My first time

As you can see from my profile I am new to xhamster, I came across it during a visit to my friend Michael who lives in France, and I saw him looking at the site. I had gone to see him after finding my so called boyfriend in bed with my so called best girl friend. My morale was shattered.

After a few glasses of wine Michael and I started talking about our fantacies, one of mine has been to make love with another woman and another is my first threesome FMF or FFF.

A week later I was back in London and Michael came over to his flat he keeps in Highgate and we meet up in a pub close by. He had an ex girlfriend with him Annaliese, Annie for short. She was and is a stunning blonde with perfect figure, tits and teeth in fact just BEAUTIFUL.

We had a few drinks and then went to Michael's flat to eat. After the meal Michael logged on to xham, and the evening kicked off!!. We played a form of strip poker with me and Annie soon becoming naked and Michael down to his pants, his excitment was obvious to all!!

I had never been so close to a naked beauty like Annie before and I could not take my eyes off her tits and perfectly smooth pussy, she in turn stared at my blonde pussy which has only ever had a bikini wax. She asked if she could stroke my fur and so I moved closer and she did so, I asked her the same question and she opened her legs to let me in. I felt her smooth pussy and I think it was as wet as mine,we kissed and stroked each others tits and pussies whilst Michael watched, he took off his pants an I could see pre-cum on his hard cock so I leaned over and licked it off.

Annie then said she would love to shave my pussy and led me to the bathroom. Ten minutes later there I was bare as the day I was born and Annie said she would have to lick my pussy to make sure she had shaved me properly. I could feel my juices running down my legs in anticipation as there was no fur stop them.

I was led to Michael's bedroom where he was lazily stroking his hard on and Annie lay me down next to him and started to lick and stroke my inner thighs I'm sure I came there and then but when her tongue hit my bald pussy for the first time it exploded i never knew there was so much juice in me.

Annie continued to eat away and turned so I could try pussy for the first time. The smell was divine and I could see that her juices were coming thick and fast too.

Gingerly I slid my tongue up and down her pussy what a taste I came Again!!!!!.
Annie laid back and let me know when I was hitting the right spot her moaning was one of the biggest turn ons I licked and sucked at her pussy until she came and came again, we then did what I have been dreaming of for a long time, sixty nine, I was in heaven. After I came for god knows what number she put two of her slim fingers in my sodden pussy and found what no one had ever before my G-Spot, I had never ever felt anything like it and I thought I was going to pee myself but Annie said let it go you are going to have your first squirt, WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sated and so was Annie, poor old Michael had to settle for a wank, he did however come on our tits and we licked each other clean and took it in turns to suck him hard again.

Annie teased him about not getting to fuck us both but the next morning he got his wish and I got my first threesome

I will write about it soon

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3 years ago
Wonderful V and to squirt too ,,lucky girl ---we want more !!!and i know you do too !! xxxxxxxxxxxxx thanks
3 years ago
Its almost like were living the same life :P Good story
3 years ago
nice start to a realationship xxxx
3 years ago
mmmmmm, HOT!
3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
Mmmm, a delicious tease for a much longer story