Just a Little Pin Prick

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We arrived at the jewelry store just as they opened for the day. It was located on the lower end of town down by the waterfront. I recognized the aroma as being similar to the scent that accompanied my blindfolded trip to the BDSM pub. Until our last venture into this area I had never been to this part of town. It was full of seedy characters, ready to **** and pillage any woman who walked alone, day or night. I felt reassured that Master would protect me, after all I was his sole property now. Inside the jewelry store, Master spoke in some foreign language with the owner of the shop. Master was probably explaining what he wanted pierced and negotiating the cost I presumed as his hand gestures indicated. Master turned to me and told me we would be going into Surgical Learning Lab for the piercings. The owner had a few students who needed to complete their training by observing the owner at work on these types of delicate body parts. Master had given permission for me to be the subject for their certifications. We were led to the Surgical Theater where I disrobed and climbed onto the gurney. Legs spread widely apart in the stirrups and tits separated and lifted up by straps of cold steel that reminded me of tea strainers without the mesh inserts. The chill of the steel brought my nipples to full erection. The owner admired them, actually ogling at them! The students entered the room and stood near the owner and my Master. They all began speaking in the foreign tongue. From what I could gather of the alien conversation, they appeared to be giving my Master positive feedback about me. The owner squirted some salve on his hands and rubbed it into a warm concoction. Then he applied it to my nipples, clit and pussy…taking his time and undoubtedly, pleasure in the experience by the look on his face. May have been my imagination, but, I swore all five men were getting aroused by my position and owner’s prowess. My instincts were correct, as I noticed all the men, even Master, begin to touch their cocks through their pants. They all had hard erections and Master explained that part of the bargaining included the men could jack off while watching me in that vulnerable position, never touching me, but after they all came the procedures would begin. He smiled and continued saying he was proud that my body had that affect on other men, but, that he owned me. That said, all the men removed their pants and began massaging their cocks with gusto. I could tell Master wanted to stick his growing rod into my mouth, although, out of courtesy to the group, he resisted the urge. Soon they all came in rivets of thick oozing cum all over my legs and outer thighs. That would keep my sacred piercing areas sanitary for the piercing ordeal. They readjusted their cocks into their pants. The formal operation began. The owner started with the least sensitive area, my pussy lips. I could feel him pulling them way apart in a butterfly type display. Then he explained something to the students and jabbed a needle through both lips making certain they were even on both sides. Next, he moved up to my tits, again brushing his fingertips across my erect and hard nipples. He spoke to the group explaining that the nipple over my heart was more sensitive and would be pierced first. Quickly he tightened the steel band and I heard the snap of the needle going through my nipple. Ouch was all I could think and winced at the ache going throughout my body. He squeezed the other steel band and swiftly inserted the other nipple needle. My body was trembling in pain! He walked back down between my legs and began arousing my clit into a nice hard extended pearl. He did this for quite a while, explaining it would help calm me down and slow up the bl**d flow. I didn’t mind the feelings he gave me. I was happy with anything that allayed the ongoing trauma caused by the other piercings. He asked one of the students to get a surgical clamp to hold my clit in place. Another snap and the clamp was in place. Then I heard a buzzing noise, as the owner said to the group that this required what he referred to as a dental drill because of the mysterious nature of clits going into hiding even while clamped. The men all shook their heads in acknowledgement. The drill penetrated through my clit with a shock and feeling of pain so intense I passed out. Someone put an O2 mask over my mouth and nose to assist in reviving me. Once stabilized, the owner gave us specific directions for taking care of the holes until scar tissue developed. I was given permission to dress and we left the shop, Master supporting me by the elbow. The ride home was excruciating for me. I could feel every bump in the road reverberate on my pussy lips and clit. Master was kind enough to suggest I sl**p for the rest day to regain my strength and help with the healing process. I accepted his offer gladly. I undressed and fell asl**p before my head hit the pillow. I dreamt of Master and more fun…To Be Continued…

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2 years ago
Kiss to all your ouchies smooch
2 years ago
Just a few little pins prick your private parts.

Just a few days and nights without serious sex.

Just a few more sexy sequels before ... ;-)P

Lovely lines, Lea - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
let me soothe any pain that happens