Filling the holes; uh, in the roof

I am a carpenter and have always read the stories about the handy man getting laid all the time. I think I may have been in the right place once or twice but I guess I just missed the signals. So I imagined that you were seducing me while I tried to give you an estimate on some repair work. “I have some holes… …that need to be filled. Uh, in my roof I mean.” was what the voicemail said. I listened to it several times and thought, I think she is trying to give me a signal. I canceled another appointment in order to get right over to meet you.

Since we were looking for holes to fill, in the roof of course, I had to climb a ladder several times and I don't wear boxers. You were provided an ample view of my package through the leg of my short pants as I climbed the ladder each time. When I became aware of this my cock got hard. This was the signal you needed that it was perfectly fine to grab my cock. Your hand made my cock even harder as I gripped the ladder to keep from falling.

When I got my feet on the ground you took me to the floor with your hands clutching my hard cock and balls. With one rough tug you got my shorts around my ankles as my cock sprung to attention. Ready for action, ready for fun. My cock was right in your face, so I grabbed it and stroked it for you. Showing you just how hard you had made me, showing you the first drops of precum that I was able to squeeze out of him.

You took the head of my cock into your mouth and looked at me, showing me how much you enjoyed the taste of my cum. Moaning as you took more and more of me into your mouth, looking at me with those beautiful eyes, deeper and deeper with each moan.

I was enjoying this and didn’t think I could get any harder when you said something while my cock was half out of your mouth. All I could do was moan, “huh?” You said it again, with my hard cock deeper in your wonderful throat. Forcing me to say a sentence I never thought I would utter, “Take my cock out of your mouth”.

Your spit was covering my cock as you stroked it and said, “give me that hard cock in my tight ass baby. Fuck my ass lover, I want your cum in my ass”. You put the head of my cock into your mouth and sucked on it, trying to get every bit of precum that remained, keeping your eyes on mine the entire time.

With my back on the floor you stood over me with a denim skirt and no panties. “You don’t have any leaks in your roof, do you”, I asked for reasons I still can’t explain. You ignored me and continued the show. Shaking your ass and showing me everything you had brought to the party. Teasing me, and we both enjoyed every minute of it.

You sat down on my hard cock, reverse cowgirl, as you pulled your sweater over your tits. Tugging on your nipples and pumping my cock you said, “I want to get your cock good and wet so you can hammer my tight ass baby”. Your skirt was flapping with each bounce giving me quick glances at your wonderful ass. You knew what you were doing the entire time.

You reached behind you and lifted your skirt and began rimming your wonderful rosebud with your manicured fingers. “Oh shit baby that is so fucking hot”, was all I could get out as I watched my cock slide in and out of your wet box and you fingering your tight ass. You replied, “I want you to fuck my asshole so hard that I will remember it all week whenever I sit down”, slipping one then two fingers inside, showing me that you were ready for me to do some work for you, to fix the leaks in your roof.

You lifted your skirt up high this time, then grabbed the cheeks of your wonderful ass. I got on my knees and licked your spread ass, sucking lightly at first then harder. You begged me, “give me that cock baby, I want you in my ass”. I took my cock, wet from your cunt, and began to press the head of my cock slowly into your sweet rear. You wanted it all, so you rocked back on your knees and took my entire cock right up your ass. As you did you said in a frantic voice, “oh my god! Fuck me; I want it deep in my ass, fuck me deep in my ass”.

After a few minutes on our knees I laid you on your side and held one leg in the air as I slid my cock easily into your ass. Your pussy was so wet it was lubing your ass with its wonderful juices. From this angle I was finally able to give you the memorable fucking you wanted. I could see you franticly rubbing your soaking wet pussy as my cock went balls deep. I would fuck you hard for a bit then I would bury my cock as deep as it would go and keep it there, pumping slow short strokes. I could tell you enjoyed this and it was also keeping me from cuming before I wanted to. I was so into all the naughty sights and sounds and smells.

To finally finish me off you pushed me off of you and f***ed me to my back. You held my arms over my head as you tried to get the head of my cock into your slippery tight ass. You were so wet my cock kept slipping into you soaking wet shaved pussy. You quickly grabbed my cock and guided it straight into your hungry ass. You told me you would let my other hand go but I had to get ready for the finish, “I want your cum in my ass, deep in my wet filthy ass. You aren’t in control any more, I am, and I want that cum and I’m gonna cum with you.” I didn’t know what to expect. So I grabbed your tits and gave them a good squeeze as you sat down on my throbbing rod.

With my cock as deep as it would go into your waiting ass you rocked back and forth. Your pussy play had reached a new level of dedication as your breathing became more and more a****l-like. Your hand was a blur on your beautiful big lips, your swollen clit flicking back and forth with each stroke of your hand, “I want to cum on you, watch me cum baby.” With that you stuffed four fingers into your wet cunt.

That was all it took to finally put me over the edge, “fuck yeah baby, cum on me, cum on me while I cum in your ass.” You quickly pulled your fingers out of your pussy and squirted your hot cum across my chest. At that moment my cock erupted into your hot naughty hole. You quickly stuck your fingers back into your cunt and squirted me again, this time hitting me in the face, I could taste your cum. “oh fuck yeah you dirty slut, fuck me!” With that I felt another orgasm rip through me, growling with each contraction.

You collapsed onto my chest, both of us now covered with your cum. The action had ceased and all that remained was the strong smell of sex and heavy breathing. We giggled once or twice as we lay there together but nothing was said. We stayed that way until my cock withdrew from your wet ass. Then you made a deep purring sound. I giggled at first and then felt what had caused your purr, my hot cum was slowly running from your ass. You reached around and began massaging it into your wet pussy, making wonderfully naughty sounds, barely audible over our still labored breathing.

We went at it two more times before all the leaks, or were they holes, were filled. I wanted to be sure I had satisfied my customer, this was definitely a job I wanted to get a call back from.

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