Continuing My Training as a Sex Slave

Continuing My Training as a Sex Slave
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The cane whacked me hard. The tempo was a regular and steady pulse. I could not see Master and figured with each smack of the cane he was stroking his cock into a massive hard on. The anal hook was getting positioned very nicely with each whack making me contract all anal and pussy muscles tightly. I am completely naked, hanging from a suspension chain, weights still tugging at my pussy lips when Master spins me around. He released the weights allowing my pussy lips to dangle freely. They were throbbing, but it felt good to be rid of them.
He thrust his fist deep inside my pussy and massaged my inner walls with a velocity so intense I thought I may orgasm right then and there! He continued this torment for about thirty minutes; all the while the hanger was still deeply lodged in my ass. Suddenly he adjusted the suspension chain so my mouth met his hard hot steely cock. Being suspended, Master was able to control my entire body and face fucked me like never before. I kept squirming a bit to adjust the hanger and make it less uncomfortable. Master quickly snatched it from ass and began finger fucking my sore gaping hole. My mouth was securely wrapped around his gorging and protruding fuck wand and his fingers invading my inner darkest cavity. With my ass, pussy and mouth on fire I began writhing and gagging and wanting to explode into a breathtaking frenzy of earth shattering orgasms. My Master must have known I was about to climax as he let the chain drop, released my mouth from his cock and plunged into my pussy with such energy I thought I may faint. His cock felt like an electric cattle prod buried so deeply inside me. Just when I could no longer stand the pummeling, he burst and spewed hot thick cum into my hole. I came as well, responding to the spine tingling stimulation that his hard cock gave me so well. I collapsed onto his cock, feeling spent but satisfied and hoping he’d release the suspension system entirely so we could rest. He must have felt completely exhausted as well because he did untie me and gently lifted me onto the bed. We did not even take the time to share in our nightly ritual of bathing. I was sore from head to toes however; we both fell asl**p with smiles on our faces and a sense of knowing I was a good trainable sex slave.
Awakening at dawn I realized I had lost complete track of time and was not sure how many days remained of my training. Days and nights of my training co-mingled in my mind like the dance of a dark and mysteriously haunting perfect world, then, I heard the Master call out my name, instructing me to come into the kitchen…To be continued…

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1 year ago
love the story.... which there were more
2 years ago
excellent! well written!
2 years ago
Superb. Exactly how I would love to do it with you. I have some devilish plans for you in the kitchen too....
2 years ago
Mmmm, exactly how I would love to do it with you. I have devilish plans for you in the kitchen too....