TWD Fantasy ( Part 1 )

Your all alone and sacred in the woods. It's been days since you got separated from your group. Your hungry, scared and and being followed by 3 walkers. As you try to run you trip over a fallen tree, you look up and a walker is almost on top of you. You close your eyes and wait for the bite the will turn you into on of them. Just as you have given up hope a gunshot rings out in the quiet forest and the walkers head explodes covering you in zombie filth. You turn to see who save you and there she is. One of the hottest girls you have ever seen. Two more shots ring out and the other walkers drop. She then points the gun at you.
Were you bit? She asks
No, I don't think so. You answer
Get up and take your shirt off, I want to make sure. She demands. You slowly get up and remove you bl**dy shirt. She walks around you slowly, taking her time but with the gun still to your head. Once she see you have no bites she tells you to take off your pants.

You stare at her, wondering if this is happening. You are about to protest and she shoves the gun against your head.
Shut the fuck up and take your pants off NOW!!!
Little did she know you were wearing your s****rs panties. You look her in the eyes and see she is about 2 seconds from blowing your head off. You close your eyes and undo your belt. You have lost weight so your pants just fall around your ankles.
There is a moment of silence the all you hear is her laughing at you.

The laughter goes on and on. You know you are turning red with shame but something starts to happen you didn't expect... You start to get hard. You try to make it stop but there is nothing you can do. Then the laughter stops.
Are you getting a boner you little fag? You are... Oh my god look at that little thing. Then the laughter starts again.

You are filled with shame but you have never been so hard in your life. She kneels down next to you and touches your cock with the tip of her gun.
Pink is defiantly your color. Look at that little thing trying to poke out of your panties. I have seen many things since this has started but nothing like this. And she laughs again.
We better get going, if we are to get to terminus. She says. You start to pull up your pants and she stops you.
What do you think your doing? Not a chance, your walking in your panties all the way there.
You are so ashamed but you take your pants off the rest of the way and walk up next to her.
Wait she says. We can't have you walking around with your thing poking out of your panties... We have to do something about that before we go.

go on... cum for me then we can go.
you feel so ashamed but yet you are so turned on your ball are aching. you pull your panties down and start stroking your cock. you look over at her and she is watching you play with yourself with a little grin on her face. you know you are going to cum soon so you reach over and put your hand on here right tit.
She steps back and slaps you right in the face. you have never been hit like that before, you are seeing stars and you almost fall over. even though your face is burning your cock is even harder.
Don't you ever touch me you piece of shit! my husband Glen is the only one allowed to touch me. now im going to have to punish you for that. get on your knees.
you do as your told wondering what is about to happen to you. You see her going into her backpack looking for something. she smiles and pulls out a huge black dildo.
you are scared to death of what she is planning but at the same time your cock starts dripping with precum.

she walks over to you and holds the dildo by her pussy. she looks into your eyes then grabs your head and jams it into your mouth. you start to gag from it going down your throat that just makes her laugh and she jams it down again. you gag again and it is so far down your throat you cant draw a breath. you feel like your going to pass out when she pulls it out and slaps you again on the face. you fight for air and try not to puke and then you realize that while this was happening you were stroking your cock. tears are running down your face from gaging and your throat burns but you still keep stroking your cock.
bend over now! she demands. you do as your told afraid of what is to come next. your afraid but your cock is throbbing.

it happens so fast you don't have time to flinch. all of your saliva on the dildo made the dildo slide in easily. the pain rips through your body. you feel like your being ripped in two. she pulls it out and slams it in again and again. you cry out in pain and that just gets you another slap.
shut up and don't be a sissy. you love it, look at all that precum.
a tear falls to the ground. the pain is horrible and her laughing is the worst part. everytime she slams it into you your cock throbs.

over and over you are being fucked. the pain is still there but you start to feel something else. it starts in your balls and travels to your toes. you cant help it, you grab your cock and jerk it as fast as you can. the pain is killing you but the pleasure is taking over. your heart is beating out of your chest. your eyes roll back and you feel like you cant breath. the pain mixes with the most pleasure you have ever felt. your asshole tightens around the dildo. your balls contract and you feel your cock throb as the first stream of cum flies out of your cock. you keep stroking as shot after shot of cum blasts out. five, six seven spurts of cum and it is not stopping. your ears are ringing you cant see straight. you are sure that you heart will explode in your chest. but you keep stroking. after the tenth stream flies out she yanks the dildo out of your ass and grabs your balls. you realize that you are screaming but you never want this to end. and after you finish shooting your cum you collapse on the ground.

