A Maid's Tale Part 2

The next day, my bum still tingling from my first encounter with Barb, I got up and found a box at the end of my bed. I was a little confused to begin with as the box looked like one of Barbs and I thought she might have left it there by mistake, but then I saw the black envelope with my name across it in white. I opened it and found a letter.


After your behaviour yesterday I have come to realise you need some training so you will never break my rules again.
As you can see I have left a box at the end of your bed. Your new housekeeper’s uniform is inside. I expect you to wear this uniform at all times unless I instruct otherwise. I expect you to wash it nightly and take good care of it.
I have not left you any high heels as I noticed you don’t walk like the young woman you are. I expect you not to wear shoes but instead walk on the tips of your toes as you would if wearing high heels.
I will be home at four o clock and expect the house spotless and you wearing your uniform.


I noticed at the end of the page there was a picture of handcuffs with the words “to you I serve”. What did that mean? And why would I want high heels cleaning?

I went ahead and opened the box inside I found a black dress with a ruffle skirt that just covered my bum, a white apron and bonnet and thigh high black stockings. This looked to me like a slutty maid outfit but I guess I’d have to wear it.

I went for a quick shower and slipped into pink lace panties with a matching bra( that I would later learn to regret). Then I put on my uniform and took a long look in the mirror. I loved how my legs looked in this outfit and how you could only see my thighs. I started feeling horny just thinking about how people would look at me in this outfit.


At four o’ clock on the dot Barb arrived home to inspect my work.

Ella, she called.

I had just finished in the kitchen and I rushed out to her.

She looked at me in disgust as I had been so nervous when she called I had forgotten to walk on tippy toe.

Uh huh, I see you are forgetting our new rules already!
I opened my mouth to defend myself but with the look she gave me I quickly closed it.

I want you to stand facing the front door while I inspect the house.

Barb walked away. I shuddered, hearing her stilettos hitting the floor as she went to inspect my days work.
It felt like she was gone for hours and I kept thinking she would find something I did not do right and I would be punished again. My bum was almost recovered from the ten spanks yesterday. Then I heard it, the sound I had been dreading.


She sounded angry. I was shaking from nerves as I tippy toed into the kitchen.

Ella what did I say from day one that you where forbidden to do?
You should know I reminded you yesterday as I punished you!

I am forbidden to enter your room and the basement.

Exactly and why might I ask is the basement door wide open when I distinctly remember locking it before I left and putting the key away in my bedroom!

I…I don’t know B…She cut me off


I honestly didn’t open it Barb I swear.

All off a sudden Barb lowered her voice and said. Do you take me for a fool? Is that what you think I am? I find my basement open, the key gone from my room and where do I find it but in your closet! Now if that is not enough proof what is?!

I didn’t know what to say, I had not enter her room or the basement but I knew she wasn’t going to believe me. Then it click she could watch the house cameras in her room and see for herself…. Oh wait she didn’t know I had seen them. I decided punishment for something I didn’t do would be easier than a punishment for what I had done.

I am very disappointed in you Ella I think you will be need harder training if this behaviour continues!

Go to your room and think about what you have done I will be up shortly and to tell you your punishment!

Ouch, I screamed as yet again Barb swung the wooden paddle down hard on my bare bottom.

This punishment was much worse that yesterday. Barb had laid me flat on my belly over the arm off the couch. She handcuffed my hands behind my back as I kept covering my bum from the blows of the paddle. She f***ed me to spread my legs wide or else she would cane me and I really didn’t want that.

What do you say girl!

34, thank you Mistress may I please have another as I have been a naughty girl.

This was humiliating but before the punishment began I didn’t want to do it so Barb pressed play on her computer . I was shock to see a video of me masturbating on Joey’s bed the first day I saw Barb with the vibrator. She said if I was not a good girl for the whole summer and did what she said she would post it on the internet and send the link to my parents. I was horrified I knew then I had to do whatever she wished for the whole summer!

*Smack*, Ouch I screamed as tears slide down my cheeks, the pain was agonising I couldn’t take it anymore.

35, thank you Mistress may I please have another as I have been a naughty girl.

No girl I think that’s enough with the paddle for now. But like I said earlier I must also punish you for wearing underwear under your uniform!

Oh no I had forgotten. When I had first bent over for the spanking Barb saw my underwear and freaked she said only girls who want sex wear pink lace underwear she had ripped them off me and stuck them in my mouth while she stripped the dress and apron off me to find my bra. All I was left standing in was my stockings and bonnet.

Stand up girl!

When I stood up Barb was rummaging thought a box on the table when she turned around all colour fled from my face. Barb was holding two huge nipple clamps that looked really sore. I kept hoping that then wouldn’t stay on my small nipples but to my dismay Barb used my 34DDs to my disadvantage. Like I had thought the clamps kept slipping from my nipples but then she grasped some flesh around my nipple and *snap*

The pain was excruciating I forgot all about my tender bum and wiggled about hoping then clamp would fall off. New tears swelled and burst from my eyes I wanted them off and NOW but my hands where locked behind me.

Barb smiled. I think they will do the job nicely. Oh I almost forgot! she started to rummage in the box again but this time it was even worse. She pulled out what looked like a leather pair of panties but it was much worse.

Don’t you just love chastity belts? This will defiantly stop you pleasuring yourself when you start to like those clamps.

Like these I thought to myself. Never!

To my dismay the belt had an extra attachment for a butt plug. It wasn’t big but I was an anal virgin this was going to hurt.

She slipped the top bit around my waist and it clasped together at the front then added a small bit of lube to the butt plug bent me over and rammed it in I screamed as loud as I could but she covered my mouth. She clasped the part that came between my legs to the top bit and used a key to lock it.

Now there that wasn’t so bad. Put back on your uniform, make dinner and stop crying the girls will be home soon. Oh and encase your wondering you will be wearing those clamps and belt all night.

I was in so much pain I don’t know how I was expected to wear this around the house and to sl**p!

To be continued..................

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3 years ago
awesome great writing
3 years ago
3 years ago
thank u part three has not been verified yet but will hopefully b up soon :)
3 years ago
Delicious chapter, but I'm ready to read more from this kinky minded young writer.
3 years ago
part 3 is up on wednesday...
3 years ago
hey dcsg just wanted to say thanks for the comment but I cant reply on your page as it wont allow me sori :)
3 years ago
Hott!!! Would love to see you in ur uniform ;)
3 years ago
Looking forward to part 3.
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3 years ago
im trying for next week but i got my driver theory next thursday so might b 2weeks but hopefully not:)
3 years ago
Fabulous, please post part 3 quickly :)
3 years ago
Loved the second part, but ya can't keep us waiting that long for part 3
Note to self, don't read stories like this while in work, gonna be blue balls all day.