My First Chat Room Experience

I am a 46 year old male, recently divorced from a non-sexual wife of 20 years. I have been a regular porn viewer at xHamster for quite some time, favoring the mature amateur stuff the most. I recently started a profile on xHamster just to see what it was all about. I found lots of great amateur stuff viewing other member’s profiles; I had already gotten off twice viewing these husband and wife videos before I found the chat rooms.

Wow, what an experience the chat rooms are. I am totally new to the whole thing so I just stayed quiet at first, just checking out cams and trying to get an understanding of it all. It took me a few tries before I figured out how to tell men from women and couples. I was reading all the messages and checking out different cams and really getting excited. Then a private message popped up on my screen. It was from BigTits31 and I had no idea what to do, but my cock sure did.

She invited me to go to a private room. I’m thinking; cool, she likes to watch guys and put on shows for them. I told BigTits31 I was so new to this I didn’t even know how to get to the private rooms. She messaged me with a link to the private chat room. I turned on my cam and started stroking my cock so she could see me. This was a terrific turn on for me; I love to jack off for women and she was watching me. BigTits31 promised to do everything for me, as she let loose her big boobs. I stroked my cock right in front of the cam for her and was loving my first experience in the chat room. Then it started.

I looked back at the screen to see what my partner was doing for me only to see she was still sitting in front of her cam, with her top off. What I wasn’t aware of was she had been messaging me while I was doing a show for her. My cock began to shrink as I read her messages; “please send credits and I will show everything”. “WTF are credits”, I asked. She explained and assured me she would do everything for 20 credits. After explaining to me how to buy these credits I ran off to get some, I wanted, no needed, to get off. My cock was hurting to cum. I came back with the required credits and gave her the 20 she required. Why does she want credits, I thought. Then she started dancing around and showing her ass to me. It didn’t take long for my cock to return to attention and I started stroking it for her again. Things were looking good, I thought. Then she starts asking for more credits again. I told BigTits31 that she was starting to sound like my ex-wife; ‘if you paint the house I’ll let you fuck my ass’. I had been down that road before, I didn’t know why she needed credits, I had just seen the end of a couple having sex just before she messaged me and they didn’t ask for credits. I politely excused myself from BigTits31’s private session and began checking out what was going on in the chat room again.

As I started looking at the webcams of the women in the room I noticed a couple that had their cam on. I had seen a couple fucking like rabbits earlier and they never hassled me for credits, so I opened this couple’s webcam. Their screen name was WetFist101, I didn’t know what to expect. When their cam came up there was a pretty blonde lying on the bed, she was naked and seemed to be just reading other peoples posts. I could see her man next to her on the bed. Since I am new to this I wasn’t sure what to say or do. I waited another minute and read the posts as they appeared, nothing from WetFist101. She was just watching and reading what the others were doing.

I decided to just say “Hi WetFist”. As soon as I hit enter the naked blonde sat up a bit, and then a “Hi Leon” came up on the posts. As she sat up I could tell she said something to her man, I was unsure what to expect at that point, so I just waited. After a few seconds she moved the laptop down to the end of their bed, giving me a complete view of her naked body. She had large breasts that were laying flat on her chest, her legs were spread showing me her pink pussy. She started rubbing her pussy for me and this made my cock very stiff. I was stroking it through my boxers as it grew. My cam was on and I was curious if she was watching, so I typed in my question and waited to see her response. Her reply came over the speakers; “yeah baby, I’m watching you stroke your hard cock for me”. I hadn’t even realized that we could hear each other over the mic. This was gonna be fucking hot.

I watched as she and her man played with her pussy, I could see she was getting wet as he fingered her and she played with her clit. I grabbed some Vaseline and lubed up my cock and really started stroking for her. She asked me to play with my balls so I stood up and placed my junk right in front of my cam and pulled on my balls for her. I could hear her moaning and telling me how much she liked watching me and this just fueled the fire. I stroked slowly for her so she could get a good look at my shinny hard cock. She demanded “faster baby, faster, stroke it faster”. I did as I was told. I stroked it hard and fast for her, and was so turned on that she was watching me. She could hear my groans and I could hear her commands.

I sat back down so I could see what they were doing and realized that their screen name was “WetFist101”. I said to them, “There is no way he can get his big hand inside your sweet little pussy”. With that he began to work more fingers inside of her. When he did her head lay back onto the pillows and her moaning started to get louder. I kept stroking my cock as I watched her man put his entire hand in her hot wet box. I was still stroking but had leaned so far forward, so I could see the show being put on for me, that she couldn’t see me stroking my cock anymore. When she looked up to see what I was doing she told me “show me that fucking cock, I want to see you shoot your cum for me”.

That was all it took for me, I had been slow stroking to try to keep from cumming, I wanted to watch this show as long as I could as well as continue to perform for my audience as well. I stood back up to give WetFist101 the best view and realized I still had my boxers on. When I took them off I got an immediate response from her, “oh yeah baby, get it done for me, show me your cum”. I stroked hard and fast for her, pulling on my balls and smacking my hard cock against my leg. She began to squirm and said she was cumming and that’s all it took for me to cum with her. I shot my cum all over the monitor trying to hit my webcam. She moaned and spread her legs for me so I could see how red her cunt had gotten from having her man fist fucking her.

I told them that this was the first time I had done this and how incredibly hot the entire experience had been for me, WetFist101 informed me that this was only their second time. I told them thanks for the show and that I hoped to see them again some time.

That was the third time I had cum that day. When I went to bed a bit later that night, and I thought about the hot session I had that evening in the chat room, I jacked off again just thinking about how sexy WetFist101 was and how turned on I was knowing she had been watching me jack off for her.

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3 years ago
Great story... Made my dick stiff
3 years ago
wonderful hot story
3 years ago
I follow...thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Hot, very erotic
3 years ago
Nice story.