you realize you are crying, but your not sure if it is from the pain or the pleasure. you open your eyes and she is standing over you. the laughter is gone and it almost looks like she is impressed.
get up, we have to go. she says. you cant even catch your breath let alone get up. but you know you better do as your told. as you are trying to get to your feet you hear her yell.
uuuggghhh.... you fucking pig! you got you cum all over my boot. she storms over to you and punches you in the face knocking you back to the ground.
I cant go to terminus and find my husband with you cum all over my boot. Get over here and clean it up. you go to her and go to wipe it with your hand and this gets you another slap.
not with your hands you little faggot... use you tongue and like it clean.
again you do as your told. you have never tasted your cum before and as you lick her boot you taste the dirt and dust and also your own cum. your afraid you might get sick but after your third lick you realize it is not too bad. when you are done she looks at her boot.
Good. now lets go. and pull your panties up.
you pull your panties up and don't even try to get your other cloths. you know she will never allow that. she looks at you one more time and turns and walks away. you follow her with your head down in shame. after an hour of walking, she says
I cant wait till we get there, my s****r Beth is going to love you. I think my friend Tyrese is going to love you too.

So it's been 3 months since your incident with Maggie. A week after she used you, you met up with the group. You finally met her husband glen but you also met her s****r Beth.
Over the next couple weeks you fit in with your new group. You go on food runs and keep watch at night. You have also gotten close with Beth. If there is such a thing as dating in the zombie apocalypse you two were two peas in a pod. Although you are falling in love, you live in fear that one day Maggie will tell Beth what happened. There are times at dinner you will look up and see Maggie looking at you. And even though your with Beth there is a part of you that long to have her do that again.
You and Beth have taken it slow. A lot of holding hands and some light kissing but nothing more than that. She is a god loving Christian and you are pretty sure she is a virgin. Technically you are a virgin too, you have never made love to a girl. But you could argue that what Maggie did to you took your virginity. She did ram a dildo down your throat and that same black dildo deep in your ass. There are times at night when you are holding Beth while she sl**p and try to wonder how you would bring that up to her. To ask her to treat you like a little whore. You are pretty sure she would never talk to you again. So for now you take it slow with Beth but dream of the way Maggie made you feel.

You wake up to find the camp in a buzz. It looks like most of the group is going to scout out this place called terminus. They want you and Beth to stay and watch the k**s. Beth does a great job with the baby and there is only the two other s****rs to watch. Mika is cute as a button but her older s****r Lizzie is different. She's a good k** but there is something about her that your not sure about.
You gladly agree because it gives you plenty of time to be with Beth. You make breakfast for Beth and the girls and soon after Lizzie and Mika ask to go and pick some berries. You and Beth agree you just tell them to stay close.
You and Beth play with the baby for a while and then she says she is going to take a nap with the baby. She asks if you can go check the girls. You agree and give her a kiss on the cheek. She crawls into the tent and you go looking for the girls. You are pretty sure you know where they are at. There is a big blueberry patch out behind the old barn. It dosn't take too long to find them. You hear them giggling and you decide to be quiet so you can sneak up on them and scare them. As you creep around the old barn you smile thinking about how they will scream and be mad at you for scaring them. And you are all set to jump out at them you see something that stops you in your tracks.

You thought you were going to see the girls picking berries but you find them doing something very different. Lizzie is standing in the blueberry patch totally naked and Mika is kneeling down next to her. They are talking but from where you are at you can't hear everything. You decide to go into the old barn to get a better view and to be able to hear them. Also you don't want them seeing you.
The old barn stinks of decay and you give it a quick scan to make sure you are the only living thing in there. You walk to the far side of the barn and find a spot where the wall has rotten away and there is a nice hole to look out. You get on your knees and look through the hole and see you have a perfect view of them. And you can now hear them. You get your first good look at her body. She isn't filled out like a woman yet but she is defiantly looking very sexy. You look at her small but pert breast. Her little pink nipples look so hard in the cool morning air. And then you look down and see that she has a little hair between her legs. You know this is wrong to be looking but you can't help it. And even though it is wrong your cock is so fucking hard. You reach down and start rubbing yourself over your pants and you feel your balls tremble. You haven't cum since your day with Maggie. There is always too many people around and you don't dare do it at night while you sl**p with Beth. You keep rubbing your cock when you hear Lizzie say.
"See... I told you I have hair down there." She is looking down at Mika. Mika reaches up and touches the fine hair. She smiles and looks up to her s****r.
"You were right, you do have a lot of hair. I still don't have any." Says Mika.

