After a Bad Day at Work

After a Bad Day at Work
Jane received a text message from her husband. The message only said, “Having a bad day.” She knew what it meant. She remembered the last time she sent the same message to Bill.
Bill made reservations at their favorite restaurant. They had a nice quiet dinner. They went immediately to the bedroom as soon as they got home. Bill removed her clothes and gently laid her on the bed. He then removed his clothes and gave her a full body massage. He then ate her pussy until she came. He then fucked her until she came again. He rolled off of her after he emptied a load inside his wife’s pussy. He then held her in her arms until they both drifted off to sl**p.
Jane was starting to get wet thinking about that night. She composed herself and made reservations at the restaurant.
Jane arrived home before Bill. Jane has a shorter commute than Bill so she was able to make preparations for the night. She undressed and put on a garter belt with stockings. She put on one of her best evening dresses. She heard Bill come in the house. She took something out of a dresser drawer and hurriedly placed it in the bathroom. She ran to meet Bill.
Bill didn’t need to change. He is an executive at an accounting firm. He was already in a suit and tie. Jane drove to the restaurant.
They had a nice quiet dinner. They did not talk at all. They stared at each other lovingly. Jane was thinking about how much better she will make Bill feel. Bill was thinking about how much better Jane will make him feel.
They immediately went to the bedroom when they arrived home. Jane removed his clothes and placed him gently on the bed. She removed her clothes except for the garter belt and stockings. She gave her a husband a full body massage. Bill’s cock was half erect when she finished the massage. She proceeded to suck his cock until it became completely hard.
She then whispered in his ear, “Are you ready for phase two?”
“Yes Dear.”
“Then get ready. I’ll be back in a moment.” Jane went to the bathroom.
Jane returned wearing an eight inch strap on dildo. Bill was lying on the bed with his ass in the air. Jane went to the dresser for a bottle of lube. She lubed up the dildo and started rubbing it on Bill’s ass. She then gently entered Bill’s ass. She pushed until it couldn’t go any further. She fucked him slowly. Bill started to moan.
Jane continued to fuck her husband. Bill continued to moan. Jane fucked him faster when his moans became louder. She grabbed his cock and it was hard. She felt cum dripping out. She stopped fucking him and then she turned him over.
She gently stroked Bill’s cock for a few seconds. She then placed his cock into her mouth. She sucked it until he came. She swallowed every drop. She then kissed her husband.
They both went to sl**p. Their bodies were entwined. Jane and Bill knew how to make each other feel better after a bad day.

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5 months ago
what a great ending to a difficult day
2 years ago
A reprise is often difficult. I'm pleased that Bill and Jane found that restaurant and then they each found their pleasurable places and then remembered to do it again.
3 years ago
Good woman! Very hot