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Best scene in Lesbian MILF Hunter.

Nina Hartley uses a strap on to fuck a girl. Nina is on top like a man.
Posted by Len1958 2 days ago

DVD Recommendation

I recommend Lesbian BBBW. There are three scenes in this DVD. Scene 1: Shadow Cat and Naughty. Scene 2: Angie and Monet Staxxx. Scene 3: Nomi and Chyanne Foxxx. All six women have big round butts. This DVD is for fans of Big Black Women. All scenes had toys involved.

I bought this DVD because Monet Staxxx was in it. I enjoyed watching all six women.
Posted by Len1958 1 month ago

Taking a Poll

Please go to this pic http://xhamster.com/photos/view/778191-12712987.html and then come back here to take the poll.

Where would you like my dick in your?

A. Mouth
B. Ass
C. Pussy
D. Mouth & Ass
E. Mouth & Pussy
F. Ass & Pussy
G. Mouth, Ass & Pussy
H. Write in vote
Posted by Len1958 1 month ago  |  2

Like to add DVDs

When I start buying DVDs again here is what I would buy. Old movies with my favorite porn stars. Compilations would be: Lesbian, BBW, Interracial White male/Black Female, Solos Female and Shemale, Shemale preferably shemale with women or other she-males tired of watching shemale with male. Also wouldn't mind buying parodies of television shows.
Posted by Len1958 7 months ago  |  3

June 15 - June 21

I might want to Cam to Cam the week of June 15 - June 21. I'm supposed to have vacation that week. I'm also planning on taking a mid-term that week so one day is out.

Cam to cam possibilities are women, men if I feel some sort of connection and there are a few, and transgender (CD, TV, or TS).

I'm willing to be completely nude, bottomless, or wear my garter stockings and a bra if anyone is interested in caming with my other self.

No cam on your end is not a problem. Anyone can just watch through yahoo. Skype may be an option if I can remember my Skype info from my old computer.

... Continue»
Posted by Len1958 8 months ago  |  1

Might try experimenting.

I received comments on some of my cross dressing pics on my other profile from a fellow cross dresser. I have to admit that the messages turned me on. I might consider experimenting with another cross dresser if I feel an attraction.

A while back, I was turned on by a pic with 4 cross dressers in it. The former member was on all fours sucking dick and getting it in the ass. The fourth cross dresser was standing above the former member and getting sucked by the cross dresser doing the anal.

I'll need to go real slow if I decide to explore more of my cross dressing side.
Posted by Len1958 9 months ago  |  3

To big for status

I saw on Yahoo that a minute kiss burns 26 calories. Who wants to kiss me for a minute?
Posted by Len1958 1 year ago

Tried something different

I was getting a bath yesterday and I decided to play with my dildo. I decided to rub my dildo against my dick which I never tried before. What a feeling and I became hard almost instantly. I wound up jerking off and it felt good but cum was runny. I haven't been getting thick cums lately.
Posted by Len1958 1 year ago  |  3

Things that I would like to happen but probably wo

1. Have sex with a black woman.

2. Have sex with a she-male.

3. Get fucked in the ass by a woman with a strap on.
Posted by Len1958 1 year ago  |  1

Used dildo today

I used my dildo today. Had a hard time with it. I was able to get in my ass but couldn't move it a lot. It's been years since I put a dildo in my ass. I guess I have to get used to it all over again.
Posted by Len1958 1 year ago

Possible cam to cam via yahoo or skype

I'm considering c2c again but only through yahoo or skype when I have a day off like today. Prefer women, but might consider cross dressers, men or she males if I feel some sort of attraction. I'm not looking for private pay c2c, just mutual masturbation between friends. Evenings are good before midnight eastern time, but could consider afternoon if I have nowhere to go. We can swap addresses through here if anyone is interested.
Posted by Len1958 1 year ago

My new fantasy

I just watched a video of a girl on a trampoline getting squirted upon by other girls. I added the video to my favorites. I have others of the same kind. I would like to be squirted upon by a bunch of women of all types. Jerking off while soaked in female cum sounds like fun plus my dick would be well lubed from the girl juice.
Posted by Len1958 1 year ago

Might consider doing porn videos

I might consider doing porn videos if I don't find a better job soon. Tired of being behind in bills. Have other ways to make money but not making enough to make ends meet. Job is too erratic.

