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Am I Bi or What?

I'm not sure if I am bi, straight or what. I know I am not gay. Let me elaborate. My last girlfriend was my height, 5'7'' and 250lbs. She could get me hard without too much trouble. One night I was eating her out and I got a whiff of her scent. I was horny for 3 days.

Earlier, I was watching 2 videos posted on here by a transsexual who may be a transvestite. Both videos were solo. The first video gave me a hard on. My dick was leaking after watching the second one. One of the videos I posted in my favorites on my other name. I've been watching she male videos for a few years and I enjoy watching the videos. Sometimes I jerk off watching she male videos. I also jerk off to straight videos.

I've c2c with a big black woman and that was a turn on.

I've broadcast on here in the past. I was turned on by people watching me. I don't bother anymore since not enough women entered the room.

I have no sexual interest in men. I have seen bi scenes which do not do anything for me. I'm neither repulsed nor excited. I don't have any intention of watching gay men scenes.

I guess I am a sexually confused individual. I'm not sure if I want to get physical with a she male, TV or CD. I'm not even sure if I could c2c with a she male, TV, or CD.
Posted by Len1958 2 years ago
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2 years ago
doesn't matter "get your sex where you can get it". i like women, don't get sex at home, don't like men, butt luv cocks, so that's where i get my sex.

try sucking cock, it's awesome. an old girlfriend, gave good head(no bj is bad) butt she seemed to enjoy it more than me, so i tried cocks and luved them