Master Graham

This is a fantasy of my dream world. If it could happen in real life I would be in ecstasy! Please read and give me me feedback! Thank you!
Master Graham
I met Graham at a nice little café while eating alone one night. I do not like to eat alone and asked him if I could join him. He smiled up at me and said of course. He was so sweet, smart, friendly and a true gentleman. But, my perceptions about that would soon change. We chatted about everything normal. At the end of the meal I told him I always came to this place on Wednesday nights because they had a fabulous pasta and salad bar offered on that night. We agreed to meet again the following Wednesday night. I said good night, paid the waiter and went home.
The following seven days seemed to run in slow motion. I could not wait until Wednesday to come! I took particular care in picking out the right outfit, heels and hose. Arriving at the restaurant, I saw Graham standing out front and immediately went up and said hello.
“I am so glad you were able to meet me”, I said anxiously. Hoping he wouldn’t know how nervous I was.
Graham smiled mischievously and said he wouldn’t have missed it for anything! Then he winked and cocked his head to the side giving me the once over, as if undressing me with his eyes.
We entered the café and the waiter chose a nice cozy corner booth for us. Although I wanted the food bar, I did not want to get up and down and serve myself. So I opted for a nice fruit and cheese platter. Graham suggested a good bottle of wine to accompany my choice. I took one sip of it and it went straight to my head. This was a good thing because it helped calm my anxiety. I basically sucked the first glass down and Graham poured me another one. This time I drank it slower, but, was really feeling the effects of it.
Maybe that coupled with my strong attraction to Graham caused me to loosen up and cast off my inhibitions. I asked if he minded if I removed my heels and he said no and please make yourself comfortable. I explained my hard day of work being on my feet all day to which he replied that he’d be happy to massage my feet. I rested them between his legs and he kneaded away my tension. I relaxed back into the booth seat as I watched him focusing on pleasing me. Then he moved my feet ever so slightly and I could feel an enormously awesome bulge of his pants. I met his eyes and provocatively inquired if I had caused that. He stared back at me and nodded…again that sexy hot smile was there.
He brought his hands up to the table top and reached for the wine bottle. I took this as a signal to return the massage favor and began stroking his cock through his pants with my feet. Our waiter returned and discreetly said that if we needed anything to let him know, otherwise he’d give us privacy.
This really turned me on. I rubbed a little harder and loved the feel of his hard cock on my silky nylon clad insteps. Graham hummed gently and offered me more wine. As I drank it I imagined kissing him, sucking his cock and fondling his balls. Graham said quietly that if I kept that up he may cum right there in his pants. He suggested we finish our wine and go back to his place. I eagerly agreed. So we quickly finished our wine, paid the check and left.
Once at his place I was a little taken aback. He had a few sexual apparatuses I’d never seen in real life. A wall with chains and hoists and grab bars for example caught my eye. I wondered what kind of kink he was really into. It wasn’t long for me to get my answer. Graham came out of the bedroom naked with a chair, a collar, some ties, a ball gag and a blindfold. He looked intensely at me and said he’d been looking for a sex slave. A nice woman who he could dominate and use however he liked. He told me he had several fuck whores, but, that I appeared to be a great submissive that he could use as a fuck toy and sexually abuse the way he wanted. He asked if I liked the sound of that, to which I just stared back and uttered yes.
Without so much as a kiss, he asked me strip naked and then he whisked me off the couch and onto the chair. I sat and obeyed his commands immediately. He ordered me to put my hands behind the chair back and then tied them together tightly. He straddled my legs far apart and tied them to the chair legs.
This was getting me excited. The unknown feeling of being used made me so wet. Then he attached the collar around my neck, blindfolded me and inserted the ball gag into my mouth. The chair had a special opening so he could insert his cock into either of my holes. But he didn’t start there yet. He ran his hard pole up and down my naked torso, taunting and teasing me. I began to squirm with what little space I had. He ordered me to quit moving and said I looked like a great cock sucker, but, first he wanted to use my other holes. With that he drove his manhood directly into my ass. It hurt so much, it felt good. He pummeled my hole and slapped my ass cheeks until they were beet red.
“Oh you are a good little whore for master”, he exclaimed. I nodded in agreement. Then he withdrew his cock from my sore tender hole. I felt something warm and oily between my legs and suddenly Graham had his fingers and then entire fist buried deeply into my pussy.
“There, there. That’s a good little cunt fuck”, he said in a wicked tone. I was really turned on and enjoyed the humiliation and torture from him. “Cum for me bitch”. “Now”!!!
I rode his fist like I was riding a wild stallion. I squirted as he slammed his fist in and out of my throbbing pussy. Then, all at once he stopped and pulled his fist out and took the gag ball out of my mouth and shoved his hard long cock into my gaping mouth. He face fucked me for what seemed like hours. I gagged a few times. Every time I gagged he drove it deeper into my throat. As he grabbed my hair he f***ed his cock in for one last plunge before cumming. He came in torrents, down my throat, onto my face and also shooting my tits.
I breathed heavily, attempting to catch my breath. I felt like such a slut.
“From now on you will call me Sir and Master. Understand?”
I shook my head and said,” Yes Master. Sir.”
“Furthermore, I want you to call into work and tell them you are sick and need a few days off. I am going to keep you here until Sunday night to train and teach you how to be the best little fuck slut sex slave”.
I nodded. Knowing to protest would only incite more pain.
Thus began my 5 day training by my Master, Graham. I will relate every detail and education I received daily by my master in many consecutive chapters. More to come and cum!

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5 months ago
Exquisite, will enjoy the next installment soon
11 months ago
After reading I needed to watch again your WWF video, to have even more of you in my brains.
1 year ago
Thank you, TREX, for not saying I was knocking off 50 Shades of Grey author! Truthfully, I started writing this story years before 50 shades became popular! Wish I'd had the forethought to get it publicized!
1 year ago
In my sex fantasy, nobody ever loves me for my mind. ~~ Nora Ephron : I think she would have enjoyed the literary start to your journey :-))) ~~ TREX
1 year ago
Mmmm . . . . .can't wait to read the next chapter
2 years ago
Very hot Just call me Master...
2 years ago
I'd like to tease your cute little clit until you're about to cum, then leave you unfulfilled again and again; torture you by withholding your orgasm until you beg for a long, hard fuck...
2 years ago
2 years ago
Sexy start as a sub slut! - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
wow!! so exciting! can't wait for the rest!
2 years ago
i Love your story
2 years ago
HOT... we need to go to MC with another guy or a hot COUPLE and tie you and use you, one guy fuck your hot sexy mouth and the other in your beautiful pussy. Or with a hot cute Bi girl rubbing her pussy all over your face and mouth, giving you a taste of that clean hot sweet pussy juice we guys like so much.
2 years ago
Great story. Would love to be your Master!!