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I Need Some Dick

I just need to get some things off my chest and this is the only place I have a voice. It’s been 4 weeks since I had my baby and I am ready to fuck. Lew wants nothing in my pussy not even a fucking tampon. I get it. It has to be exciting to let that pussy tighten back up knowing you’re going to be the one to bust it open but I am going crazy. I want some dick in me now. I want a big dick to loosen me back up. I want to feel that shit all up in my stomach bouncing off of my fucking cervix but no.

I am tired of sucking dick and getting my pussy licked. It’s not fair. I can taste pussy on Lew’... Continue»
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Who Should Breed Me Next?

Wow. Well I haven’t been up on here in a minute. Being married with 2 babies, an 8 year old and pregnant, takes up all of my time. I wanted to check in to let everyone know that I am good. I love my husband. I never thought that I could love a man as much as I do Lew. Growing up the way that I did and being very open to sex and understanding the role of a woman I only found men who couldn’t see past the possibilities of having a freak to appreciate me, nurture me and letting the freak in me just happen. Lew gets it. I don’t know if it’s because he’s older, been through some freaky shit himself... Continue»
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The Latest and Greatest About Little Miss Good Pus

Well guys the adventures continue. If you had told me 8 years ago the places my pussy would take me I would not believe you. Not just the places but the different b*****rs showing me what I was capable of and teaching me how to be a good slut. b*****rs don't give me no grief on that line because I know and see the difference between a slut and a good slut. A good slut understands and wantes to please the dick and the man that she is to setrvice. She does it willingly and loves her job. She is submissive and open to taking the dick anyway her man wants to deliver it to her. So anyway a friend a... Continue»
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New News

Hey guys here is the latest and greatest as I continue with my adventures. I went to the doctor and I am preggo all ready. I just had Antonio in February and I am 6-8 weeks pregnant. I thought that this is what I wanted. I love Lou and it definitely is his so no worry there. Been thinking all day I would have 3 babies before I even turn 21. If I want to keep Lou I have to go through with this so that he isn't a chump raising Antonio as his when his real father lives in the same house and still fucks me from time to time. I don't know. Got a lotta thinking to do. Helpppppp
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[Story] The Adventures of Lil Miss Good Pussy 5/25/12

Let me tell yall. Friday should have been called old school party night. This dude from up on here that we’ll just call Charlie from Baltimore finally hooked up with me. We’ve been going back and forth for about two years now. Chatting online, phone sex, whatever. I just played him to be another no show all talk nigga. Well he hit me up after my post about getting back into game and asked if I wanted to finally meet. I never had a problem with this. So he got some tickets to see Al B. Sure and Tony Tony Tony. Who the fuck are these old heads? Look it ain’t costing me nothing so I’m game. He ... Continue»
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Nothing Deep

I was just sitting here thinking about how some people view my lifestyle and attitude towards sex. Here are my thoughts about being a smut a ho a trick or whatever. If you just trying to get a nut then thats what I am. I've met and been with some dudes like that. I think a chick should be allowed to enjoy sex just as much as men and I enjoy men who enjoy this about me. I just wanted to get that offmy chest.
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Back In The Game

It's been a minute since I've been on here so I wanted to let yall know what was up with me. I've been hooked up with a real OG dude since last summer. Dick is crazy big, gets hard lol and he knows how to use it. Works me over real good. i just had my son 2 months ago so just getting back into the game on a real tip. Between him, my man and my pops they are wearing these titties out. Any bitch who tells you that giving her milk up don't get her pussy wet is a liar who can't admit to that freaky shit. Today is my birthday and I am 20. Can't give up no mote teenage pussy no more but niggas don't... Continue»
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Where I've Been

Hey Peeps,

I know I've been out of touch for a minute. I have found the one. I've hooked up with a real sexy daddy who wears my pussy out daily. We met back in May before I found out that I was pregnant and he is cool with it. Truth be told I blew his mind when we hooked up. This dude is packing 13 inches and it's thick too. I handled him like nobody's business. So forgive me for not responding or keeping in touch just been busy turning this man out cause I do love him, he turns me on, he's sexy and nasty as hell.
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Pussy Update

Hey peeps. It's been a minute but I'm still here and freakier than ever. I turned 19 in May and graduated from high school. I spent the summer getting my brains fucked out and figured some things out about myself. I know I just love dick. Black and big and I can't say no. I love being a freak. There is something about the devlish smile men get on their faces when the realize they got a real freak to deal with. Anyway I've done some nasty shit that I can't believe I did. When I got back in town early this summer I let a local dude who has been trying to get down with the lifestyle put me in a g... Continue»
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After Graduation

Well I finally got out of school 2 weeks ago. I went to Chicago and did my first porno. Off the hook. I will definitely be doing that again. I then headed to ATL to see my baby and let him wear this pussy out. Then we headed to Miami for a house party that turned into an orgy with me letting 3 dudes nut in me ending with Justin Slayer. That nigger is GOD when it comes to fucking. He hit bottom and drilled in me until I couldn't breath. Now I'm home and got a lot of local dick to catch up with. You know they been missing me these past 2 weeks. Luv Nikki
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[Story] The Adventures of Little Miss Good Pussy 11/26/10

Well my parents really pissed me off this weekend. My mom and pops are swingers and this is how they met 10 years ago. My mom is white with a nice body and my (step)pops is black and to me is the sexiest man on earth. Me, I am Nikki and I am 18 1/2 years old and a superfreak. Anyway they are spending the weekend in Florida at an interracial swingers convention and they wouldn't let me go. Pops said its for white women and black men number one and number two he didn't feel safe having me and my mom's there at the same time cause niggers would lose their minds. Fuck both of them. I went through ... Continue»
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