Farewell Southern Belle


His name was Travis. He was from California. Although he was good looking, he was short, chubby, and walked with a cane. He had low self-esteem and didn't think himself anything special. He had semi-long brown hair, hazel eyes, and a goatee. He fancied himself as somewhat of a photographer. He grew up alone and never had many friends. However, the few he had loved him.

Travis wanted more than anything to find true love. He lost himself in fantasies of finding "the one" and marrying her and raising a f****y. He wanted a girl who was half tomboy, half lady. An adventurer, a compassionate woman, a best friend. Travis had seen so many girls and feared his dream girl did not exist.

Travis led his life with a great sadness in his heart wrought by immense loneliness. He wished to be a better person, for he had made many bad choices and did not lead the most honorable life. He wanted to be worthy of the affection of his dream girl if ever he met her. However, try as he did to better himself, he failed repeatedly.

Then one day a new girl showed up at church. Her name was Rachael. She was from Alabama. She had long dark brown hair, golden brown eyes, tan skin, and a sexy curvy body. Travis thought she was cute, but he did not take much notice of her at first. They met briefly on that first day and introduced themselves.

Time went by and Travis and Rachael got to know each other better. They became closer and closer friends. Travis discovered the most amazing qualities in her. She was an E.R. nurse that traveled the world in her spare time. She was so kind and compassionate. Each day she became increasingly beautiful to him. He found himself drawn to her on every level: emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Travis found himself spending more and more time with Rachael. She seemed to enjoy his company very much. Travis had dared to hope that maybe she liked him, but he quickly dismissed it. He was short, chubby and disabled. No way, someone as beautiful as her could like him.

In addition, Rachael was beautiful. She was just the perfect weight. Not fat. Not skinny. She had full luscious lips and eyes that glowed in the sunlight like amber. Her legs were smooth and sleek, and her skin was just the perfect shade of tan. Her large breasts were so full. They were a size D and they made her shirt bulge out prominently. Her cleavage was amazing as her plump breasts squished together like a fine ass with two cheeks and a lovely crack exposed.

Rachael’s ass was large and round. She always wore tight shorts and pants, which clearly defined her round firm buttocks. Moreover, when she lifted a leg or bent over, her large juicy ass bulged her jeans so tightly you could see every detail as well as where her panties were. Sometimes if she bent over enough her panties were seen and on rare occasions, her crack.

Rachael’s voice was very pleasant to listen to and had a soothing motherly quality to it. Travis loved hugging her. Her embrace was warm as her large soft breasts pressed against his body. In addition, her breath was sweet smelling like peach yogurt and very intoxicating. Travis loved breathing it in deeply whenever she sat near him.

Travis' cock grew so hard thinking about Rachael. He imagined what it would be like to kiss her. He went home and stroked his oozing cock thinking about kissing her and making sweet love to her. He always came looking at a picture of her beautiful face.

One day Travis finally got up the nerve to ask Rachael out and she happily accepted. They went out to an aquarium and had a blast. They had dinner, laughed, and enjoy themselves immensely. Travis began to feel better about himself. He had found an amazing girl and she liked him back. At the end of the date, he kissed her hand, hugged her, and went home jerking off to her pics again.

They went on more dates and they grew closer and closer. Their friendship blossoming in an autumn romance. Travis’ self esteem growing along with his feelings for Rachael. One magical night on a Ferris wheel, they shared their first kiss. It was perfect. He pressed his lips against hers, which were so soft. Like moist rose petals. He took in her arousing scent as their lips pressed firmly against one another. His cock grew as she open her mouth and her sweet breath filled his lungs.

Travis pulled Rachael close in a loving embrace and kissed her again. She licked his lips teasingly giggled. She slid her tongue into his mouth. It was amazing. She tilted his head back as her tongue entered his mouth. Their breath as one. He felt her soft moist tongue meeting his and sliding under his. She caressed the sensitive underside of his tongue as their hot wet saliva mixed together.

Their tongues danced, twirled, and slid across one another as if they were making love inside the meeting lips. Travis wrapped his arms around Rachael and massaged her body. She breathed heavily directly into Travis' mouth, which made him extremely hard. As she sat on his lap kissing him. She felt the hard cock poking her from underneath and smiled.

The dates went on and on. Their romance blossoming into love. Every moment Travis was with Rachael, He always found it hard to speak clearly. He became very clumsy and made a fool of himself a lot. The nearer she came to him, the faster his heartbeat. Whenever she touched him, his hairs stood on end. Spending time with her was the highlight of every day. Every week. He loved her and she loved him. They were always together. Best friends and they loved each other dearly. She was everything he ever wanted. He finally told her he loved her and she cried. Returning his love.

They had an amazing date on the beach one day. They held hands and walked on the beach, then the pier. They sat underneath the pier kissing and talking then kissing again. Travis bought Rachael a bracelet to always remember him by. One that matched one he wore. They relaxed and cuddled underneath the pier watching the waves. She was lying up against him. Her large ass sitting firmly against his crotch. His arms were around her, in a secure loving embrace. He did not want this moment to end. He wanted to hold her forever. He nibbled her neck gently and she giggled and returned his affection by kissing and licking his lips and sighing happily. He looked deep into her brown eyes glowing amber from the sunlight. He took a moment to note how beautiful she was and comment on it.

