The Other Zoo

This is purely fiction!

I have this reoccurring dream and wonder if it is just me or do others fantasize this way? Maybe it is an episode of "Tales From The Crypt"...I do not know.
The dream starts out in a zoo. I am wandering down a path not really paying any attention to any of the a****ls. I am not a big zoo lover. I mostly like to watch the people watch the a****ls, I guess.
Suddenly I turn down a path I have never been down before. Out of curiousity, I keep taking the winding path. It is the prettiest part of the zoo I have ever seen.
I begin to feel light headed and sit to rest. I guess I fall asl**p because when I awaken I am inside a glass box in some sort of laboratory. I am naked and my pussy is shaven. A voice says, "Oh good! You have finally woken up!". I don't see anyone. Just a white, sterile room.
Again, the voice spoke, "You are now part of our private zoo collection. You will do as instructed or suffer consequences. Do you understand?".
I am still somewhat groggy and wondering if this is a joke. I manage to shake my head and say, "Yes".
"Very well then, today, you will be put out for display for the men who pay dearly to see real a****ls do whatever they want to see you do. Do not worry, I will instruct you on how to begin the performance".
My cage is being wheeled through the lab to a slot in a room. I cannot see any one else. I realize the glass cage is sound proof as people start staring in at me and moving their mouths. I see them eyeing me and touching themselves.
The voice instructs me to always smile back and to begin fingering myself and massaging my tits. I remember the comment about consequences and obey. This appears to interest the people, who in turn smile and lick their lips.
I am told to sit down in the cage and finger my clit. Now, I start feeling a little self-conscious, but, do as told!
"Keep smiling! Act like you are enjoying yourself!", I hear.
I begin to feel a small bit of pleasure as I stroke my own pussy and clit. I am getting wet and show the crowd how juicy I am getting.
The voice says, "They like you. Now slowly insert one more finger at a time until your hand is in your pussy. Go in ever so deep. Moan, howl, scream. They want to hear you sound like the a****l you are. They need to hear you!".
"After you have cum and I me cum with some intense rocking and gyrating. Take your hand out of your pussy and smear your gooey, thick, wet cum on the glass for them to see and lick if they please."
"If you are a good a****l, one of these men may want to buy you for their own zoo. But, for now, you just do as told and you will be treated with rewards and a better cage...
The dream has many sequences...after that...I will write more, if it is interesting to anyone.
Thanks for listening my friends.
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5 months ago
Looking forward to enjoying the next episode
3 years ago
Sexy start of a sequel! - Peter Pan, Porn Poet Pete
3 years ago
An awesome dream.
3 years ago
Well done so far- let's go to Part 2?
3 years ago
i like this
3 years ago
Very interesting
3 years ago
i wonder what freud would make of that.hmmm
3 years ago
really good
4 years ago
I just saw the post for part three but, I want to start at the beginning. It is a good start so far I am looking forward to parts 2 & 3
4 years ago
please write more baby!
4 years ago
Not quite my thing, but very well written - reminds me of a young harlan ellison
4 years ago
nice one!!
4 years ago
Thank I will keep up the dream...
4 years ago
nice i really like it, keep it coming
4 years ago
oh wow that is incredable, its very big brother and i like it, i like it a lot and would love to have you in my private zoo x
4 years ago
very hot cant wait to hear more ;) xx
4 years ago
Mmmm different slant on things, and good too. Keep going.
4 years ago
Please give me feedback! Thank you!