The Other Zoo - Part 3

What I hadn’t realized was that the men were still watching. They saw my hot, steamy wet juices explode on the glass. Then to their surprise, I began licking the glass in a sensual and twirling manner. I took great pride in having them watch my tongue work the glass and mixing all of our cum together in my mouth. Just for added sexual filthy desire, I spit the cum out of my mouth while eying all of them in a greedy and provocative manner. They erupted in applause at this performance. Something they had not expected. It was an encore that left them wanting more. The Voice was pleased that these men were not disappointed, but, ecstatic and craving more of the a****l. However, their time had expired for the day and they would need to leave.
Now, The Voice had a big decision to make. Punishment or reward?
While I lay exhausted in the cage, The Voice was planning my future. I did not know that The Voice was beginning to have feelings for me. He contemplated his next move carefully. Should he punish me by inflicting a degrading, dehumanizing filthy sexual perversion on me? Or, offer a reward to keep me under his control and insure that, once, I experienced the reward, I would submit to a number of many erotic sexual fantasies. None of the other a****ls, male or female, had had this effect upon him. He wondered why this a****l with her curvaceous body and innocent appearance aroused him so. She had sensual long legs that reached voluptuous thighs and ass cheeks that resembled gorgeous round orbs meant for rubbing up against. The tits on this a****l burst forth from her chest like ripe melons, full and statuesque, ready for fondling and sucking. Nicely developed nipples, which when fully erect, were undoubtedly excellent to twist and pinch. The innocence in her blue green eyes projected the erotic playmate he imagined she could be for him. Coupled with her blond softly curled shoulder length hair and sweet, pouty full cherry tinged lips, he could barely contain his own growing erection. Maybe, he could sway away from his stringent rules and allow himself the pleasures of her body. Just one time…But, he knew that wouldn’t satisfy his intense horniness and succumbed to the next best plan.
My exhaustive state was interrupted by the jolt and movement of my cage being transported. All of the blinds were closed so I had no idea where I was going. This fear made my nipples hard and pussy very wet. “Be prepared for the worst”, I thought to myself.
Suddenly my cage door opened and I was instructed to crawl through it. I knelt down on all fours and with a sharp stinging spank from behind and I was thrust into a large, lushly landscaped tropical paradise.
The Voice spoke loudly, “This is your new cage. You have been a very naughty girl, but, the visitors enjoy observing you, so you are being rewarded for making me a wealthy, well respected zoo owner. You may never disobey me again. Understand?”
I was so relieved that I actually thanked him and smiled up to where the speaker was positioned.
“I have provided you with many sexy outfits, dildos, vibrators and other sex tools to use as you like. But, when I give you an order for what the visitors want, be ready immediately.”
I was beginning to think my new home and my hot, willing, nasty life as an a****l may be good after all.
The new cage was so much larger and had a waterfall that ran from the top down to a crystal clear pool. I decided to play under the falls and cupped my tits to feel the cascading hard droplets of water dance across my nipples. It felt so exciting! I realized my little hole was still burning from the pain of the dildo being plunged in and out of me. Sliding down into the pool, I opened my legs and let the cool moisture surge up inside both of my holes. The cool shock of the water caused me to experience a few aftershock orgasms. I felt so horny and needed some stimulation now! I was about to slip out of the pool, when I noticed a lovely plantain hadn’t fallen from a nearby tree. The Voice was pleased with her choice of toys. The pool had a one way mirror at the front. Visitors could see into it but this sex craving a****l could not see out. The Voice watched his horny a****l carefully. He could tell she wants to pleasure herself by the way she was sensually gyrating. The Voice began to have just a twinge of guilt in knowing that his a****l thought she was better off and had some degree of privacy. In reality, she was more on display than ever before. Not only could visitors act as voyeurs, there were hidden cameras placed in the tropical scenery. As a reward system, the other well behaved a****ls were allowed viewing pleasures. This assured The Voice had total domination over his entire entire zoo. He liked to be in control and derived special pleasure from watching his newest exotic creature perform naughty sexual acts with the plantain. Standing in the thigh deep azure oasis, she began to rub the fruit against her clit and pussy. Her nipples erupt with hardness as she began massaging herself with the massive black veggie. The back and forth movement and sensual way she arched her back, was a hot, dirty and ecstasy invoking joy for all to see. She thinks she is alone and begins to gyrate rhythmically to the motion of the water. The subtle grinding of the plantain between her legs causes her to moan softly. “Ah”, she murmurs as she continues to press this sex tool against her clit. Her pearl is swelling now and she feels she must use her fingers to tease her pussy into a frenzied state of hot pulsating action. She begins, as The Voice has taught her, one finger at a time. She ends with her hand wedged far into her hot love box. With that feeling, she began to rock in the water and slowly moves toward a large smooth rock that she can straddle against. Once situated with her ass in the air above the water she uses the plantain as an anal pleasure toy. Spreading wide, her gaping hole, is excitedly awaiting this immense gift of pain and pleasure. She shrieks out the words, “Do it to me Master!” over and over. With each mantra, she begins to squirt sweet, sparkling cum from somewhere deep inside her.
The Voice can’t contain himself and begins to swiftly stroke his cock. The precum gives him such a thrill, he can’t imagine what it will feel like when he finally cums. He tries to resist blowing his huge load, but, he cannot. He shoots a massive amount of pure white sticky sweet cum that is so intense it hit’s him in the face and drips down to his open mouth. All the while, his a****l is beginning to exhibit the filthy and naughty acts of hot sex that is destined to make him a very rich man.
To his surprise, when she finishes using the plantain as a means of orgasmic pleasure, she removes it slowly and seductively from her lovely tight butt hole. As if intentionally performing a strip tease, she deliberately peels the plantain using her teeth and tongue to coax the luscious flesh out. Once the ripe flesh is exposed, she mouth fucks it for a while. Her hot, wet mouth and tongue work to draw it deep into her awaiting throat. Once she feels it is nicely warmed up, she slides it between her tits and covers her nipples with her saliva and the fragrance of this unique veggie fruit. Not feeling satisfied, she edges the plantain closely to her dripping pussy and rams the thick flesh into her orifice. It instantly hits her G spot and sends her into uncontrollable surges of micro bursting cum sessions. She is in ecstasy. The crowd outside her cage has become enormous. Men and women clamor to watch such an alluring hot little cunt of an a****l. Oh how The Voice was pleased!
“Little Brown Eyed Susan”…my new title from The Voice because I know needed a name to distinguish me from the other a****ls...
To be continued…

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3 years ago
Well written and very sexy!
Congrats Leslee - Poet Pete
3 years ago
3 years ago
just keeps getting better
4 years ago
excellent it is just to hot & naughty lil'lady
4 years ago
what a fantastic story, i look forward to reading more
4 years ago
I will be looking forward to part 4! GREAT STORY!!