Types of videos that I might consider:

One on one with a woman. Open to all sizes and races.

Getting fucked in the ass by a strap on. I'm either naked or cross dressed.

Getting fucked in the ass by a she male.

Solo masturbation in boy mode or cross dress mode.

Types of videos that I won't consider:

B/D, S/M, gay, and humiliation.
Posted by Len1958 1 year ago

What I want at the end of a frustrating day

I seem to have more bad days than good. I wish I had someone in my life to come home to so that she could make me feel better after a frustrating day. My first choice would be a BBW. Cuddling with a BBW or having her lay on top of me would make me feel better. I love the way a BBW's body feels up against mine.

My second choice would be to have a woman fuck me in the ass with a strap on. I've used dildos on myself in the past and I do feel better when I cum after fucking myself.

My third choice would be to get fucked in the ass by a she male. She could fuck me in the ass while I jerk off ... Continue»
Posted by Len1958 1 year ago

Me and BBW

I like the feel of a BBW. I like to feel a woman when I hug her. A BBW has plenty to fell. I like to rub as much flesh as possible. I like to feel weight on top of me.

All BBW are sexy to me. I'll get hard looking at pics of BBW especially in stockings. I'll fantasize about burying my head between a BBw legs while looking at pictures.

My last girlfriend was a BBW. I would get hard while she laid on top of me while rubbing her body up against mine.

Currently not involved with anyone but do swap pics with a BBW. I don't discriminate with BBW. I love you all and dosen't matter what yo... Continue»
Posted by Len1958 2 years ago

Possible bi exploration.

I would want a woman involved if I decided to explore bisexuality. I don't see myself with a man, or a cross dresser. A she male is a possibility since having sex with a she male is a fantasy.

I'm not sure what I would be able to do with a couple. I not sure if I want a man to suck me off or fuck me in the ass while I went down on the woman. I'm not sure if I could fuck him in the ass while he want down on the woman. It's doubtful that I could stick a real cock in my mouth.

I guess that I am somewhat confused sexually. I enjoy being with women, but there seems to be some unexplored t... Continue»
Posted by Len1958 2 years ago  |  1

Cam to Cam

I did a cam to cam with a woman on here once and it was a turn on. I wish to do more cam to cam with women. I can cam to cam when I have a day off from work. Ladies let's find a time that is mutual for both of us. I might broadcast through xhamster at times if women request it.

I don't like broadcasting too much through here since I can't stop only male messages. I have to stop all messages. Reading notes from women while jerking off is a turn on for me.
Posted by Len1958 2 years ago

Am I Bi or What?

I'm not sure if I am bi, straight or what. I know I am not gay. Let me elaborate. My last girlfriend was my height, 5'7'' and 250lbs. She could get me hard without too much trouble. One night I was eating her out and I got a whiff of her scent. I was horny for 3 days.

Earlier, I was watching 2 videos posted on here by a transsexual who may be a transvestite. Both videos were solo. The first video gave me a hard on. My dick was leaking after watching the second one. One of the videos I posted in my favorites on my other name. I've been watching she male videos for a few years and I enjoy wat... Continue»
Posted by Len1958 2 years ago  |  1

A new growing interest

I corresponded with some black women on here. All were nice to talk to and I would like to meet them but I know it is impossible due to geographic locations. I do swap videos with one from time to time.

The one I do send videos to got me thinking about a possible relationship with a black woman. I never thought about an interracial relationship before now I might consider one with the right woman. One way to look at any type of relationship is that we are all God's c***dren and there should only be one race which is the Human Race.

I always like seeing black women with white men in porn... Continue»
Posted by Len1958 2 years ago  |  1

Porn parodies for old horror movies

The porn industry parodies recent movies, and old television shows. The porn industry should also take a look at old horror movies from the 1950s and 1960s. I was watching Horrors of Spider Island and it was a porn movie waiting to happen.

The movie is about a dance troupe getting stranded on an island inhabited by a giant spider. The spider turns the manager of the troupe into a spider creature. The manager starts killing members of the troupe.

Just about every scence could be turned into a sex scene. Lesbian orgies, straight, girl-girl and guy-guy scenes could make up the porn version.
Posted by Len1958 2 years ago