Her First Time

one day Jessica waz comeing from work while talking with Jennifer (her best freind)they decided 2 go 2 dinner.Of course they went 2 Olive Garden.The total of the food waz 59.86 Jessica only had 20.00 $. Jennifer payed the rest. So they went back 2 Jessica's house Jessica waz driving. Jennifer siad"u know u owe me right ?"Jessica- Yeah I know, so how am i supposed to pay? Jennifer kissed Jessica. Jessica waz startled, she knew her best friend aws a lesbian but this was her first time having sex. She backed away, Jennifer grabed her told ehr 2 shuttup and kiss her.Jessica did what she waz told so therer they were started at-8:00Ended at 11:45.
48% (8/8)
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3 years ago
nice start on an outline
3 years ago
Umm this needs some work... but it has potential
3 years ago
Grammar, school, and reading other polar post will teach you how to write stories.