Completing My Training

Completing My Training
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I waited in the kitchen with naked anticipation for Master to instruct me. He came in with a massive hard on and bent over the countertop so my ass was accessible to a pummeling. He began toying with my raw and swollen pussy, then inserted something cold and metallic like into my aching snatch. He explained that I would enjoy this torture more than anything which immediately aroused me. This was no ordinary bullet as Master gave me a jolt of electro shock so intense I sucked it in even deeper. It rested by my G spot and as Master gave me another jolt he drove his rock hard cock into my gaping anal opening. The two combined made me want to explode. What a sadistic rush! He continued with this for over twenty minutes. Then he pulled out having not cum yet. He led me to the chair with the electro plug still buried deep inside my slippery cunt. I sat in the chair and he applied another surprise to my tits. Electro shock nipple clamps. He stood back to admire his work and began jolting me sporadically. First my pussy, then nipples, then both at the same time were manipulated with the toys. It hurt so good. Holding the remotes in his hands, he pushed his mammoth cock into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed him deeply as he continued to shock my tits and pussy.
His cock was deep down my throat and gagging me into breathlessness. But, it felt so natural to have him parked in there. He began pushing it in and pulling it almost out, forcing me to try and keep a hold around it. I needed his taste and his wholeness. My throat was wide open waiting for his next attack and when he shoved it in I sucked on to it like a great big baby bottle. I could feel his tip terrorizing my uvula, but, loved the sensation. My mouth was so slick with saliva that I had a difficult time keeping him down there. He continued to tease me. Slapping his cock against my cheeks and covering me with my own saliva. I suddenly realized that what if the saliva came into contact with the electricity? Would I get more of a shock? As if reading my mind, Master assured me the voltage was grounded and could not fry my tender places. Then he readjusted a gadget and turned up the wattage. Shock, shock, shock! Caused me to suck his cock in so deep down my throat I was gagging involuntarily. I could feel his cock filling with a huge load and getting ready for another assault down my gullet. He pulled out of my mouth and spit onto his cock and stuck it into my mouth before I could react. He came in a torrential wave of love juice. I began to feel a bit of nausea coming on and was just about to heave when he began to shock me double time. The shocks helped my gag reflex to diminish and I eagerly accepted his cum deep into my belly.
“You are nothing more to me than my cum bucket sex starved slave!” he resounded in a loud authoritative voice. “Now you will be my toilet for my relief. “ With his deflated cock still in my mouth, he proceeded to pee. I could feel the hot pee gush down my throat. But, remained there accepting this humiliating treatment. When he finished, he told me to go get on my black leather crotchless cat suit. He had specifically had this outfit made for me with holes in the kneecap area, and big holes so my entire tits hung out. I donned the outfit and put on the matching leather gloves. I returned to the living room and saw a new collar on my torture chair. He adjusted it around my neck snuggly fastening it. Then a surprising thing happened. He reached in his pocket and I felt a surge of electric current at my throat and neck. The tingle went entirely throughout my body causing my nipples to harden and my weak legs to quiver. He pointed to the floor, his command for getting down on all fours. He smacked my ass hard a dozen times and warned me I had better behave even better than on our previous walk or I would pay a humiliating and hard punishment. With that he led me to the car and we drove away. He began the ritual of my mouth fucking his cock back into full attention and girth as he drove. My Master had a strong sexual appetite and his stamina amazed me. He fingered my ass, pussy and clit with his free hand and I was getting very excited. I was like a dog in heat, insatiable for his touch and sexual prowess! We got out of the car and he pointed to the ground. I immediately assumed the position and we began walking. He led me to a tree and said you must need to relieve yourself slave. I did need to pee and did not hesitate to obey his suggestion. I felt nasty and disgusting peeing by a tree in a park in broad daylight, but, I really needed to go. So I pee’d freely for the first time since waking up. This time he patted my bare ass and we walked on. He stopped to chat to a few people who admired his nice sex slave. I remained at his side, not looking up or paying attention. He snapped me out of my daze with a few quick startles of the electrified collar. We continued on our walk, stopping occasionally when we met someone with their sex slave. The other slave and I exchanged furtive glances. We knew we were in a helpless submissive position, both under the spells of our Masters. She looked to be a little older than me and had quite a different appearance. She was wearing a diaper and nothing else. Her huge tits sagged with weight, almost touching the ground. Her belly was supple and legs looked as if they had taken quite a long walk. Red knees and some bruises below her diaper were visible. Her Master told my Master she had been bad and had a few accidents after their daily anal cleansing. So, she was wearing the diaper until she could behave better. My Master allowed that I was a sex slave in training. The best he’d ever had he boasted. All the other Master said was just keep her in line. They get lazy with age. The Masters decided maybe a nice foursome would be entertaining and exchanged numbers. We parted company and continued our journey. Master stopped at a water fountain and got a drink. He gave the signal for me to roll over. On my back he proceeded to give me a drink of it from his mouth to my mouth. I welcomed the used water graciously. I was parched from being fed nothing but cum and pee. We arrived at a bench and he seated himself and patted the spot next to him for me to join him. As I got situated he unzipped his pants and his cock sprang to freedom. I knew to suck and suck well. This public display was meant for his total domination and happiness. After sucking him into full hard satisfaction he foisted me around on his lap in front of him and began the attack on my pussy and ass. He loved that many people walked by admiring his control over me. With his hands on my tits, he pinched my nipples and bit at my neck. He bounced me up and down on his cock for about thirty minutes until I was sore, raw and dry, I thought I may keel over in pain. Sensing my exhaustion, he buzzed me again. This time with more f***e and my pussy got very wet. I was almost sopping when he came deep in my ass. It felt good to us both and we rested on the bench for some time. My tits were in the air for all to see who went by, as he held two fingers deeply in my red blistering snatch.