Rachael invited Travis to come with her into her apartment. She sat down on her bed and told him she wanted him to make love to her. They confessed to each other both being virgins. She smiled and said how special it was to give ourselves to one another.

Rachael took her shirt off. Her tan skin was so smooth and flawless. Her eyes never left his as she undressed. She took her purple bra off and her large, round and soft breasts bounced softly as they were released. Travis began breathing heavily and he was very nervous to finally see the woman he loved undressing for him. Her breasts were a lighter shade of tan than the rest of her body. Her hard nipples were a dark brown.

She asked him to feel them. With a shaking hand, he did so. She sighed happily and closed her eyes as he rubbed her breasts. Her breasts were smooth save for her hard protruding nipples. He kissed them and sucked on her nipples. As he did so, she moaned softly, arching her back in pleasure and pushing her breasts into his face.

Rachael took her shorts off. Taking delight at the sight a large bulge in Travis’ pants. Her panties matched her bra, a soft lavender. She rubbed her pussy through the panties, grabbed his hand, and put it on her crotch. It felt so warm, and her panties were slightly damp. He was shaking, he was so nervous. She was nervous too, but she leaned up and kissed him softly telling him it was ok. This was what she wanted. Whom she wanted it with.

He rubbed her pussy through her panties and she moaned lighted. Lying down on the bed. She opened her legs for him, offering herself to him. He slid his face between her legs. He massaged and caressed her smooth tan thighs. They were so warm. So soft. He kissed them and licked them. His warm moist tongue gliding up the length of her thigh. Leaving a trail of saliva. He pushed his face into her crotch and breathed in deep through his nose. Her crotch smelled sweaty, but sweet too. The odor of her wet pussy was overwhelming. It filled his lungs with her scent. He loved her so much.

He slid her panties off and finally he saw it. Her flower that she was offering to him. His heartbeat was erratic. It was beautiful. Perfect. Like her breasts, her crotch was a lighter tan than the rest of her body. Her pussy was a dark brown. Her moist clit poking out from beneath it’s tight hood glistened in the light. Her pussy lips were swollen and open slightly ready to receive her lover. In the parts that were open, the inside of her pussy was a very bright pink. Her pussy lips were moist and the moved slightly as she quivered. Shaking a little from nervousness.

Travis kissed Rachael’s flower and she squirmed. It was so sensitive. Her breathing was rapid. Her chest and stomach rising quickly. He pulled her lips apart and revealed the bright pink interior of her sacred flower. He licked it. She squirmed again and moaned. He licked her clit and sucked on it. Not easy at first but he got the hang of it. As he did so, she came. Her juice flowed freely down in between her legs. Excited, he licked it all up, as it flowed out and swallowed it. It had a had a semi bitter, semi sweet taste. He loved it. It was hers. And he loved all of her.

Rachael sat up and kissed Travis passionately. Her hot breath hitting his face and flooding his lungs. The familiar peach yogurt scent was intoxicating to him. She rubbed his cock through his pants. He moaned in pleasure. She tried to take off his shirt but he was apprehensive. He was insecure about his body and was ashamed of his appearance. He resisted her attempts. Rachael smiled at Travis and told him not be afraid. She said she loved him. All of him. No part of his body was unattractive and she would prove it.

She took his shirt off, revealing his chubby and hairy chest & belly. He was saddened at the sight of himself, but Rachael smiled and kissed Travis so gently, looking into his eyes. She rubbed her face over his hairy belly and kissed it. She licked his hairy body all over. She pulled his pants down and slid down his boxers. She told him she liked his hairy body and his weight did not bother her. To further show her love, she knelt down to his bad crippled leg, kissed it, and rubbed her body against it. This erased his fears and made him feel good and loved.

Rachael gently messaged Travis’ balls and sucked on them. She laid him down on the bed and stroked his cock. It was fully erect at 7 ¾ inches, throbbing with blue veins popping and pulsing along the shaft. The fat head was dark pink flushed with bl**d. She licked his hairy ass and kissed it. She spread his cheeks, licked, and kissed his anus as if to say, “no part of you is unattractive”.

Rachael smelled Travis’ crotch. It had a sweaty smell but it did not bother her. She kissed his penis and put it in her mouth. Sucking on it slowly. Travis was so deeply touched by Rachael sucking on his penis, he teared up a little. The feeling of pleasure was so immense that he could not help but thrust into her mouth which only made her smile. His cock oozed pre cum as it pulsed, and she happily licked it off the tip of his cock. She thought it was sweet and tasty.

Travis sat up and kissed Rachael all over her body. Her body was pressed up against his. She was so warm and soft. He could feel her rapid heartbeat and her hard nipples as her breasts pressed up against him. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs him. She was ready to give her flower to the one she loved.

