XXXmas Party

I was about to attend my first Christmas party at my new job. I didn’t know what the protocol was in terms of what happened after, whether we all hit the town together or called it a night and went our own separate ways, so I had made arrangements to meet a few friends.

We were under strict instructions to meet for lunch at 2pm and so was a little surprised when we all started leaving at noon to make a 15min journey. As it turned out the tradition is to hit every bar on the way down to the restaurant, so we were all in high spirits as we staggered into the restaurant a little after 2pm.

After we’d apologized profusely for being late, we took our seats. I found myself sitting next to Julie, who had also been part of the group on the bar crawl. Julie was a married, mother of one, who I had gotten to know quite well in my short time with the company, as we sat next to each other and spoke all the time.

As I was sitting there waiting for them to start serving, I felt someone’s hand on my knee under the table. I was shocked at first but that soon gave way to curiosity & so by leaning back in my chair I was able to see that the hand belonged to Julie. I glanced across at Julie and she just smiled at me, I smiled back eager to see how far she would go.

We ate our meal without further incident and thought that was the end of it, later on in the evening we all headed into town and Julie kept buying me drinks, at one point I had to use the toilets and Julie just happened to be there as I came out. Don’t get me wrong I was enjoying the attention from an attractive older woman, it was a harmless bit of fun, I didn’t think for a minute it would lead to anything.

Around 9:30pm I got the pre-arranged phone call from my friends to meet up else where, as I was saying my goodbyes, Julie was reluctant to let me leave, so I agreed to let her come with me. We got about 20 feet down the road when Julie dragged me into a nearby alleyway. I was led to the end of the alley and pushed against a wall near a dimming light.

Julie put my hands on her tits through the material of her dress and immediately started opening the buttons. Staring at her cleavage and the top of my white bra, I needed no further instruction; I slipped my hands inside her bra and started playing with her nipples whilst she began humping my upper thigh.

Julie’s breathing became faster; I unbuttoned the front clasp of her bra and excitedly rambled something as her huge breasts came tumbling out. I pounced upon them like a tiger, sucking each one and continuously sucking them in and out of my mouth like a baby. Meanwhile I could feel my cock begin to harden, after about 10 minutes of this I stopped, knelt down in front of Julie and placed both my hands on her knees underneath her yellow dress. I slowly raised my hands higher and higher until I felt myself touching the bottom elastic of her panties. I held up Julie’s dress with one hand and with the other stuck a couple of fingers under the elastic panty bottom and felt for her pussy.

As soon as my fingers slipped into her pussy I withdrew them and immediately pulled her panties down. As the panties fell to the ground, I could not believe my eyes. Julie’s pussy lips were extremely long and as wet as they could be. I knelt in front of Julie and pulled the panties from around her feet and tossed them to the side. I pulled her left leg up onto my shoulder and licked the entire length of her pussy. I licked her twat non-stop for what seemed like an eternity. I darted my tongue in and out, up and down whilst making the loudest slurping noises as I drank her juices. Seeing how wet her pussy was, I stuck 3 full fingers in her pussy and then started sucking again.

I then stopped and turned Julie around to face the wall. I knelt down behind her, told her to hold up her dress and grabbed the cheeks of her tight ass. I took the cheeks of her ass and spread them outward, fully exposing her asshole to me; I stuck my tongue in and began licking her asshole until it was too much for her to bear.

When I stopped, I decided it was time for her to give me some relief and immediately pulled my pants and boxers down to expose my long hard cock. I took her head with both hands and directed her mouth onto my cock. Julie stuck the tip of her tongue into the slit of my cock which was overflowing with pre-cum. My cock then slipped into her mouth and she nearly gagged as it went to the back of her throat. Julie grabbed the base of my dick with her right hand and began sucking it. She sucked, and sucked and sucked some more, with her full lips rubbing up and down the length of my long shaft, driving me into a fit of ecstasy. I screamed that I was cumming and exploded. My cock was so far in her mouth that my cum went down the back of her throat directly into her stomach.

Next I pushed Julie down on all fours and stuck my cock in her twat from behind. I only stuck the tip of my cock in and out and made her beg for my hard dick. I knew how horny she was when I heard her moaning, after a couple of minutes of teasing her I started to fuck her hard doggie style until I came again in her cunt.

When it was finally over we dressed ourselves without saying a word. Before we went our separate ways Julie shot me another sexy smile, gave me a peck on the cheek and left.

Julie and I have never spoken of that night since, I later found out that she and her husband had been going through a rough patch; I also found out that she was pregnant!!!
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