A Maid's Tale Part 4

On my fourth week in this strange house I saw my first sissy boy!

I was about to go in and clean Joeys room but as I got closer I heard giggling and talking. I recognise the twin’s voices but not the third. The door was open wide enough for me to see Joeys large wall mirror, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at in the mirror there where the girls Cecily on one side and Shelly on the other and there was Joey dressed in purple ballerina leotard and tutu. His long blonde hair tied in a bun. The girls where applying makeup and telling him how beautiful he looked and how the other girls would be jealous.

I noticed he was wearing a stuffed bra to imitate young girl’s breasts. I couldn’t help but feel jealous of his beauty but I was utterly confused as to what was happening. Was this really the same guy who had come on me last week?

Next thing I knew I was falling through the door onto my hands and knees I turned to see who had pushed me and there was Barb.

Stop spying on my girls and get back to work!

I was so embarrassed I didn’t know if it was because I was caught spying or that I was looking a Joey a tall feminine sixteen year old boy looking more beautiful than most girls I knew.

I hoped up so they wouldn’t see my bare pussy and walked straight over to make the bed and take Joeys laundry.

Oh mummy can’t our new maid stay and play with us? Giggled the twins

Later girls she must finish her chores and make you lunch first, in the mean time think of fun games you can play with her!

That didn’t sound right to me. Twenty year old girls didn’t “play” but she made it sound like they were five years olds organising a tea party with Mr. Bear.

Two o’clock came round Barb pulled me into her room. It felt strange being dragged into a forbidden room and I was afraid of what might be happening.
Barb pointed at a pile of purple fabric on her bed and said:

Change out of your uniform shower quick and dress in those clothes. Be in Joey’s room in half an hour or I will make your punishment unforgettable.

With that she left. I felt a shiver down my spine and with the words unforgettable punishment running through my mind I grab the clothes and ran to the shower.

It only took my twenty minutes but I had some trouble squeezing my breasts into the c***d size leotard. Yup as you may have guess Joey wasn’t the only “Ballerina” in the house.

As I entered the room I noticed only Joey was there I walked over to him and asked him what was going on but he just put a finger to his lips to quieten me. I knew better at this stage to listen to Joey as he was helping me avoid some kind of punishment.

At exactly half two in came the twins dress in ball gowns one would wear going to a professional ballet.

Barb looked in the door then as she closed it turned to the girls and said have fun my princesses.

The girls told me to sit on the edge of the bed, and keep still and quite or they would tie me up and gag me. That startled me as I didn’t know they acted like their mother in the time I had seen them they seemed like your average college students.

They started the music to swan lake and Joey begun dancing he was beautiful he knew the entire dance. After ten minutes the music abruptly stopped. Cecily shot up looked at Joey, who was now standing with his head hanging, and said you idiot, that was supposed to go right not left take that tutu off you are not deserving of it, then Shelly turned to me, you too maid hand over your tutu what Joey can’t have you can’t have either. I realised where this was going by the end Joey and I where left in or panties.

The girls cheered and laughed as they saw us standing in the centre of the room almost naked. I looked at the ground embarrassed and noticed Joeys penis growing in his purple frilly panties.

Shelly noticed this too and said look Cecily, that slut is horny I think we should show him what happens to horny sluts at this they grabbed us both bent us over the end of Joeys bed, handcuffed our hands behind our backs and tied our legs spread wide onto the bed.

Cecily reminded me that Barb would post the video of me online if I wasn’t good.

At this I blushed I didn’t think anyone else knew.

Shelly left the room and came back with two square hairbrushes and what looked like a cock chastity belt.

It was made of plastic and when put on Joey I bent his erect penis into a painful looking position. Joey moaned at the pain but to me it sounded like he enjoyed this.

The twins took a brush each and begun spanking us hard with the back of the brushes.

They weren’t as harsh as Barb and soon I felt my panties sticking to me. I was getting off on the spanking and so was Joey even with his restricted bulging penis.

The girls notice my wet panties.

Tut Tut naughty girl, Cecily purred. Your panties are all wet that is not allowed and with that they ripped them off and stuffed them in Joeys mouth then proceeded to rip his of and stuff them in my mouth. This only turned me on more I could taste Joeys young penis and started to moan.

