An encounter

I have been separated for over 3 years now and hadn't been with a woman in that time. I finally met someone a few months ago and we had a lot in common in our lives. Our first date was coffee then a game of pool. Our second date was a movie and a drink. Our third date, however, was where things got really interesting.

We went out for dinner at a local restaurant and had a nice time. I thought we were done for the evening when she invited me back to her place to watch a movie. I accepted.

We got to her place, put a fire on (it was the dead of winter) and sat back and watched a movie. We snuggled up to each other and held hands during the movie. when the movie was over, I put my hand under her chin, turned her head to face me and kissed her. We kissed passionately for about ten minutes before I finally decided to see how far she was willing to go. I reached down and started to feel her breasts through her sweater. I loved how her nipples stuck out in the material. She moaned as I played with her nipples for a few minutes.

After a few minutes of this, I reached under her sweater and cupped her breasts in my hand. She arched her back as I did this. I took one finger, wet it in my mouth, and started to rub it on her nipple. She was really enjoying this, her breath coming in short gasps of pleasure.

I finally got the courage to go even further. I placed one hand on the crotch of her pants and was amazed that I could feel her wetness through her pants. I rubbed her that way for less than a minute when she moaned loudly and came in her pants. I was so turned on by this. I had a squirter on my hands. I took my hand and slid it under her waistband and plunged a finger deep into her soaking pussy. She had another orgasm almost immediately. By this time, I was as hard as rebar and asked if she was willing to go further. She responded by standing up, taking my hand and leading me to her bedroom. I asked her if we needed any protection and told her I had had a vasectomy a few years earlier. She said we were OK because she was also on the birth control patch.

We started undressing each other when we got to her room. When she took my pants off, she got down on her knees and took my hard dick into her mouth and sucked me for a few minutes. I thought for sure I would have came right away, but I didn't. She did this for maybe 5 minutes then led me to the bed.

I lay on top of her, kissing her for a minute before I slid down her body and spread her legs open. Her pussy was right in front of my face. I eagerly began licking her clit, placing a finger inside while I did this. She came within a minute, a gush of juice soaking my face, and I loved it. She reached down and grabbed my head and pulled me up and kissed me hard on the mouth, tasting her own juices.

I couldn't take anymore and buried my dick into her wet pussy. I moved in and out of her slowly, feeling her orgasm over and over again. I was amazed at how many times she was able to cum. Soon I could feel my orgasm building up and sped up my movements. She sensed this and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to cum inside her. I needed no further incentive. I plunged myself as deep as I could into her and blasted a huge load inside of her. It seemed to last for a minute before the spasming in my dick subsided.

We lay in each others arms for a long time after that before we drifted off to sl**p. I know I will never ever forget that night.
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