Mika goes to move away and Lizzie says
"Keep rubbing... That feels good." Mika looks at her
"It feels good when I rub your peepee?" Mika keeps rubbing and Lizzie lets out a little moan. Lizzie takes her hands and starts to rub her already hard nipples.
"Yes it feels really good. Just keep rubbing me."
You can't believe what your seeing and hearing. You know it is wrong but your cock is telling you to keep going. You know you are going to cum soon so you undo your pants and stroke your hard cock. You see Lizzie moving her hips against Mika's hand. Her eyes are closed an she licks her lips. This makes you quiver with the thoughts of those lips wrapped around your cock. You are just about to blow your load when you hear something move behind you.

You turn around quickly and see a walker coming up behind you. You reach for the knife on your belt but your pants are around your ankles. You reach for the knife as the walker lunges at you. You shove the zombie and that gives you enough time to get your knife from the sheath. As the walker comes for you again you jam your knife into it's right temple.
You pull your blade out and have two seconds to contemplate what just happened when you hear a gasp from behind you. You turn to see Lizzie and Mika staring at you. You ask if they are ok and you see they are not looking at your face they are looking at your cock. I guess during your zombie fight you forgot to pull your pants up. Also your cock is still rock hard.

You are shocked. The adrenalin is pumping through your heart and you can hear your heart beating in your ears and in you cock. It dosn't help that Lizzie is still naked. Lizzie looks up and meets your eyes.
"Wow... nice cock!" Mika covers her mouth as she giggles.
"Um, thanks" you manage to say as you try to pull your pants up.
"Were you watching us? Is that why your cock is hard?" Lizzie asks as you pull your pants up and try to think of a reply.
"Don't put it away. I want to see it. Come over here in the light." You know you should stop this right away but god... looking at her body is making you crazy. You slowly walk over to them.

"Go ahead... drop them" Lizzie says.
"We shouldn't be doing this" you say. "It's wrong" Lizzie is looking at you, you can see something in her eyes that is telling you your not getting off that easy.
"Your right" Lizzie says. "We should go back and tell Beth that you were jerking off while Mika was checking me for poison ivy" you can tell that she isn't k**ding. How are you going to explain this to Beth and the others. Best case is they kick you out, worst case you'll be hanging from the nearest tree. You are powerless. You have no choice so you drop your pants.

So once you drop your pants you look at the girls. Lizzie is smiling and Mika looks shocked.
"Look, he's peeing." Says Mika.
"He's not peeing. That's cum." Says Lizzie.
"What's cum?" Asks Mika.
"Well I'm guessing it is precum because he is still hard. Once men cum their dicks go soft and they fall asl**p. Cum is what shoots out of a dick when a man has a orgasm." Lizzie tries to explain.
"What's an orgasm?" Asks Mika.
"It happens when you rub your dick or pussy."
"Girls have orgasms?" Mika looked perplexed. "Does stuff, I mean cum shoot out of us?"
"Sometimes. If you rub your pussy the right way it does, but not always. And when a man sticks his dick in your pussy it almost always happens to me." Said Lizzie proudly. You look at Lizzie.
"Your twelve, who has had sex with you?" You ask.
"My dad before he died. And then me and Daryl have done it a few times." You can't believe what she is saying. Daryl is that crazy biker dude that rescued Beth. When they showed up at camp you thought they were dating. You found out later the Daryl had a thing for carol. You thought he was crazy before but now that you know he is fucking Lizzie... he is fucking crazy.
"I want to see it cum." Says Mika. "Can you rub it and make it cum for us?" She is looking up at you. You know there is no getting out of this. This has to happen or they will tell Beth. So you know it has to get done so you might as well enjoy it.
"Ok. I will do it but you two have to promise never to tell anyone. Ok?" You say to both of them.
"We swear" they both answer.
"Ok. But you have to help. Mika, rub your s****r like you were doing earlier. And Lizzie, lick your lips and look at me while you do it." Mika starts right away rubbing her s****r and Lizzie lets out another moan. You grab your cock and start stroking. Mika was right, you are dripping with precum. You can't ever remember seeing that much. You keep stroking and it feels so good. You are getting bolder now.
"Mika, lean over and kiss your s****rs nipple." You demand. Mika looks up at you and then does as she is told. At first it is just a quick kiss.
"No. Lick it like it was an ice cream cone." You tell her. Mika leans back in and starts licking Lizzie's nipple. Lizzie throws her head back and moans. Mika keeps fingering her and sucking her nipple and then Lizzie looks up at you and starts licking her lips. That does the trick and you start to cum. The first shot hits Lizzie right in the face. Your next shot lands on her left breast. The one Mika is licking. She dosn't miss a beat and keeps licking her nipple and your cum. Your next shot goes on the left side of Mika's face and your last two shots hit Lizzie in the face again and on her tits. You can't believe how much these girls have made you cum. Right then Lizzie starts moaning really loud. She moves Mika's hand away and starts rubbing her clit. Two seconds later she is howling and for the first time in your life you see a girl squirt. You keep pumping your cock and before you know it you are shooting another load. This one wasn't as big but you are surprised. You have never cum back to back like that.
Everyone is breathing hard, Mika is smiling from ear to ear. And Lizzie has a glowing look to her. With everything that just happened it come as a huge shock when you hear.
"You sick fucking asshole!!"
You turn around and see Beth holding the baby staring at you.