Cecily decided they need to get rougher to teach “us sluts” a lesson they left for five minutes and me and Joeys just gazed lustfully into each other’s eyes awaiting their return. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was around a boy two years younger than I who wore girls clothes and got ordered around by his s****rs.


The girls returned with two wooden paddles, what looked like a horse whip and two small butt plugs.

They giggled when they saw how fired up Joey and I where and Cecily said mmmmmm Shelly I think we will have fun tonight.

This time Cecily decide she wanted to spank me. She was much rougher than Shelly but I soon began to enjoy it , then she stop took the horse whip in hand and gently started to rub it up and down my wet pussy. Then pain she swung the whip using just her wrist as fast as she could, I screamed but it was muffled in Joey’s panties.

I noticed Joey scream and realise Shelly was whipping his blue balls. Poor Joey need to come more than I did.

Aaaaaah…. the whip stung my sensitive pussy


Again and again then smack she started all over with the wooden paddle after twenty minutes of torture the girls stopped Cecily pulled Joeys panties out of my mouth and Shelly did the same to her little b*****r.

Cecily began gently caressing my ass purring over and over oh,oh,oh you poor little thing does that hurt.

She began gently kissing my ass and I started to relax and feel pleasure again after the harsh pussy whipping.
Ouch I winced as Cecily began nibbling my ass cheeks.

Shhh sweetie it will be better soon

She nibbled, stroked and kisses my ass cheeks as he hand slowly began rubbing my wet pussy over and over I started to moan as she inserted her long finger into my gapping pussy and started to pump it slowly in and out gaining speed as she went. She kept slipping her fingers out and rubbing them over my asshole. She kept doing this until my body was shaking in anticipation for my orgasm.

All of a sudden she stop my hips kept humping dry air , my pussy was begging for attention, I moaned please don’t stop just before Cecily rammed the butt plug in my ass. I didn’t scream as I was used to the plug by now.

Cecily removed her gown and jumped up on the bed right in front of my face she placed a hand on the back of my head and guided my nose into her wet panties.

I inhaled her sweet scent. I had never been with a girl but was very curious.

She rubbed her panties up and down her nose. I felt it get wetter and wetter ass she started to moan. She pulled her panties aside revealing her pink puffy glistening lips.

Lick it slut!

She pushed my face into her pussy and I started twirling my tongue around her erect clit. She started bucking her hips and pressing my face in further it was hard to breath but I started to lick her parting lips, my tongue explored her used pussy and I started to really get into it.

As I tongue fucked Cecily, The friction of the butt plug, the thought of what I was doing and the sounds of moaning brought me to my first orgasm since the day I had masturbated in Joey’s room. Here this Cecily squirted all over my face. I had never seen someone squirt before it was amazing.

I looked over to see Joey licking out his own s****r in front of me I couldn’t believe my eyes. I slowly slipped into u*********sness.


I woke up showered and tucked up in my bed turned out Cecily had stopped me getting enough oxygen as we came and I just passed out.

I smiled as I remembered last night. It was defiantly the strangest most exciting thing I had ever done.
I got up looked for my uniform but couldn’t find it. Just then Barb entered my room and gave me the good news that I had a day off.

Joey and I went to the park and he slowly begun revelling how his “sissy boy” self came to be.
Turns out his mum and s****rs f***ed it on him when he was young and he hated it but as he became a teen he started to enjoy the attention he got from being so different.
He even wore girls’ underwear to school.
He told me how some boys would make him strip to his undies in the locker room and pretend he was a tall sexy blonde girl.
Did I mention he goes to an all boy’s boarding school but he is one of the few who does not live there.

Joey went on to tell me about his entire f****y and how his mother was the head mistress. He told me if he or the girls were bad they would be sent to the basement for the night but he didn’t tell me what was down there. He just said it won’t be nice the first few times.

He told me how every few weeks as c***dren they would go live with their cousins as their mother wished to bring a lover home. But now that rarely happens and if she brings one home they don’t care anymore so she lets them stay. They even get to watch sometimes.

This f****y was something I’d never seen before but for some strange reason I liked it.

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Great stories, loved them...keep em' coming :) thx for sharing
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Great story, well written, very sensual and arousing.... thanks for the pleasure!
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Great series.. Looking for more
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Lucky Joey AND lucky Ella!! my cock's rock hard now!! lol
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