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Back In The Game

It's been a minute since I've been on here so I wanted to let yall know what was up with me. I've been hooked up with a real OG dude since last summer. Dick is crazy big, gets hard lol and he knows how to use it. Works me over real good. i just had my son 2 months ago so just getting back into the game on a real tip. Between him, my man and my pops they are wearing these titties out. Any bitch who tells you that giving her milk up don't get her pussy wet is a liar who can't admit to that freaky shit. Today is my birthday and I am 20. Can't give up no mote teenage pussy no more but niggas don't care. Good pussy is good pussy. I can alk ready tell that now that I am fucking after the baby dudes is trying to give me nothing but dick for my bday. Pops kicked it off last night. So cute, Started a little after 11PM and carried on until about 1AM. Got the last of that young girl pussy and my first fuck as a woman. As he said. Louis caame home around 2:30 and started in on me and fucked me again this morning. Louis wants me to get back to being a slut. He met me through another dude who I went home with one night and called him about this good ass young girl pussy that he needed help wearing out. Louis said that shit turned him on seeing how free I was with my freakiness and he never wants to put limits on that. So today we gonna see cause I'm going to get me some bday dick from some of old friends who knows how to work me. I just hope I don't catch a baby today cause I'm not on any birth control cause Louis is trying to get a baby up in me. He was with me thorugh my whole pregnancy and I know he loves my son. He moved in with me and parents a few months after we hooked up. He made me promise that I would have his baby so he didn't look like a chump being up in the house as my man with the dude who knocked me up living in the same house. I do want to have his baby but today I nned to be the true me and let my nasty bitch back out to play. Miss some of yall. Nikki
Posted by LilMissGoodPussy 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Such a fun n nasty lil bitch you are ~ good to see you in worthy dick-hands!
2 years ago
glad ur back nikki! i know the freak is still in there!