My first time with a stranger

I was walking on the beach at about 10:30 in the morning, something I did every morning when I was 15 years old. I would jump into the sea and get out quickly to run on the beach. I also had on my Basketball shorts which showed my huge black cock.
It was one of those moments 5 years ago when I had sex with a stranger for the very first time. She was lying on the beach when I looked in her direction she had moved her panties to the side revealing her shaved pussy. Something I had never seen before.
I kept running not knowing what to do, but I kept the image of her beautiful cunt in my head.
It was beautiful and this made me so hard that I decided I had to go back to take a Second look, As I drew closer to her I realised that I was so hard that she would see, so I decided to walk up to her and asked if she wanted to have sex. She looked at me in disbelief, I did not know her and she did not know me, but she for some reason said yes.
We planned for me to come back in the night time, I was so hot for that Entire Day and I all I thought about was her pussy and What I wanted to do to it.
I was only 15 and she was about 35.
I got ready and hurried to her house and she was waiting for me, I knocked on the door and there She was Naked, I did not know much about sex. I had never seen a pussy so Clean, I walked into the room and went to my knees and started to lick her her pussy like a little puppy, I had never done it before but I liked it. then I felt something warm, a liquid gushing into my mouth I did not know what it was but I kept licking.
She then held on to my cock and started stroking it, pushed me onto the Bed and started Sucking my cock it was unlike anything I had Felt.
She then took to the floor her face down, and her booty up: She suddenly Shouted at me fuck me boy, I put my huge cock into her pussy and she kept saying this is the best cock I have had in my life and there was a white creamy liquid on my cock the entire time.
We Finished and she asked me to leave after She Kissed me.
She Said I don't want us to know each other, I have lived My Fantasy.
I was fine with that
90% (7/1)
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ouah i like
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nice one