Living in a Dream-like Wonderland

I cant help it. I want her, no need her badly. She consumes my thoughts and dreams. I want to take her over and over again, I want to be as gentle and as rough with her as I can, all while making her moan in ecstasy. Every night, I imagine us together in bed, our tongues battling for dominance while we strip each other from our clothes little by little.
I can see it clear as day, her deeply kissing me before kissing, licking, and nibbling down my neck and chest, leaving a love bite or two on my shoulder before kissing down my body and just before she kisses down past my navel, I lay down and have her sit over my head, so I can return the favor as she services me. I gently part her trimmed folds and lick her outer lips before sticking my tongue into her as deeply as I can, while moving my tongue in random and not so random patterns. As I do this she grabs hold of me and gently but firmly moves her hand up and down, before engulfing my head in her warm mouth and licks and lightly sucks on it. In a very successful attempt to please me she would remove her hand and take as much of my shaft into her mouth as she could before hitting her gag reflex, then switch to just my head and lick it like it were the worlds last lollypop. She repeats the process many times over while I remove my tongue from her folds and replace it with two fingers, twisting and turning them about while I lick and nibble on her clit, making her hips thrust up and down, wanting to take my fingers deeper into her body. When this happens, she whispers just loud enough for me to hear "请不要取笑我了,[please don't tease me anymore],I want to feel you inside."
When I hear this, I cant help but want to fulfill her request. I sit up as she moves from entirely on top of me, to sitting on my waist, where I rub against her folds. Just to tease her a little, I roll my hips so I slip between her folds but don't enter her, and cause her hips to rock and her to moan from the pleasure. She lays on top of me and give me a playful look before kissing me deeply, while her hand positions my member at the right angle, and she slowly impales herself on me. Her body is wracked with pleasure and she shudders a few times, while moaning my name and slowly rocking her hips, adjusting to the sensations of pleasure coursing through her nerves.
After she is finally adjusted to me, she and I begin moving our hips at an even pace, as she lifts up, I pull back; as she descends I push up, attempting to hit her g-spot and fully bury myself within her warm depths. The pace quickens, sweat builds up on our bodies, she grips my shoulders and leaves marks with her fingernails, all pain is ignored as I cup her breasts and run my thumbs over her hardened nipples. She leans down for a kiss and rocks her hips faster and faster, signaling that she is about to cum, I kiss her in return, and move my hands to her hips and push into her as we both climax. I remain in her and whisper sweet nothings in her hear as we relax under the covers and fall asl**p to the sound of each others breathing
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