Travis was very nervous and shaking all over. His cock was harder than it had ever been. It throbbed wildly as if it sensed the presence of wet pussy. It bounced back and forth, as it throbbed with each beat of his rapid heart. He climbed up over her in missionary position. She slid her legs up and down his back while she rubbed his hairy chest. He looked deep into her eyes, full of nothing but pure and unconditional love. His heart was touched by her beauty. He smiled at her and told her he loved her very much.

Travis slid his cock partway into Rachael’s moist pussy, but he felt resistance as he hit her hymen. He grabbed her shoulders and readied himself to break it, He looked in her eyes. She looked into his. She braced herself for her lover’s penis. He pushed and pushed until he broke her and slid in all the way. She cried out as she bled hot bl**d onto his cock. He kept it in for a few minutes letting her adjust to it. He felt bad about causing her pain. Her pleasure was important to him. It was more important than his own. He gained pleasure from hers, but he was sad to have hurt her. She caught her breath and smiled saying it was ok.

Travis began thrusting into Rachael. In and out and in and out. Slowly at first. She was so tight. It hugged his cock so tightly. It felt great. She moaned as she felt his cock inside her. Throbbing and thrusting and stretching her pussy. She moaned loudly and arched her back. He began sweating as his breath quickened. His sweat dripping off his face onto hers. His pale hairy body thrusted deep into her smooth tan body.

Rachael moaned as she felt her body building and building. She looked into Travis’ eyes as he fucked her. She looked down watching his cock slide into her, and then back to his face. She began to sweat. She couldn’t hold it back. She cried out loudly and came on hic cock. As she did so, her cries heightened his pleasure and he throbbed wildly insider her and came. He exploded like a cannon deep inside her wet pussy. Each pulse forcing out a thick hot white creamy load into her.

When Travis had finished, he collapsed on Rachael. She had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. She told him how much she loved him, wrapped her arms around him in a warm loving embrace, and kissed him. Travis smiled and was so moved by her love that he shed a few tears out of joy. He loved her more than anything and he told her so. For the rest of the night they lay locked together. Cuddling and kissing. Laughing and smiling as they gazed with love at one another. Travis spooned her, wrapped his arms around her hoping to never let go, and kissed her goodnight.

And so it went like this for a couple more months, Rachael let Travis fuck her ass and she liked it. She happily drank his cum. And they explored other areas of their sexuality. They were happy. In love. Travis dared to admit that he was feeling true happiness.

Travis, however, had reverted to some of his bad habits. He was not the honorable decent man that Rachael deserved and he knew it. Doubt ever gnawed at him. He doubted whether he could ever be truly worthy of her. They stay close as ever as friends, but as a couple, they began to drift apart. Rachael began to date another man, Stephen. Stephen was where Travis needed to be. He was honorable and he too had fallen in love with Rachael.

The triangle continued for about a month. Travis lost ground as Stephen gained. Travis would go out and see the two of them together. They were so happy; it was like a red-hot knife through his heart. Eventually, Rachael made it known that she had chosen Stephen. He was the better man and could provide for her. That very moment, a part of Travis died right there on the spot. He wept for days. The pain was worse than all his physical ailments combined. It hurt so badly that one night on the bathroom, he knelt and prayed to God for the hurt to end. As he wept continuously, he asked God to make sure that Rachael was happy. Even if he were not a part of the story.

That month was the longest month in Travis’ life and he thought it would never end. Every night he would cry himself to sl**p. He had lost the competition to Stephen And he had lost the most important thing to him. Rachael was everything he ever wanted and now she was gone forever.

At the end of that long month, Rachael and Travis got together for what would be their final date. A trip to Sea World that they had been long planning. And so they went. And it was perfect. Travis treated her to the most magical date she had ever been on. He loved her still even though she was no longer his. The laughed and enjoyed the day at Sea World. It could not have gone better. At the end of the day, he gave her gifts and he took her up in a tower more than 250 above the ground. He held her close and caressed her back. She looked into his eyes and he into hers, and they kissed. Long and hard. Travis knew this would be the last time he ever kissed the woman of his dreams. They were only up there for 5 minutes, but they kissed and cuddled for what seemed like hours.

When she took him home, they parked and made love for the last time in the back seat of her car. When they came, it was the most intense orgasm either of them had ever had. They both loved each other and they always would. As friends. Best friends. That night Rachael made a pact with Travis to remain his best and closest friend forever and he agreed to it.

Now Rachael is married and there was no hope of obtaining her ever again. Travis has become even less of a man and is filled with an empty sadness that consumes him more and more each day. One of his only joys is visits with Rachael, but she was now a double-edged sword. For while she brought him the greatest joy, she now also brought him the greatest pain. Pain he would have to deal with forever. He had exactly what he wanted and lost it. At least he knew Stephan was a good man and would treat her right. To preserve his memory of her, Travis wrote her a song. One written especially for her. Rachael and Stephen eventually move back to her native Alabama. He loved her and he always will. She loved him and she always will. Travis & Rachael . . . best friends for eternity.


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4 years ago
great story - pls write more !! gr8 literacy !
4 years ago
It was a perfect mix netween romance sex& porn
4 years ago
dude great story i really loved it it felt like it was about me and very sad ending