The Big Surprise

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I nestled up to Master’s side and watched in awe at the beautiful serene setting of our meadow. It looked like a movie backdrop with lush green hillsides and rock outcroppings. The quartet began playing sweetly in the background. Master led me to the blanket and our little treat. This part of the afternoon was a mixture of love and tenderness. Relaxed, seductive and passionate in contrast to the torture, degradation and humiliation Master was capable of orchestrating. I could have laid here all night long watching this over and over. It was a delicious memory. My nylon clad legs and sexy lingerie on full public display looked so nice. Then Master rolling atop me and fucking me so hard and erotic. It was like a dream world to me. Then, the screen went dark and I heard the familiar clinking of glasses and bottles from the pub. Master had captured my debut at the pub on video! Next scene, I see me sucking Master’s cock at our private booth. Obviously not so private as I realized someone must have been following our every move with the camcorder and possibly a spotlight to record every kinky step of our time in the dark pub. I watched in awe as Master fed me and offered me something moist to clear my cum coated throat. The camera focused on the stage and did a 360 degree pan of the crowd. I was shocked! I was being presented to a crowd of at least one hundred Masters and their obedient sex slaves. The slaves were dressed in similar attire as me, but, they were not blindfolded. So, I was correct! This was my initiation as a true sex slave asset. As I had read on-line, often Masters wanted to remind their sex slaves that they could always be replaced with a better cunt slut any day and this little ritual evidenced it clearly for all to view. When Master walked me around the room for his congratulatory victory debut, what I had thought was the other Masters patting my head was not what was happening at all. The Masters had each of their slaves crouch over my skull cap and rub their juicy wet cum stained pussies against the top of my head. The sex slaves appeared to enjoy getting off by stroking their throbbing pussy lips against my head because most started slowly and then rocked across my head with a furious pace. How could I have confused a pat with something so different? But, the pub smelt of alcohol, smoke and sweat, so I was in a rather confused state of mind. The hazing ritual continued with Master slamming his cock into me at our table. Unknown to me, several of the other Masters were watching our sexual demonstration. They were all stroking their own cocks and getting very excited at our performance. After my Master had pounded me into our explosive orgasms, the camera focused on all the other Masters jacking off into their own sex slave’s mouths. All the sex slaves seemed to enjoy the mutual attention of their Masters and being able to serve them in any capacity they desired. I saw a few Masters with one than one slave and watching the two a****ls fight over their cocks made me very horny.I began to feel that familiar tingle and wet desire for some pussy play. It appeared my debut was successful. I felt the deep stirrings of needing a good hard fucking before sl**ping, but, Master read my mind and put a finger to my parted lips. “Hush my sweet hot sex slave. Remember this is for my pleasure. I say when, where and how…not you”. With that said he rolled over and slipped into a restful sl**p. I replayed the video in slow motion in my mind until I became drowsy. My sl**p came easily and I was not prepared for another grueling day at work as I noticed the sun rising. Master was not laying next me and I listened intently for his feet in the kitchen or bath. The house was deathly quiet. I jumped out of bed and noticed I had overslept. I quickly dressed and drove to work arriving on time. I had many questions for Master, but, knew that could lead to punishment. Who had made the tape? How many people were watching us in the meadow? Did I satisfy Master there and in the pub? I chased the thoughts from my mind as I noticed a nicely gift wrapped small package on my desk. I opened it like a c***d on Christmas morning to discover a diamond encrusted collar with a name on it. My new name as Master had said he would christen me with! I had to smile at the name and Master’s creative flair! My new name was…
To be continued…

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2 years ago
I would also like to read your other chapters. May we be friends?
2 years ago
Diamonds are a girls best friend ;-)
Or will Diamond be your new name? - poet Pete
2 years ago
Very good story as are the rest.
2 years ago
I would love to read your other chapters, but can't get to your page. Can we be friends? Joe