You try to say something but nothing comes out. You see a tear fall down her cheek. She turns and walks away. You are crushed. The only thing you can do now is go back to camp and grab your few belongings and get out before you get shot in the face.
You turn back to the girls. Mika looks scared but Lizzie has a little smirk on her face. She takes one of her fingers and scoops up some if your cum off her tits and puts it in her mouth. She sucks it down and looks at you and says.
"Yummy. See... you don't have to worry about us telling on you."
You look shocked. You can't believe this is happening.
"Just get dressed" you tell her.
"Don't be mad Johnny. We had a lot of fun." Lizzie says still smiling. You pull up your pants and head for camp. You hope Beth isn't there, so you can get your stuff and go. Your heart breaks when you think about that tear running down her face. You know there is nothing to say to her to make this right. How do you explain jerking off on two little girls.
As you come up to camp you know your not going to get out so easily. You see Beth talking to someone and when you come around the trees you see who she is talking too. It is Maggie.
They both turn and look at you.

It seems that Maggie and Glen came back to check on you guys and Maggie stayed and glen went back to the group. When you come around the trees they see you and Beth looks down and points to you. Maggie gets up and beelines right for you with her rifle in hand. You put your hands up and try to say something but before you can say anything Maggie slams the butt of her rifle into your face. Pain explodes in your head. You feel like your falling and everything is going dark. Before your world fades to black you hear Maggie's voice calling you a fucking pig. And then you remember no more.

You have a crazy dream. You are being chased by a walker and you can not run. You try, your legs are moving but you are going nowhere. Fear spreads. You try to scream but nothing happens. The walker is close now. You can actually smell its rotting flesh. You try one last time to run but when you look down your feet are tied, and your naked. You feel the walker as it pushed you to the ground. You lay on your back and look up at this horror. It stares down at you, and you have a feeling you knew this person before they turned but you can't remember her name. It still is looking down at you and you could almost see a look of empathy on its horrible lipless face. Then that passive look turns into a snarl. It moves in for the kill. But it dosn't go for your throat. It drops down between your legs. You try to scream but still nothing comes. You feel the teeth surround your cock. Pain explodes through your body. You feel it biting and tearing at your flesh. And a moment later you feel your manhood being ripped from your body. Now you are screaming. Screaming like a banshee. You realize you are not screaming for it to stop or for this to be over. You are screaming that you are sorry. Right then the zombie looks up at you with your bl**dy cock in its mouth. And you realize who the person was before the were turned.... It is Beth.

