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I have a big weakness for muscles and this is a story about one my favorite bodybuilders that I ACTUALLY got to meet in person and he's such a cool and sexy man. This bodybuilder from the Netherlands, Quincy Winklaar, is the bodybuilding man of my dreams and this story is fictional and derived from my imagination so just go along for the ride. Oh and just so you can get a visual on who I'm talking about in this story here's what he looks like:

So this takes place in college around the fall season and it was quite cold out so everyone's nice and bundled up. I stayed off campus in my own spot but being there alone after a while just sucks sometimes so I was looking for a roommate but someone I could trust. So as I was making my way to my first class, I saw this good looking guy standing like 5'8, medium complexion, well groomed, but he looked like he was a bit lost on campus so I went over to help see what was going on.

I was like "Hey man do you need any help finding something? You just seemed like you're a bit lost around here" He said "Actually I do cause I'm just new to the campus. Really just new to the area"

Man if you could just hear his sexy, deep exotic accent, hearing him talk would make u melt. So I extend my hand out to greet his and introduced myself, "Yo my name is Lorenzo Watkins" He replied "Quincy Winklaar nice to meet you man" And we shook hands and boy did he have a strong grip. I saw his class schedule and we both happened to have the same class so we walked, talked, and got to know more about each other as we were heading to our class. So he asked me if I knew where the dorms are and I did but asked him "You really wanna stay here on campus? I just so happen to be looking for a roommate if you wanna stay with me" Quincy was surprised and he said "You sure b*o? I don't wanna intrude or anything." I was like "MAAANN of course you can stay there's no way you'd be intruding on anything" He had the sexiest laugh and said "Cool cool. Maybe later you can show me around the city" Smiling back I replied "It would be my honor." By now we can both feel a friendship forming.

We made it to our class and before we head in I was told him that after we're done with all our classes for the day to meet me in the parking lot and I'll take you to your new home. I pointed him in the direction of the parking lot where I'll be at.


So Quincy meets me by my car in the parking lot and we get in and set our way on to my spot. On the way, I'm showing him certain entertainment spots in the city and he asked me "Is there a gym anywhere close by?" I told him there's a few gyms that's within our area and some are open 24/7. I saw that sexy smile of his when I told him that but I also told him I have a basement with all kinds of exercise equipment in it but I don't really workout much cause I just haven't been that motivated. He said "Is that right? Well maybe I can motivate ya once we get home" I replied "I can't wait to see that."

So we pull up to my spot and he truly liked what he saw. We got out and went in and I showed him around the house and the room where he'll be at. Feel free to customize and decorate as you see fit. Then we make our way down to the basement where there's various workout gear. "So here's everything down here, go at it make yourself at home. Imma go back upstairs and get us something to drink." Quincy got settled in and started hitting the weights. While I was upstairs getting us something to drink, Quincy got comfortable and took out his shirt and was just in his tank top.

I come back down with some bottled water for Q and what do I see...a HUGE, muscular, well developed chest, and arms so ripped you could see every muscle in em. My my just DROPS, eyes got wide, and I even drop the bottle of water in hand. Now it made sense the strength of his handshake when we first met. Q was like "You ok man?" and still in a bit of awe I replied "Uh..umm y-yeah but DAMN b*o you're fucking HUGE!!! He let out a nice hearty laugh and he said "Well I AM a bodybuilder. Why do you think I was asking about the gyms around here?" Yeah that makes sense but being that it's so cold around here and everyone's all bundled up I couldn't really tell.
So I told him not to mind me, I'll just be over here and let you get to your training. So he went to resume his training, I saw his back and DAMN that back of his was BIG, chiseled, and as wide as could be. Whew!!! So I got on the treadmill for a bit and got some cardio in and Q went HARD in his training. Hours in and he was sweating HEAVY and by now he was finishing up his workout. His tank top was DRENCHED in sweat leaving his body glistening and his muscles all full and pumped.

