Obedience Training

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After sl**ping some, Master said it was time for my obedience training. My collar was tightened around my neck and I was given instructions to put on the sluttiest outfit in the closet.
I fretted somewhat checking the variety of the wardrobe. What I deemed slutty may upset the Master. I quickly decided less was the best and picked a super short mini skirt that met my ass mid cheek. The bra-like top had holes for my nipples to protrude through. I surveyed myself in mirror, a true whorish sex slave, looked back at me in the reflection. I hoped the Master would approve and possibly reward me. As I entered the kitchen I immediately saw the bulge in his pants. Being so submissive and wanting to please him, I took this physical view to mean he approved. He pointed to the floor and I knew to get down on all fours. I was his slut, his cock whore, his total sex slave to use as he required. On all fours and very vulnerable he snapped a leash on my collar and then placed a ball gag in my mouth. I was embarrassed about my appearance, but, even more worried about how my tender hands and knees would feel on the rough pavement. Master tugged at the leash as if to command me to move. I lunged forward, but, the tightness of the collar choked me.
“Bad slave”, he muttered, “You have just learned your first lesson. A tug means to sit back on your haunches”.
Master snapped the leash much like using reins on a horse. I was confused. Do I go back on all fours or start to walk? I opted to be on all fours waiting for the next leash command. Suddenly without warning, his hand spanked my ass hard.
“Bad slave! Try again”. Maybe that command meant roll over? I did that and lay prone on my back with my bare tits in the air and pussy on display for him.
“That’s it sex slave”. He rubbed his barefoot across my chest sending an immediate shutter through me. “Oh! So you like it when Master strokes you with his foot. Nice!”.
“Let’s go for a ride and a short walk now”. I waited for him to lead me to the door. He walked at a quicker pace than I imagined, but, I kept up with him. In the car he removed my ball gag so I could give him a blow job as he drove. He parked the car at a park and grasped my head with his hands shoving my mouth further onto his swollen cock. I tasted his precum and wished he’d unload into my throat to possibly prevent the public humiliation of sucking or fucking him. Much to my happiness and need for nourishment, he came in waves of hot, salty, rich cum.
My lips, cheeks and hair were matted with his cum as we left the car. My leash was attached again, but, not the ball gag. I got into my doggy position and Master allowed me to walk at his side as my reward for good sucking. Surprisingly, the people who saw us weren’t shocked at my stance or appearance. Maybe Master had other sex slaves that he brought here. Maybe they had sex slaves, but, didn’t bring them to the park today. The walk was nice, the air was crisp and the light spritz from the fountain was a welcome relief to my bare exposed skin. The leash snapped and remembering the command I instantly rolled over on my back. This time Master used the toe of his shoe to tease my clit. I smiled at the perverse feeling of his leather caressing my clit and pussy. I was behaving like a well trained a****l. He reached down and patted my head like I was his dog. Then his mouth was sucking on my nipples and making me crazy horny. I was losing all control and would cum soon if he did not quit.
“Moan once if you want me to stop, twice if you want more you naughty dirty bitch”.
I let out the most eerie a****l moans I had in me twice. He rocked back toward my pussy and plunged his fist deeply into my soggy cunt. Legs spread wide, I gyrated and writhed and came like the sex slave I was. My legs relaxed, I caught my breath, but, continued to convulse from orgasmic aftershocks. I must have passed out, because, the next thing I knew Master was buckling me into my car seat. I was sore, tired, confused, satisfied and relieved to have the comfort of the padded seat beneath my ass cheeks.
Once at home, I thanked Master for allowing me the opportunity to be trained so well. He rewarded me by tying my wrists together at waist level and shoving a metal coat rack hook deeply into my anal opening. He hoisted the coat rack up and I was left to tippy toe or dangle with my feet above the floor and undoubtedly suffer much anguish and discomfort. To add to my inability to stay in this pose, Master attached two clamps with ben-wa balls hanging from them to my swollen pussy lips. He explained he had work to do. So, after he left I knew gravity was sure to get the best of me eventually, so I struggled to ease the hook nicely up into my ass so it was less painful. At this point, I either fainted or went into a trance because the next thing I knew it was dark and Master was switching my ass cheeks and pussy with a cane.
To be continued…

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1 year ago
Hmmmm . . I wonder?
2 years ago
Good training session.
2 years ago
You will make an excellent slave!
2 years ago
I would hope, and probably bet you would get more PLEASURE, as would I, if I were to fuck your pussy and ass with my hot hard cock, and get one those hot couples out there to join in.
2 years ago
I was bad and read this one first...hahaha
is there a punishment for that???
2 years ago
This is begining to sound.....
painful? :(