A Maid's Tale Part 3

The punishments went on similar to my second encounter for a whole week. Things I had not done but I was punished for.
The worst part was the nipple clamps but my ass slowly adjusted to the butt plug and I begun enjoying it. The belt was soaked in my pussy juice every time Barb removed it and she made me lick it clean.

The punishment began losing its meaning; I now enjoyed this daily routine.

Mean while I continued my daily chores. I noticed more and more lace panties and thongs in Joey’s clothes basket. At first I thought maybe he was collecting souvenirs from his girlfriend’s but I had never seen him with a girl?

Then one day after Barb had finished her “inspection” she turned to me and said

You’ve done it this time girl.

She never told me what I had done wrong but I knew better than to ask, she grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to her reading chair in the corner. She unlocked the chastity belt f***ed me to lick my cum off it all including the butt plug, she never made me lick the butt plug before it was disgusting and when she pushed my head onto it I gagged.

She took the belt and told me to stand kneeling by her chair.

She returned with a realistic looking dildo that could be stuck onto the wall she placed it on the ground at first made me lie over her knees and she began spanking my bare bottom once again after each spank I had to say (the number and then), thank you Mistress may I please have another as I have been a naughty girl.

She yelled at me and said no you little bitch you have been a naughty slut. Say it!

This went on for ten minutes until my ass was good and red she then made me kneel by her chair and once again she left this time returning with a square hairbrush and JOEY!

Oh no I thought. I was mortified. He could see my bare bottom.

Stand up slut and remove that dress.

I was staring at Joey terrified that he would see me. Barb slapped me across the face and said; do it now slut or this will be much worse!

At that I pulled off my dress and apron trying to hide my naked self from sixteen year old Joey. My face was bright red as Barb pulled me over her knees again.
She held me there and told Joey to hand her the brush like a good boy.

Then as she began spanking me with the back of the brush she asked Joey to take off his pants and underwear.

I was shaking with fear thinking about why she would make him do that I didn’t even feel as she spanked me harder and harder.

Then I saw something I had never seen before Joey was wearing panties! All I could think was why?
She took Joeys panties from him then she looked at his erect penis and asked if he like what he was watching he said yes. Barb told him to sit in the chair opposite us so he could watch.

He didn’t seem freaked out by what was happening at all, he made it seem like a normal day.

Barb spanked me harder yet and I arched my back and cried out. Only then did I notice Barb had attached the dildo right in front of my face.

Barb then ordered me to start licking the dildo at the tip, after ten spanks I had to lick the shaft up and down till it was all slippery, after ten more spanks I had I suck the balls and after ten more spanks I went back to the shaft.

I noticed Joey rubbing his cock only 5 feet away from his mother. I was so shocked but turned on. When Barb ordered me to deep throat the whole cock I did even though I gagged as I knew I was making Joey so horny and that got me off too.

I took the whole six inch dildo in my mouth over and over. As saliva ran down my chin I heard Joey coming it was amazing I started to get wetter and wetter but then Barb made me stop. She stood me up and made me face Joey bend over and put my hands on each of the arm rests of Joey’s chair.

I couldn’t look him in the eye I knew he was staring at my naked body and I was afraid Barb would make me touch or lick him. I was lucky she didn’t.

She tied my hair up so Joey would see my big tits swing each time she spanked me and she made me say: thank you Mistress may I please have another as I have been a naughty slut while looking at Joey I was humiliated again.

Fifty whacks later Tears staining my checks Joey came again, it was so strong I had cum all over my chest. Barb made Joey lick it off me which made me cringe as he was so young but I secretly enjoyed it.

She then turned me around so Joey could see the bruises forming on my abused ass.

Barb told me dress and make dinner, as my punishment was over. I was so happy she didn’t put the chastity belt or nipple clamps on me this time.

I blushed every time I saw Joey for the next few days.

To be continued..................

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3 years ago
great add to this series
3 years ago
I've not been one for BDSM before... but this is kinda turning me on!!! Good work hon!!
3 years ago
Great series
3 years ago
Nice job...I'll be looking for part 4. You could make this story go on and on...lots of interesting characters and possibilities...
3 years ago
well done like where the storys going
kept we intrested read 1 2 and 3 hope for more its a good story line 6/10
3 years ago
3 years ago
Mmm excellent... I can't wait for the next installment,
3 years ago
i never thought of it like that but i guess thats wat she does ;P
3 years ago
Good one, I like how Barb did not get her son to fuck you. It adds suspense and lets us know Barb is the type to torment her own kids too, not just the hired help.
3 years ago
tahnks guys part 4 will be up next week :)
3 years ago
I love your story, and wants more :)
3 years ago
this is superb :)
i cant wait for more ;:)