After an hour he said, “Let’s go into town and get you a reward”.
Happily I walked on all fours by his side back to the car. I was thankful that in town he at least let me walk on my feet instead of all fours. My tits were still exposed and I was wearing my collar and leash, but walking far outweighed any pain of knee to cement contact. When we arrived at the pub he exclaimed that no collared and chained things could enter. He tied my chain to a tree and locked it tight. He stated he would be back soon and to be a good sex slave slut and lay here nicely like the other feral a****ls. Total humiliation rose up inside me as people stared and pointed when they walked by. I refused to let their eyes bring me down. I felt like an obedient slave and was only here to please my Master. He came out and brought me a small bowl of water and a doggy biscuit. I eagerly devoured it and then lapped down the water. When we left he said the other patrons were impressed by my total devotion to him and he liked that. Once more he patted my head. Not knowing if I should respond and show my gratitude, I took the chance and smiled at him. He laughed and yanked the chain to keep me moving along the walkway.
Time for more training he said. I was suspended from the ceiling and he applied warm wax all over my body. It felt oddly good to me. He rubbed it in making me glow. Then he began fingering my pussy and ass. In this position he could lick and suck my clit, pussy and ass. He did it so well that I became all aroused and sloppy wet. Cum and saliva started oozing out between my legs. He made me orgasm about six times before untying me. If this was meant as BDSM torture I must have been becoming addicted to the feeling. He then shoved his cock into my pussy and gave me a few jolts with the electric collar. His balls were heavy with a load of cum and he soon shot a huge wad into me and left the room. I heard water running in the tub. Odd? Master never drew the bath. He returned to the living room and untied me. He threw me over his shoulder and slipped me into the steamy warm water. He pulled a bottle brush from the cabinet and began vigorously scrubbing the remaining wax from my skin. He brutally rubbed harder and harder until I thought my flesh may bleed from the vicious sanding of the brush. Just when I figured he was going to blemish me for life, he dropped the brush onto the floor and extended his hand to assist me stepping out of the tub. He observed my skin and smelled of its freshness. He reached for a vial and slathered the oil over his strong hands. Then he massaged the oil into my skin as he explained that as his sex slave he wanted me to look beautiful and not torn up or worn. He kissed me gently and left the room. I resumed with my usual sex slave duties and cleaned up the bath tub. I completed it easily and walked back to the living room. He was sitting on the couch sipping a cup of coffee. He acknowledged my presence with a stare and a nod and said he had a proposition for me.
“I think you should resign your position at your firm. You will come to my firm as an Intern. Then I may dominate you twenty four hours per day. You will be at my office, here at home and on the road with me at all times. Are you interested?”
I was astonished and looked at him blankly. Then spoke for the first time that day, “But, Master, what about your other sex slaves?”
“I do not want them. I want you. I want to control your every move. You have more training to accomplishment. I want you to be the best sex slave, cock sucker, fuck whore and cum dump slut in the world. Understood?”
It was the end of our long days of training and I did not want to leave. I did need more lessons in all things kinky and BDSM like.
I looked up at him, softly touching his bare leg, I put my arms around his neck and answered…
To Be Continued…

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2 years ago
Slave for full time, at home, at work and outside.
Sexy assignment at his firm (flagpole) - poet Pete
2 years ago
The amazing story continues!
2 years ago
hi Lee great story good to see you again
2 years ago
very very well written! I love it. you should continue
2 years ago
I love the story… Unfortunately I cannot read the ones before and this one :-(