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Hey peeps. It's been a minute but I'm still here and freakier than ever. I turned 19 in May and graduated from high school. I spent the summer getting my brains fucked out and figured some things out about myself. I know I just love dick. Black and big and I can't say no. I love being a freak. There is something about the devlish smile men get on their faces when the realize they got a real freak to deal with. Anyway I've done some nasty shit that I can't believe I did. When I got back in town early this summer I let a local dude who has been trying to get down with the lifestyle put me in a gangbang with 4 of his boys. Yes they all nutted in me but there was one dude that blew my mind. This nigga is 6'7", 260 lbs solid and swinging at least 12 inches of dick. We started kicking it for a minute. That relationship ended when he was here one night and fucked me and my mom at the same time. He just made us do shit we didn't want to do. I met this married dude and went over to his crib one night for that good dick. On my way home I was on the bus and the bus driver was sexy hell so we started flirting and by the end of the route I was the only one on the bus so I started playing with my pussy so he could see it in the rear view mirror. We ended up back at his place and I was so happy he had a big dick. I could tell when I got on the bus the way his shit was all big in his pants. This was one time I started to realize just how nasty I was. First of all He was fucking me within two hours of meeting me. Second I didn't tell him I had just got done fucking and had two nuts up in me when he started to eat me out. Look I know niggas are out for self. How many dicks have I sucked and could still taste the pussy on them? Anyway the dick was good, I gave up the pussy. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. I've done some other off the hook freak shit that I just can't write about here. If you wanna know more or wanna get to know me hit me up. Luv Nikki
Posted by LilMissGoodPussy 3 years ago
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1 year ago
Damn, girl. You are so naughty.
2 years ago
He fucked your mom good too?
2 years ago
i want to know more!!!
3 years ago
I like that in you....(smiling)
3 years ago
the only thing is,WOW
3 years ago
Looking at you, I can tell your mom is a hottie also. I have not had a mom daughter threesome in a long time. You made my dick stiff with that info.
3 years ago
damn girl i definitely wanna know about all the other freaky shit u were doin! hit me up nikki i wanna know!