So I finish up my cardio and we make our way back upstairs to clean up and take a shower, but what I didn't know was the Q was checking me out from the back as we headed up. I show him to the shower and goes to the room and takes off his drenched tank top and I'm in my room and go get him a towel and went to give it to him and, yet again, I'm in awe at his abs. My goodness, Q was rocking some serious, well defined abs you could CLEARLY see every section of his 8-pack. Q knew I couldn't resist touching his body all over, and he really enjoyed all the attention I was giving much he couldn't stop smiling. "You like that huh? Well if you like that, then how about (pulling down his sweats)THESE?"
This man truly trained HARD cause I was unprepared for the strength and beauty of his massive, muscular quads and diamond-shaped calves...more like cowz. By this time I was freaking speechless and as he was flexing his quads and calves I was feeling all these AWESOME muscles of his. I feel those powerful calves and worked all the way up his legs until I came to such a big bulge, and mind you he was even hard yet. Those briefs was starting to bulge a bit more, he was like around 6 inches soft and he was enjoying all this attention and he let out a nice "mmm" while I was all over his body in admiration and playing with his big dick a little.
He said "Let me go shower up and get nice and clean for you" I said let me go do the same thing. He goes in the shower and I go in my bedroom and use mine. I get done and lie on my bed watching tv, while waiting for Q to finish up. I take it the fatigue of the school day caught up with me cause I went to sl**p with the TV watching me. Q comes out, smelling all good in some fresh boxer briefs, and he goes to put his dirty clothes aside and glimpse in my room to see me fast asl**p.

He comes back and lie his sexy self with me in my bed and then he softly kisses me on my lips and gently wakes me up. Without even saying a word, he grabs my hand a guides it from the top of his built body down to his nice big package. We both start to kiss each other passionately while we both grabbing each other's dick. I was big down there but man Q start to grow bigger, bigger and bigger. The strain of his briefs could barely contain his massive meat, so he took em off so his dic could be at it's biggest and hardest and now I saw just how big he TRULY was. His dick was like 11 inches long and around 6 inches thick all vascular like the rest of his body and beautifully cut with some HUGE low hangers just FULL of cum.
It wasn't too long before I got down to his dick and started giving him some real good head. His dick was just jumping so hard from this blowjob and boy this was quite a challenge cause his dick was just so freaking hard by this point. While I'm giving him head, he leans over and whispers in my ear "I like you...and I mean REALLY like you. I wanna make love to you like you've never had before."I stop giving him head and got up, looked at him in his sexy, mesmerizing eyes and said "Q I'm all yours. Show me how much you REALLY like me."

So he told me to turn over and I just know he was about to go to town with that big dick of his but he grabbed my ass, spread my cheeks and started eating my out. This man was GOOOODD. He had me moaning my toes curling. He got me nice and lubed up so I'd be ready for the dick. I then turn over on my back and he spread my legs and get his dick all nice lubed and ready then he put the fat head of his dick in. I cringed cause that was more than I thought but he took his time and made sure he wasn't gonna hurt me too badly. I calmed myself and relaxed and he pushed in more and more till I could feel those bull balls against my ass. He worked it really well, had me like "mmm" and "oooo". Then after he started to see I was used to his dick, he picked up the pace and really made love to me. This man KNEW how to make love and use that big pipe of his. Then, while he's giving me some good loving, he leans over and gives me some head while STILL working my ass.
Man this was amazing and he had stamina like you wouldn't believe. We was going for hours and he had me so riled up I couldn't hold out anymore.

"Baby you bout to make me nutt! Damn Q"
"Well come on babe, bust that phat nutt"

Without even touching myself, Q hit that spot just right with some nice strong thrusts and I'm like

With Q seeing me bust such a big load that turn him on to the point he was ready to blow his massive load.
"Babe you ready for my milk?"
"Yeah give me all you got"


Q drowned my face in so much nutt I was such a sight to behold and he have some sweet tasting nutt too. He had my face, chest, and some of my stomach covered in all his thick, white, creamy man milk. And even after such an intense load, his dick was STILL standing up hard and oozing out the remaining bit of cum left. He leaned over and kissed me and we laid in the bed, naked and breathing hard, pretty much had a sexual workout and I said "So I take it this makes us more than friends right?" And Q replied saying "Well the way we vibe together and that energy we have for each other, I believe so. Next time I wanna make it official and let you feel that load next time" "Now THAT'S wassup Q, you're like the man of my dreams come true."

So he pulled me closer and we cuddled. It felt great to feel this sexy, muscular man hold me close in his strong arms as we called it a night since we had a pretty busy day ahead of us.

Me: Goodnight baby, I love you
Q: Goodnight babe, I love you too.
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