Your eyes snap open and you are looking into Maggie's eyes.
"I told you he wasn't dead." You look around and see Beth sitting about ten feet away. She won't even look at you. You are just about to say something when Maggie slaps you across the face.
"Keep your fucking mouth shut!" Maggie yells at you. She walks over to Beth and whispers something to her. Beth keeps looking down and shakes her head no.
"Why" you hear Maggie say. Beth looks up at you and whispers something to Maggie. Maggie shakes her head and gets up and walks over to you. She just looks at you, and doesn't say a word. You feel her eyes piercing into your soul. After a few minutes she says
"The only reason you are still alive is because of Beth. I wanted to blow your fucking head off and she stopped me. Because she loves you." Maggie starts laughing and shakes her head.
"I told her she was too young to realize that you are trouble. That when I found you I knew you were bad. But she won't listen. Even when she catches you having sex with two little girls she still won't give up."
"I didn't..." You start to say when Maggie slaps you again.
"I told you to shut up!" Maggie yells at you. "I don't care that you jerked off on two girls. I care that you hurt my s****r." Maggie is pacing back and forth now. "Those girls will have to get used to men being pigs. But when you love someone you don't hurt them... ever!" She pulls her knife out and puts it to your throat. "Do you love my s****r Johnny?" you look up at Maggie then you look over at Beth as a tear falls down.
"Yes I do and I'm sorry." You say. Beth looks up and your eyes meet. You know that you have never said anything more true in your life.
"So what do we do know?" Asked Maggie. "You know your going to pay for hurting my s****r." Maggie looks over at Beth. "Remember what I told you I did to him when I first found him?" Beth looks at you and nods her head.
"You knew?"you asked Beth.
"I told her the day she and Daryl came to camp. I don't hide anything from her." You can't believe she was your girlfriend and she knew what Maggie did to you.
"Well I think it's time to teach him a lesson. Do you agree Beth?" Maggie says. You look over at Beth and she looks in your eyes and says
"Yes... It's time for Johnny to be punished."

Since you woke up and realized that Maggie might kill you and Beth loves you, you finally realize that you are naked. You knew you were in the old farmhouse but you didn't know you were naked until you heard Maggie and Beth talking about punishing you. Beth walks over to you and leans in close to your face and gives you a kiss on the lips.
"I love you but you hurt me." Beth says.
"And I am very sorry." You say to her.
"I know." She says and looks at Maggie and Maggie nods.
"I know your sorry but you have to pay." She hauls back and punches you in the balls. You sit up and try to reach for your balls but your tied down. The pain is bad but you try not to cry out. Beth takes a step back as Maggie slams you back down on the table. Maggie then reaches down and grabs your right nipple and twists it hard. Still you don't cry out. Maggie looks at Beth and says
"Your turn" Beth walks around the table and and grabs a stick that was laying there. She walks back over and whacks you on your right thigh. The immediate sting rushes through your body. She raises her arm and brings the stick down again on your right upper thigh, two inches from your pain filled balls. You suck in air but you don't scream.
Maggie then smacks you in the face, once twice three times. You feel your eyes water but you still don't cry out.
Beth reaches down and grabs your balls and twists them hard. She lets up an then squeezes them again really hard. You are dying in pain but there is a part of you that is loving this. And that part is starting to grow. You know this is going to get you in trouble but your dick has a mind of its own. As your cock grows it brushes Beth's arm. She pulls her arm away and looks at you.
"I told you he was a fucking pervert. Look, he loves this." Maggie says to Beth. You are so ashamed, with everything that has happened you still get hard. You don't know why you like this but seeing how hard your cock is there is something you like about it. Maybe something you love.

Beth is just staring at your cock. She looks a little scared but there is a hint of a smile.
"Is this the first one you have seen?" asks Maggie. Beth looks up and nods her head.
"Well I did see daddy's once when he was peeing, but never one when it is hard." Beth says. She slowly brings her hand towards your cock but stops short of touching you.
"Go ahead... Touch it" says Maggie. Beth reaches out and and runs her finger down the length of your shaft. Though it only took two seconds to do this, it seemed like an eternity. Your first time being touched by a girl. You are in heaven. Beth runs her finger back up your dick and circles the head of your dick. She feels the ridge of your head, she runs her finger back up and down again.
Beth looks up at Maggie, maybe for approval maybe for encouragement. Maggie nods her head and Beth returns her gaze back to your cock. She gets a little bolder and wraps her small hand around your cock.

Beth starts to move her hand up and down your cock. She squeezes hard then soft alternating her grip. You can't take your eyes off her. You have waited so long for her to touch you. And here she is stroking your cock. You want to reach out and feel her but your hands are tied. So you just relax and enjoy the feeling.
Beth switches hands and is now stroking you with her left hand. She reaches her right hand out and lightly touches your balls. She moves her fingers over each of your balls. She is so timid, feeling a man for the first time. Over and over she traces your balls with the tips of her fingers. You let out a small moan, you are in heaven. When all of a sudden.... SMACK!!! Maggie open hand smacks you right on the chest. It scared both you and Beth.
"Don't forget Johnny needs to be punished" Maggie says. For those few minutes you almost forgot Maggie was there.
"I know" says Beth "I just got carried away playing with him" Beth takes her hands away from you and you feel like screaming.
Beth looks at Maggie and asks
"So how should we punish him?"

To be continued...

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much better than the real show, hope part 2 is just as good!!