slit and then pushed it forward between her cunt lips. I watched as the large head of my cock slowly spread and slipped between them.

"Ooooooohhhhhh, god……. Fuck me……… please, fuck me……….push it in………. all the way……….. yesssssssssssss…… make me cum again…… Fuck me!!!!"

Reaching behind her, I gripped her skirt-covered ass and pulling her forward, shoved my cock into her hot, wet cunt. With the next stroke of my cock, she was fully impaled on my hard cock.

"I want to see your tits again."

Grabbing the two sides of her clothing, she pulled them apart, exposing her breasts to my hungry mouth. Her hard nipples protruded from the large brown areolas capping her pert breasts. Like a baby hungry for its mother's milk, my mouth hungrily attached itself to a nipple and began to suck it. As my cock began sawing between her distended cunt lips, my mouth sucked and manipulated each of her breasts. She wrapped her legs around my body, her heels digging into the crack of my ass. She sighed as I continued pounding my cock into her tight cunt.

"Ooooohhhhhh, yessssssssss, I'mmmmm cummmmming again! God, yesssssssssssss!"

As her second orgasm began to bathe my cock, I pulled her close to me. Ramming my cock as hard and as deep as I could, until my sperm splattered against the walls of her uterus.

As our mutual orgasms subsided, I slipped my cock from her cunt and fell back into my chair. Miss B pushed herself off the desk and straightened her skirt. She felt the mixture of our juices begin to flow from her cunt down her thighs. I watched as she started pulling tissues from her bag and began wiping the dripping cum from her legs and then reaching for more tissues, reaching under her skirt to wipe her gaping cunt lips.

“Right Annie, now I am ready to discuss that discount”

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4 years ago
should have done her in the ass or is that part 2
4 years ago
very nice